Adult male (stage 8) and pre-ovigerous female (stage 7) Dynamene bidentata. A Dorsal view of stage 7 female B Lateral view of pleon (with posterior border of pereonite 7), pleotelson and right uropod of stage 7 female C Ventral view of pleotelson and uropods of stage 7 female D Dorsal view of stage 8 male E Lateral view of pereonal segment 6, pleon, and pleotelson and exopod of right uropod of stage 8 male. Adapted from Holdich (1968b).

  Part of: Vieira PE, Queiroga H, Costa FO, Holdich DM (2016) Distribution and species identification in the crustacean isopod genus Dynamene Leach, 1814 along the North East Atlantic-Black Sea axis. ZooKeys 635: 1-29.