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ZooKeys 1020 (2021)
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Annelids of the eastern Australian abyss collected by the 2017 RV ‘Investigator’ voyage
Laetitia M. Gunton, Elena K. Kupriyanova, Tom Alvestad, Lynda Avery, James A. Blake, Olga Biriukova, Markus Böggemann, Polina Borisova, Nataliya Budaeva, Ingo Burghardt, Maria Capa, Magdalena N. Georgieva, Christopher J. Glasby, Pan-Wen Hsueh, Pat Hutchings, Naoto Jimi, Jon A. Kongsrud, Joachim Langeneck, Karin Meißner, Anna Murray, Mark Nikolic, Hannelore Paxton, Dino Ramos, Anja Schulze, Robert Sobczyk, Charlotte Watson, Helena Wiklund, Robin S. Wilson, Anna Zhadan, Jinghuai Zhang

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