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Subject Editors

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Zachary Lahey            

USDA-ARS, US Vegetable Laboratory
Charleston, United States of America

Taxa: Platygastroidea; Aphelinidae
Subject: Molecular systematics; Systematics; Taxonomy

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Bernard Landry    

Muséum d histoire naturelle de Genève
Geneve, Switzerland

Taxa: Pterophoridae; Pyraloidea

Profile picture

Fabio Laurindo da Silva        

Universidade de São Paulo
São Paulo, Brazil

Taxa: Diptera; Chironomidae

Profile picture

Minh Duc Le        

Vietnam National Unversity, Hanoi
Hanoi, Vietnam

Taxa: Squamata
Subject: Systematics; Taxonomy
Regions: Asia

Profile picture

John M. Leavengood, Jr.        

United States Department of Agriculture (APHIS, PPQ)
Tampa, Florida, United States of America

Taxa: Trogossitidae; Thanerocleridae; Cleridae; Prionoceridae; Chaetosomatidae
Subject: Systematics; Taxonomy

Profile picture

Fred Legendre            

MNHN - Paris
Paris, France

Taxa: Blattodea

Profile picture

Shuqiang Li            

Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of sciences
Beijing, China

Taxa: Araneae
Subject: Systematics

Profile picture

Daiqin Li        

National University of Singapore
Singapore, Singapore

Taxa: Araneae
Subject: Behavioural Ecology; General ecology

Profile picture

Elison Fabricio B. Lima            

Federal University of Piauí
Floriano-PI, Brazil

Taxa: Thysanoptera

Profile picture

Owen Lonsdale

Ottawa, Canada

Taxa: Clusiidae ; Acalyptratae; Agromyzidae ; Tanypezidae

Profile picture

Raquel López-Antoñanzas        

Taxa: Rodentia
Subject: Palaeontology; Systematics

Profile picture

Tito Lotufo            

Universidade de Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Taxa: Ascidiacea

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