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Subject Editors

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Michael Ivie        

Montana State University
Bozeman, United States of America

Taxa: Colydiidae; Dascilloidea; Bostrichoidea; Zopheridae; Coleoptera
Subject: Systematics

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Marija Ivković            

University of Zagreb
Zagreb, Croatia

Taxa: Empidoidea; Diptera
Subject: Systematics; Taxonomy

Profile picture

Fernando Jacinavicius                

Instituto Butantan
São Paulo, Brazil

Taxa: Trombidiformes; Sarcoptiformes
Subject: Systematics; Taxonomy

Profile picture

Robert Jadin    

University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
Stevens Point, WI, United States of America

Taxa: Reptilia; Serpentes

Profile picture

Samuel James        

Maharishi University
Fairfield, United States of America

Taxa: Lumbriculidae
Subject: Systematics

Profile picture

Josh Jenkins Shaw    

Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre
Trondheim, Norway

Taxa: Staphylinidae
Subject: Palaeontology; Systematics; Taxonomy; Phylogeny

Profile picture

Norman Johnson            

The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH, United States of America

Taxa: Proctotrupoidea
Subject: Data Management; Systematics

Profile picture

Knud Jønsson

Natural History Museum of Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark

Taxa: Aves

Profile picture

Kurt Jordaens    

Royal Museum for Central Africa
Tervuren, Belgium

Taxa: Diptera; Syrphidae
Subject: Taxonomy

Profile picture

Mark Judson        

Museum National dHistoire Naturelle
Paris, France

Taxa: Pseudoscorpiones; Ricinulei; Opilioacarida; Palpigradi
Subject: Systematics

Profile picture

Kerstin Junker

Agricultural Research Council, Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute
Pretoria, South Africa

Taxa: Spirurida; Pentastomida

Profile picture

Łukasz Kaczmarek    

Faculty of Biology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań
Poznań, Poland

Taxa: Tardigrada
Subject: Systematics

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