Corrigendum: Filander ZN, Kitahara MV, Cairns SD, Sink KJ, Lombard AT (2021) Azooxanthellate Scleractinia (Cnidaria, Anthozoa) from South Africa. ZooKeys 1066: 1–198.
expand article infoZoleka N. Filander§, Marcelo V. Kitahara|, Stephen D. Cairns#, Kerry J. Sink ¤§, Amanda T. Lombard§
‡ Biodiversity and Coastal Research, Oceans and Coasts, Department of Forestry, Fisheries, and Environment, Cape Town, South Africa
§ Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
| Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Santos, Brazil
¶ Universidade de São Paulo, São Sebastião, Brazil
# Department of Invertebrate Zoology, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, United States of America
¤ South African National Biodiversity Institute, Cape Town, South Africa
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This is a short communication to revise the plates presented in the Filander et al. (2021) monograph on the South African azooxanthellate coral fauna. The authors moreover take this opportunity to retract the addition of Paracontrochus capensis (Gardiner, 1904) as a synonym of Monohedotrochus capensis (Gardiner, 1905). Cairns and Parker (1992) based their new combination of P. capensis on Duncania capensis Gardiner, 1904. In other words, Gardiner’s (1904) species is P. capensis and should be considered to occur in South Africa. Below we present the updated species synonymy and the revised figures.

Figure 3. 

A, B Caryophyllia (Caryophyllia) stellula (SAM_H1485, off Agulhas, 200 m) A calicular view B lateral view C, D Caryophyllia (Caryophyllia) valdiviae (SAM_H3108, off Durban, depth unknown) C calicular view D lateral view E, F Crispatotrochus cornu (UCT_NAD 17 F, off Isipingo, 49 m) E calicular view F lateral view G, H, I, J Desmophyllum dianthus G, H (SAMC_A077974, off Paternoster, 440 m) G calicular view H lateral view I, J (BMNH.1939.7.20.218, locality data unknown) I calicular view J lateral view K, L Desmophyllum pertusum (SAM_H1605, off Melkbosstrand, depth unknown) K calicular view L lateral view M, N Goniocorella dumosa (SAM_H3190, off Kidds Beach, 760 m) M calicular view N lateral view O, P Heterocyathus aequicostatus (SAMC_A073186, off Durban, 150 m) O calicular view P lateral view. Scale bars: 10 mm (A–I, K–P); 100 mm (J).

Figure 4. 

A, B Heterocyathus alternatus (ORI_DIIIe1_1, locality data unknown) A calicular view B lateral view C, D Heterocyathus monileseptatum sp. nov. (SAM_H1431, off Durban Harbour, 99 m) C calicular view D lateral view E, F Heterocyathus sulcatus (SAMC_A073123, off Shaka’s Rock, 100–105 m) E calicular view F lateral view G, H Labyrinthocyathus delicatus (SAM_H2836, off East London, 146–238 m) G calicular view H lateral view I, J, K Monohedotrochus capensis comb. nov. I, J (SAMC_A088924, off Kidds Beach, 247–147 m) I calicular view J lateral view K (SAM_H3210, off Scottburgh, 690 m) calicular view L, M Polycyathus sp. (USNM 91677, off Port Dunford, 69 m) L calicular view M full view N, O Rhizosmilia robusta (USNM 91689, off Kosi Bay Estuary, 74 m) N calicular view O lateral view P Solenosmilia variabilis (SAM_H3158, off Cintsa, 630 m) full view. Scale bars: 10 mm (A–G, I–O); 100 mm (H, P).

Revised figures

Text revision

Monohedotrochus Kitahara & Cairns, 2005

Diagnosis. Corallum solitary, attached, straight, and elongate-conical to trochoid. Base monocyclic. Septotheca costate. Pedicel and base thick. Pali may be present, indistinguishable from columella. Columella papillose.

Type species. Monohedotrochus capitolii Kitahara & Cairns, 2005, by original designation.

Monohedotrochus capensis (Gardiner, 1904), comb. nov.

Fig. 4I–K

Caryophyllia capensis Gardiner 1904: 113–114, pl. 1, fig. 4A–D. – Boshoff 1981: 36. – Zibrowius and Gill 1990: 44.

Desmophyllum cristagalli. – Boshoff 1981: 37.

Balanophyllia capensis. – Boshoff 1981: 40 (in part).


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