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Research Article
Notes on the green lacewing subgenus Chrysopidia (s. str.) Navás, 1910 (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae), with description of a new species from China
expand article infoYunlong Ma
‡ Engineering Research Center for Forest and Grassland Disaster Prevention and Reduction, Mianyang Normal College, Mianyang, China
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A taxonomic study of the green lacewing subgenus Chrysopidia (s. str.) from China is presented. Based on the examination of type specimens of the genus reported by previous Chinese scholars and the line drawings of Chrysopidia manipurensis provided by Ghosh (1990), I proposed five new combinations: Apertochrysa platypa (Yang & Yang, 1990), comb. nov., Apertochrysa yangi (Yang, 1997), comb. nov., Apertochrysa shennongana (Yang & Wang, 1990), comb. nov., Apertochrysa zhaoi (Yang & Wang, 1990), comb. nov., and Apertochrysa manipurensis (Ghosh, 1990), comb. nov. As for Chrysopidia sinica Yang & Wang, 1990, I still treat it as a valid species until supplementary specimens are available because the gonarcal complex of the type specimen is missing. A new species Chrysopidia (Chrysopidia) tjederi sp. nov. is also described based on new materials. A key to all known species of this subgenus is also provided.


Key, new species, taxonomic study

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