Zookeys 88: 1–972, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.88.807
Family-group names in Coleoptera (Insecta)
Patrice Bouchard1, Yves Bousquet1, Anthony E. Davies1, Miguel A. Alonso-Zarazaga2, John F. Lawrence3, Chris H. C. Lyal4, Alfred F. Newton5, Chris A. M. Reid6, Michael Schmitt7, S. Adam Ślipiński3, Andrew B. T. Smith8
1 Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids and Nematodes, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 960 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0C6, Canada
2 Departamento de Biodiversidad y Biología Evolutiva, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Jose Gutierrez Abascal, 2; E-28006, Madrid, Spain
3 Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO Entomology, GPO Box 1700, Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia
4 Department of Entomology, The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD, United Kingdom
5 Zoology Department, Field Museum of Natural History, 1400 South Lake Shore Drive Chicago, IL 60605, USA
6 Australian Museum, 6 College Street, Sydney, NSW 2010, Australia
7 Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universitaet, Allgemeine & Systematische Zoologie, Anklamer Str. 20, D-17489 Greifswald, Germany
8 Canadian Museum of Nature, P. O. Box 3443, Station D, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 6P4, Canada

Corresponding author: Patrice Bouchard (patrice.bouchard@agr.gc.ca).

Academic editor: Terry Erwin

received 17 December 2010 | accepted 17 February 2011 | Published 4 April 2011

(C) 2010 Patrice Bouchard. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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We synthesize data on all known extant and fossil Coleoptera family-group names for the first time. A catalogue of 4887 family-group names (124 fossil, 4763 extant) based on 4707 distinct genera in Coleoptera is given. A total of 4492 names are available, 183 of which are permanently invalid because they are based on a preoccupied or a suppressed type genus. Names are listed in a classification framework. We recognize as valid 24 superfamilies, 211 families, 541 subfamilies, 1663 tribes and 740 subtribes. For each name, the original spelling, author, year of publication, page number, correct stem and type genus are included. The original spelling and availability of each name were checked from primary literature. A list of necessary changes due to Priority and Homonymy problems, and actions taken, is given. Current usage of names was conserved, whenever possible, to promote stability of the classification.

New synonymies (family-group names followed by genus-group names): Agronomina Gistel, 1848 syn. nov. of Amarina Zimmermann, 1832 (Carabidae), Hylepnigalioini Gistel, 1856 syn. nov. of Melandryini Leach, 1815 (Melandryidae), Polycystophoridae Gistel, 1856 syn. nov. of Malachiinae Fleming, 1821 (Melyridae), Sclerasteinae Gistel, 1856 syn. nov. of Ptilininae Shuckard, 1839 (Ptinidae), Phloeonomini Ádám, 2001 syn. nov. of Omaliini MacLeay, 1825 (Staphylinidae), Sepedophilini Ádám, 2001 syn. nov. of Tachyporini MacLeay, 1825 (Staphylinidae), Phibalini Gistel, 1856 syn. nov. of Cteniopodini Solier, 1835 (Tenebrionidae); Agronoma Gistel 1848 (type species Carabus familiaris Duftschmid, 1812, designated herein) syn. nov. of Amara Bonelli, 1810 (Carabidae), Hylepnigalio Gistel, 1856 (type species Chrysomela caraboides Linnaeus, 1760, by monotypy) syn. nov. of Melandrya Fabricius, 1801 (Melandryidae), Polycystophorus Gistel, 1856 (type species Cantharis aeneus Linnaeus, 1758, designated herein) syn. nov. of Malachius Fabricius, 1775 (Melyridae), Sclerastes Gistel, 1856 (type species Ptilinus costatus Gyllenhal, 1827, designated herein) syn. nov. of Ptilinus Geoffroy, 1762 (Ptinidae), Paniscus Gistel, 1848 (type species Scarabaeus fasciatus Linnaeus, 1758, designated herein) syn. nov. of Trichius Fabricius, 1775 (Scarabaeidae), Phibalus Gistel, 1856 (type species Chrysomela pubescens Linnaeus, 1758, by monotypy) syn. nov. of Omophlus Dejean, 1834 (Tenebrionidae). The following new replacement name is proposed: Gompeliina Bouchard, 2011 nom. nov. for Olotelina Báguena Corella, 1948 (Aderidae).

Reversal of Precedence (Article 23.9) is used to conserve usage of the following names (family-group names followed by genus-group names): Perigonini Horn, 1881 nom. protectum over Trechicini Bates, 1873 nom. oblitum (Carabidae), Anisodactylina Lacordaire, 1854 nom. protectum over Eurytrichina LeConte, 1848 nom. oblitum (Carabidae), Smicronychini Seidlitz, 1891 nom. protectum over Desmorini LeConte, 1876 nom. oblitum (Curculionidae), Bagoinae Thomson, 1859 nom. protectum over Lyprinae Gistel 1848 nom. oblitum (Curculionidae), Aterpina Lacordaire, 1863 nom. protectum over Heliomenina Gistel, 1848 nom. oblitum (Curculionidae), Naupactini Gistel, 1848 nom. protectum over Iphiini Schönherr, 1823 nom. oblitum (Curculionidae), Cleonini Schönherr, 1826 nom. protectum over Geomorini Schönherr, 1823 nom. oblitum (Curculionidae), Magdalidini Pascoe, 1870 nom. protectum over Scardamyctini Gistel, 1848 nom. oblitum (Curculionidae), Agrypninae/-ini Candèze, 1857 nom. protecta over Adelocerinae/-ini Gistel, 1848 nom. oblita and Pangaurinae/-ini Gistel, 1856 nom. oblita (Elateridae), Prosternini Gistel, 1856 nom. protectum over Diacanthini Gistel, 1848 nom. oblitum (Elateridae), Calopodinae Costa, 1852 nom. protectum over Sparedrinae Gistel, 1848 nom. oblitum (Oedemeridae), Adesmiini Lacordaire, 1859 nom. protectum over Macropodini Agassiz, 1846 nom. oblitum (Tenebrionidae), Bolitophagini Kirby, 1837 nom. protectum over Eledonini Billberg, 1820 nom. oblitum (Tenebrionidae), Throscidae Laporte, 1840 nom. protectum over Stereolidae Rafinesque, 1815 nom. oblitum (Throscidae) and Lophocaterini Crowson, 1964 over Lycoptini Casey, 1890 nom. oblitum (Trogossitidae); Monotoma Herbst, 1799 nom. protectum over Monotoma Panzer, 1792 nom. oblitum (Monotomidae); Pediacus Shuckard, 1839 nom. protectum over Biophloeus Dejean, 1835 nom. oblitum (Cucujidae), Pachypus Dejean, 1821 nom. protectum over Pachypus Billberg, 1820 nom. oblitum (Scarabaeidae), Sparrmannia Laporte, 1840 nom. protectum over Leocaeta Dejean, 1833 nom. oblitum and Cephalotrichia Hope, 1837 nom. oblitum (Scarabaeidae).


Beetles, nomenclature, classification, world fauna, family-group names, type genera, stem

Zoological nomenclature affects the work of all zoologists, yet only a minuscule fraction of one percent of [the craziest] zoologists deal directly with problems associated with scientific names of animals (Bock 1994).


The accurate use of scientific names in zoology is necessary to minimize nomenclatural instability and allow the maximal retrieval of scientific information from the ever increasing body of literature. Akin to other scientific names such as species- and genus-group names, family-group names are extremely important in the exchange of information about the world we live in. Rules about how to treat family-group names, as determined by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature [henceforth the Commission], have been an integral part of zoological nomenclature since the early 1900s (for a historical review of family-group names refer to Bock 1994).

The first family-group names based on the stem of their type genus appeared in zoological literature in the early 19th Century (see Sabrosky 1999). The first authors inconsistently used a variety of endings (–ides, –ites, –ida, –i, –ide, etc.) for suprageneric divisions at various levels. The ending –idae was apparently first suggested by Kirby (1813) as a characteristic ending for names at the rank of family. Although many ranks have been used in the past for suprageneric names, only the following suffixes are currently regulated by the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature [henceforth the Code] (ICZN 1999a): superfamily (–oidea), family (–idae), subfamily (–inae), tribe (–ini) and subtribe (–ina).

The last twenty five years has seen an increase in the number of studies on family-group names of entire groups in zoology (e.g., Štys and Jansson 1988 for Hemiptera: Nepomorpha; Bock 1994 for Aves; McKenna and Bell 1997 for Mammalia; Ferraris and de Pinna 1999 for Pisces: Siluriformes; Sabrosky 1999 for Diptera; Engel and Krishna 2004 for Isoptera; Speidel and Naumann 2004 for Lepidoptera: Noctuoidea; Bouchet and Rocroi 2005 for Gastropoda; Engel 2005 for Hymenoptera: Apoidea; Engel and Haas 2007 for Dermaptera; Bouchet and Rocroi 2010 for Bivalvia). The contents (i.e., whether they include fossils or not) and presentation of the data (i.e., in a classification scheme, in chronological order or in alphabetic order) in those works vary greatly. The most extensive treatments of animal family-group names to date are those of Diptera (Sabrosky 1999) and Gastropoda (Bouchet and Rocroi 2005) which covered names based on approximately 2000 and 2400 distinct type genera respectively. Some of the reasons given by authors of these works for providing comprehensive lists of family-group names include avoiding the unnecessary proposal of new names, facilitating decisions on priority and promoting long-term stability of the classification. We believe that such catalogues are especially important as the number of studies dealing with the higher relationships of major clades will continue to increase as new algorithms and data sets (e.g., molecular data) become available.

Given the importance of family-group names in the scientific literature, it is rather surprising that still many authors do not cite the author or year of publication of those names correctly, or at all. According to Recommendation 51A of the Code (ICZN 1999a) “The original author and date of a name should be cited at least once in each work dealing with the taxon denoted by that name.” In addition to satisfying Recommendation 51A of the Code, citation of authorities of scientific names can also have a positive impact on modern world taxonomists (Werner 2006; Agnarson and Kuntner 2007). Adding to further confusion and errors in the literature is the fact that the Principle of Coordination (Art. 36.1) is still overlooked by some authors.

Coleoptera are currently the most species-rich group of organisms on this planet with approximately 360 000 described species (Bouchard et al. 2009). The great morphological diversity of beetles has led to the proliferation of suprageneric taxa at various ranks. Latreille (1797) was apparently the first to introduce the concept of family-level taxa (see Bock 1994: 244) but it is only a few years later (Latreille 1802) that he proposed available names for these groupings, including several in the order Coleoptera. More recent evidence suggests that available family-group names in some groups of animals other than Coleoptera (e.g., Chordata: Sauropsida) appeared in the late 18th Century (see Dubois and Bour 2010), even earlier than in Latreille (1802).

The nomenclature of family-group names in Coleoptera did not receive much attention until the treatment of Geadephaga names by Madge (1989). Similar lists, based on rules from two different editions of the Code (ICZN 1985g, 1999a), have now been published in Dytiscidae (Nilsson et al. 1989), Staphyliniformia (Newton and Thayer 1992), Cucujoidea (Pakaluk et al. 1994), Curculionoidea (Alonso-Zarazaga and Lyal 1999), Buprestoidea (Bellamy 2003, 2008a-d, 2009), Tenebrionidae (Bouchard et al. 2005), Scarabaeoidea (Smith 2006) and Cerambycidae (Bousquet et al. 2009). Another important contribution was that of Lawrence and Newton (1995) which included a review of the nomenclature of all beetle family-group names for the rank of subfamily and above.

The vast body of scientific literature dealing with beetles has been a deterrent to producing a complete review of all Coleoptera family-group names in the past. This publication was only made possible by the collaboration of several coleopterists.

The specific objectives of this study are to: 1) establish the first comprehensive list of all Coleoptera family-group names with information on type genus, author(s), year of publication and complete bibliographical references; 2) assess the availability and validity of each name using rules laid out in the most recent Code of Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN 1999a), 3) summarize Priority and Homonymy problems with currently used names and, 4) propose or implement solutions to these problems in order to promote stability. We include family-group names that were published on or before December 31, 2010.

This publication should be seen as the starting point of what could eventually serve as the basis for a submission of Part of a List of Available names in Zoology (Art. 79). With this goal in mind, we ask all coleopterists to either send us, or to publish, corrections or differences of opinions in the months and years to come. It is our intention to update our list of family-group names as new data are published and to provide a second edition of this work in approximately five years.

Methods Criteria of availability

Decisions about the availability and validity of each Coleoptera family-group name in our catalogue were made following the process outline in Figure 1. First we established whether the name was available or unavailable based on the criteria of availability summarized below. If a name first proposed on a particular type genus was determined to be unavailable then searches were conducted to establish if a family-group name based on the same type genus was made available subsequently. If so then this available name was entered in our catalogue. From the pool of available names, we removed those that are permanently invalid (Art. 39). All the remaining available names were then separated into those that are valid based on the classification used here (at any rank from subtribe to superfamily) and those that are invalid (i.e., synonyms).

Figure 1. Overview of the process used to determine the availability and validity of family-group names in Coleoptera (modified from Bouchet and Rocroi 2005). The number of names for each category is given in parentheses.

In order to be available, a family-group name proposed before 1931 must to be a scientific name (i.e., in latinized form) in the nominative plural based on the stem of an available genus name then used as valid in the new suprageneric taxon (Art. 11.7).

In addition to the criteria of availability mentioned above, new family-group names proposed between 1931 and 1999 had to be described in words, or be associated with a bibliographic reference to such a description, in order to be considered available (Arts 13, 15). In works published after 1930 which contained more than one use of a new family-group name, we selected a page where a description was clearly associated with the new taxon for the catalogue. It should be noted that replacement names proposed in that time period are available without description (Art. 13.1.3). Additionally, “a family-group name first published after 1930 and before 1961 which does not satisfy the provisions of Article 13.1 is available from its original publication only if it was used as valid before 2000, and also was not rejected by an author who, after 1960 and before 2000, expressly applied Article 13 of the then current editions of the Code” (Art. 13.2.1). Names proposed between 1931 and 1960 can also be considered available if the description of the new family-group name and a single new genus-group name is combined (Art. 13.5). Finally, family-group names proposed since 2000 have to be explicitly indicated as new and the name of the type genus has to be clearly cited in order to be available (Art. 16). Based on our interpretation of Article 16.2, any new family-group name proposed after 1999 in a paper in which the name of the type genus is clearly cited in connection with it (although maybe not explicitly with a formula such as “Type genus = Aus Doe, 2010”) is available.

One of the most difficult tasks while working on this review was to decide on the most consistent and objective way to apply Article 11.7.2, which deals with the availability of names that were originally proposed in a vernacular form. Vernacular names are generally not treated as scientific names in zoological nomenclature (see Recommendation 11A). However, the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature has made a single, but rather restricted, exception that applies to family-group names. According to the Code, a vernacular name “…is available with its original author and date only if it has been latinized by later authors and has been generally accepted as valid by authors interested in the group concerned and as dating from that first publication in vernacular form” (Art. 11.7.2).

We have interpreted names proposed in the following languages to be vernacular: all German names with the suffix “–en”, all Spanish names with the suffix “–os” or “–as” and all French names with the suffix “–iens”. The most important issue was to determine the correct status of names originally proposed with the suffix “–es.” We have used the principle that all family-group names proposed by non-French writers with the suffix “–es” were in fact latinized names with an ending that differs from those regulated by the Commission (these are mostly older names proposed before rules of zoological nomenclature became well-established). For each name with the suffix “–es” first proposed by French workers (e.g., Latreille, Lacordaire, Lameere) we went through the entire work containing those names and established if these authors consistently used either vernacular or latinized names in their work. French vernacular names often have accents in them (“é” or “è”) while latinized names do not. We have found that determining whether an author used vernacular or latinized names in a particular work was fairly straightforward (Bousquet et al. 2009). Latreille proposed new family-group names with the suffix “–es” in several of his works. We noticed that he most often used both the vernacular (listed first, with accents when required by French language) and latinized (listed second, always in italics) forms of each name together in the same heading. We have listed the latinized form of the name in each of those cases.

As in Bousquet et al. (2009), we have interpreted the requirements listed in Art. 11.7.2. as three separate conditions to be met. For each vernacular name we determined if it had 1) been subsequently latinized, 2) been generally accepted as valid by authors interested in the group and 3) been attributed to the author and date of original publication. Failure to fulfil any of the requirements resulted in the treatment of that name as unavailable. In those cases, we provide a comment explaining why this taxon was treated as unavailable (e.g., “original vernacular name unavailable (Art. 11.7.2): not subsequently latinized”). Many recent authors have treated family-group names first proposed in vernacular form as available if they were latinized by later authors but we do not believe that this practice is in line with the requirements of the Code. We have accepted as available all vernacular names published before 1900 that have subsequently been used in latinized form, while being used as valid, and credited to the publication in their vernacular form. For every vernacular name that meets the requirement of availability, we have added a comment in the format of the following example “original vernacular name available (Art. 11.7.2): first used in latinized form by J. L. LeConte (1862: 240, as Meracanthini), generally accepted as in Gebien (1911: 567, as Meracanthinae)”.

Formation and treatment of family-group names

Article 29.2 includes a list of suffixes to be used for groups at the superfamily (-oidea), family (-idae), subfamily (-inae), tribe (-ini) and subtribe (-ina) names. The suffix of other categories is not regulated by the Code. The rank of supertribe (-itae) was used here for a small number of groups in which recent changes in classification required an additional rank between subfamily and tribe (e.g., Staphylinoidea).

The correct spelling of family-group names depends on the stem of its type genus (Art. 29.3). As pointed out by Newton and Thayer (1992) the family-group name stems of most generic names that can be regarded as Latin nouns are determined easily by dropping the following nominative case ending –us, –um, –es and –a. Examples of such straightforward case in Coleoptera include Carabidae (type genus Carabus), Adeliini (type genus Adelium), Trechodina (type genus Trechodes) and Anthiini (type genus Anthia). A summary of other commonly encountered generic endings, along with their corresponding stems, is given in Table 1. Note that generic names ending with -gaster (Greek for stomach) can have either -gaster- or -gastr- as their correct stem and therefore we have accepted the stem formation of the first author of the family-group name based on such genera as correct. Stems were reviewed for all type genera included in our catalogue.

Table 1. List of common Coleoptera generic suffixes with their associated family-group name endings (based partly on Bouchet and Rocroi 2005, with additions by YB, AFN, MAAZ and M. K. Thayer).

Generic ending Meaning Derived family-group name ending Type genus example Family-group name example
-apion pear (Greek) -api- Aspidapion Aspidapiina
-arthron joint (Greek) -arthr- Decarthron Decarthrina
-aspis shield (Greek) -aspid- Anaspis Anaspidinae
-baris flat-bottomed boat (Greek) -barid- Baris Baridini
-chlamys mantle (Greek) -clamyd- Spodochlamys Spodochlamydini
-celis spot (Greek) -celid- Xiphoscelis Xiphoscelidini
-ceras horn (Greek) -cerat- Megaceras Megaceratini
-cnema shin or tibia (Greek) -cnem- Pachycnema Pachycnemina
-cupes dainty (Latin) -cuped- Cupes Cupedidae
-dacne bite (Greek) -dacn- Dacne Dacnini
-deres neck, throat (Greek) -der- Aglycyderes Aglycyderini
-derma skin (Greek) -dermat- Cryptoderma Cryptodermatinae
-dytes diver (Greek) -dyt- Aspidytes Aspidytidae
-genys jaw (Greek) -geny- Chaetogenys Chaetogenyini
-hospes guest (Latin) -hospit- Termitohospes Termitohospitini
-ides similar to, derived from (Greek) -id- Anaides Anaidinae
-ifer carrier of (Latin) -ifer- Undulifer Unduliferinae
-iger carrier of (Latin) -iger- Apoderiger Apoderigerina
-ites like (Latin, Greek) -it- Aegialites Aegialitinae
-loma edge or fringe (Greek) -lomat- Discoloma Discolomatinae
-macer thin (Latin) -macr- Rhynchitomacer Rhynchitomacrini
-mycter nose (Greek) -mycter- Eurymycter Eurymycterini
-odes similar to (Greek) -od- Agyrtodes Agyrtodini
-odon tooth (Greek) -odont- Pentodon Pentodontini
-oides like (Greek) -oid- Acmaeoderoides Acmaeoderoidina
-omma eye (Greek) -ommat- Omma Ommatidae
-onyx yellow gem stone (Greek) -onych- Trichonyx Trichonychini
-ops eye (Greek) -op- Achaenops Achaenopina
-opsis appearance (Greek) -opse- Brachyceropsis Brachyceropseini
-otes quality, nature (Greek) -ot- Agriotes Agriotini
-pholis horny scale (Greek) -pholid- Trachypholis Trachypholidini
-pteryx wing (Greek) -pteryg- Trichopteryx Trichopterygini
-pus foot (Greek) -pod- Baripus Baripodina
-rhinus snout (Greek) -rhin- Platyrhinus Platyrhinini
-rhynchus snout (Greek) -rhynch- Doydirhynchus Doydirhynchini
-rhipis fan (Greek) -rhipid- Xenorhipis Xenorhipidini
-soma body (Greek) -somat- Platysoma Platysomatini
-stoma mouth (Greek) -stomat- Stenostoma Stenostomatini
-teles perfect (Greek) -tel- Abroteles Abrotelina
-termes wood-worm (Latin) -termit- Philotermes Philotermitini
-thorax chest (Greek) -thorac- Mecyclothorax Mecyclothoracini
-trox gnawer (Greek) -trog- Trox Trogidae
-trupes borer (Greek) -trup- Ceratotrupes Ceratotrupini
-typus shape (Greek) -typ- Amarotypus Amarotypini

It should be noted that if a family-group name was not formed in accordance with Art. 29.3 but its original spelling is in prevailing usage then the current spelling is to be maintained (Art. 29.5). We have conserved the spelling of several family-group names currently used as valid however we did not do so for names that are listed as synonyms. For names based on incorrect stems proposed after 1999, we have considered that prevailing usage cannot be used to conserve the original spellings because too few references using these names could be found. We have therefore corrected the stems of such names unless the name of the type genus was an arbitrary combination of letters (Art. 29.4).

As stated in Art. 35.4.1 “A family-group name based upon an unjustified emendation … or an incorrect spelling of the name of the type genus must be corrected, unless it is preserved under Article 29.5 or unless the spelling of the genus-group name used to form the family-group name is preserved under Articles or 33.3.1.” When an unjustified emendation or an incorrect subsequent spelling of the type genus is in prevailing usage and is attributed to the original author and date (Art.; 33.3.1), the correct spelling of the type genus is that in current usage.

In the glossary of the Code, a name in prevailing usage is defined as a “name which is adopted by at least a substantial majority of the most recent authors concerned with the relevant taxon, irrespective of how long ago their work was published”. The unfortunate subjectivity in this definition, as pointed out by Ferraris (2000), left us with no choice but determine prevailing usage in an ad hoc fashion throughout.

Principle of Coordination

The Principle of Coordination (Art. 36.1) is, unfortunately, still overlooked by some authors. In some instances authors who propose new ranks for previously established suprageneric names are sometimes treated as the author of those names when in fact only a change of rank was presented. Based on the Code “A name established at any rank in the family-group is deemed to have been simultaneously established for nominal taxa at all ranks in the family-group; all these taxa have the same type genus, and their names are formed from the stem of the name of the type genus [Art. 29.3] with appropriate change of suffix [Art. 34.1]. The name has the same authorship and date at every rank.”

Principle of Priority

As for species- and genus-group names, the oldest available name for a family-group taxon should be considered as valid (Art. 23). However four important exceptions need further discussion. Firstly, when a little-known family-group name was discovered to be older than a name currently used as valid for a particular taxon, we used the Reversal of Precedence to conserve usage of the younger name if the conditions of Art. 23.9.2 could be fulfilled. Younger names conserved using Reversal of Precedence are listed in Appendix 1. In some instances we could not fulfill all conditions of Art. 23.9.2 although we considered that using the newly discovered older name as valid would threaten stability or cause confusion. In those cases we maintained usage of the younger name as valid and either submitted an application to the Commission to conserve the younger name or made a recommendation that such submission should be submitted in the near future (Art. 23.9.3).

According to Art. 35.5 “If after 1999 a name in use for a family-group taxon (e.g., for a subfamily) is found to be older than a name in prevailing usage for a taxon at higher rank in the same family-group taxon (e.g., for the family within which the older name is the name of a subfamily) the older name is not to displace the younger name.” Indeed, we encountered a small number of cases in which the replacement of a name at the higher rank (e.g., Lymexyloidea Fleming, 1821) by the discovery of an older name for a taxon at a lower rank (e.g., Hylecoetoidea Germar, 1818) would not have served the stability of well-established names. In such cases usage of the younger name at the higher rank was conserved.

In cases where a family-group name was replaced before 1961 because of the synonymy of its type genus (e.g., Lepiceridae Hinton, 1936 instead of Cyathoceridae Sharp, 1882), the substitute name is to be maintained if it is in prevailing usage (Art. 40.2). In such cases, the valid family-group name retains its own author but takes the priority of the replaced name. Based on Recommendation 40A, we have cited those names with their original author and date, followed by the date of its priority enclosed in parentheses, as determined by Art. 40.2.1 (e.g., Lepiceridae Hinton, 1936 (1882)).

Lastly, if the stability and continuity of the meaning of a family-group name is threatened by the discovery that the type genus was originally misidentified, or that the type genus was based on a misidentified type species, or that an older type species of the type genus had been overlooked, then the case is to be referred to the Commission for a ruling (Art. 65.2.1). In cases where the oldest available name for a family-group taxon is based on misidentified type genus, or an altered concept of the type genus (e.g., see Scydmaenini Reitter, 1882), we have preferred to consider this name as invalid and to use instead the family-group name which is in prevailing usage (e.g., Cyrtoscydmini L. W. Schaufuss, 1889) until an application is submitted and a ruling is rendered by the Commission.

A list of problem cases based on the Principle of Priority, with comments on implementation of solutions or necessary actions to be taken in the future, is given in Appendix 2.

Principle of Homonymy

Based on the Principle of Homonymy “when two or more names are homonyms, only the senior, as determined by the Principle of Priority…, may be used as the valid name…” (Art. 55.2). Here we report several instances in which family-group names in Coleoptera are identical to other family-group names in zoological nomenclature. These names are either based on identical type genera or on type genera that are similar but not identical. In the first instance the family-group name based on the preoccupied type genus is permanently invalid (Art. 39) but available.

When family-group names are homonyms because their type genera are similar but not identical, the case must be referred to the Commission for a ruling to remove homonymy (Art. 55.3.1). Such is the case with Adeliini Kirby, 1825 (type genus Adelium Kirby, 1819) and the hymenopteran name Adeliini Viereck, 1918 (type genus Adelius Haliday, 1833) which are both correctly formed from the stem of their type genus. More than thirty such cases were encountered during our research on Coleoptera family-group names.

Junior homonyms conserved using Reversal of Precedence are listed in Appendix 1. A list of problem cases based on the Principle of Homonymy, with comments on implementation of solutions or necessary actions to be taken in the future, is given in Appendix 3.

Submissions to the Commission

As mentioned above, we have encountered several cases which require an application to the Commission because of problems with priority and/or homonymy. Some of these cases have been submitted recently (Engel and Bouchard 2009, Bousquet et al. 2010, Bousquet and Bouchard 2010) and others will be submitted in the near future (see summary in Appendices 2 and 3). However, it is not our intention to submit applications for all cases. Since we intend to submit this work as Part of the List of Available Names in Zoology in approximately five years, we hope the coleopterist community will take this opportunity to submit applications to the Commission in order to resolve some of the remaining problems outlined here.

Bibliographic notes

Von Hayek (1973: 282, 290) and Stibick (1979: 157) reported that the important works on Elateridae classification by Candèze (1857) and Lacordaire (1857) were published in May and June of 1857 respectively. Since then, when the same new name appeared in both of these works, Candèze’s names have been given priority over Lacordaire’s. We have discovered that Lacordaire’s work was in fact published before 25 May 1857 (as recorded by the Académie des Sciences de France) which would make the names in his work the oldest based on strict adherence to the Code (Art. 21.3). In order to avoid unnecessary changes in authorship in the future and maintain prevailing usage, we have opted to continue attributing elaterid family-group names to Candèze, 1857.

Authorship of the three volumes on Coleoptera of the series Encyclopédie d’histoire naturelle is debated. The title pages on the volumes list Jean Charles Chenu as the author of the Encyclopédie d’histoire naturelle with the assistance of Eugène Desmarest for the Coleoptera section. However, the Société Entomologique de France recorded the livraisons received for 1851 in their Bulletin (p. cxxv) as “Encyclopédie d’histoire naturelle, ou traité complet de cette science, sous la direction de M. le docteur Chenu. Coléoptères, par M.E. Desmarest.” This was likely the title on the wrapper and clearly suggests that Desmarest was responsible alone for the three volume series on Coleoptera. This is also substained by Desmarest himself who in the Bulletin de la Société Entomologique de France for 1860 (p. lxiii) speaks of the three volumes series as being his work, published under the direction of Chenu. Based on the above fact, we credit the three-volume series to Desmarest alone (Desmarest 1851, 1857, 1860).

The articles presented by Mulsant (and Rey) in the “Opuscules Entomologiques” are considered here to be reprints (as a compilation) of original publications in various Annales, mostly printed at Lyon, for the following reasons: In the dedication to the first volume Mulsant wrote “ces Opuscules, publiés déjà ça et là dans nos Recueils académiques”. The dates of the dedications in the Opuscules are always later than the dates on which they were presented to the various Sociétés, frequently in the following year. Although published at Paris, the Opuscules (see verso of title pages) were printed at Lyon by F. Dumoulin and others, the same printers which published the Mémoires de l’Académie... des Sciences, Belles-Lettres et Arts de Lyon, etc. Rey himself, in later publications such as the continuation of the “Histoire Naturelle des Coléoptères de France” (e.g., Annales de la Société Linnéenne de Lyon (N. S.) 32[1885]: 1-186 + [4], pls. 1-2 [see p. 106]) cited the Annales de la Société Linnéenne de Lyon article before the Opuscules version. E. A. Fitch (1881: 46-47), in his obituary of Mulsant, indicated that both the Histoire Naturelle des Coléoptères de France and the Opuscules Entomologiques «appeared originally... in the Annals» and «later republished in separate form at Paris». These concepts were reiterated by Tottenham (1949: 352). Marseul (1882: 20) wrote, “Tous les ouvrages de Mulsant, sauf quelques-uns, ont été publiés dans les Annales des trois sociétés... et l’Académie des Sciences. Tous ont été reproduits séparément soit dans l’Histoire Naturelle des Coléoptères et des Punaises de France, soit dans les Opuscules

However, the first fascicles of the Histoire Naturelle series up to the “Pectinipèdes” were not reprinted in journals. It seems that most of the succeeding fascicles were submitted to the various Sociétés, were printed by Dumoulin, Barret, Pinier, etc. at Lyon, the dedications were then added and they were sent to Paris for separate publication with the same typesetting, and with changes only to the pagination and some titles. Since the issuing of the journal volumes was frequently delayed by the compilation of many papers (usually in the following year), the separate edition often appeared first, as shown by records of other journals and, in particular, the Bibliographie de la France. Therefore we have given date priority to the Histoire Naturelle versions in most instances, only those page numbers are cited with the scientific names in the catalogue unless evidence was found to the contrary, and the alternate versions are cited only in the bibliography, following each reference.

Format of the catalogue and conventions used

This paper is organized into two main parts: 1) a synoptic classification containing only the names which we consider as valid herein and 2) a catalogue of all family-group names organized in the same order as in the synoptic classification. It should be noted that our publication is first and foremost a nomenclatural treatment of family-group names. We want to emphasize that the classification used here is not based on newly generated phylogenetic data. Furthermore, we do not necessarily endorse all parts of the classification presented, particularly those which were not based on phylogenetic approaches. For the most part, we follow currently accepted concepts in recent taxon-specific catalogues as well as comprehensive syntheses such as the Handbook of Zoology (Beutel and Leschen 2005, Leschen et al. 2010), American Beetles (Arnett and Thomas 2000; Arnett et al. 2002) and the Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera (Löbl and Smetana 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010). Although we recognize that the classification we use will likely become outdated in the near future, we believe that this is the best way to present the assembled data.

Only family-group names that are based on genera are included in our catalogue. For each family-group name the original spelling, author, year of publication, page number, correct stem and type genus are given. Complete data and comments regarding a particular family-group name are presented with the lowest-rank name when the same stem is used in more than one rank, since the same criteria apply in accordance with the Principle of Coordination (Art. 36.1). The correct stem to be used, which is given in square brackets (e.g., [stem: Uralocole-]), is especially important for synonyms, since the status of a name may be changed from synonym to valid in the future. Subsequent alternative spellings of family-group names (i.e., simple changes in suffix depending on change in rank) are not given here. Both available and unavailable names are listed together in the catalogue in order to enhance information retrieval. Unavailable names are preceded by an asterisk “*” and are identified as such in the “Comments” section along with the reason for this status. As is common practice in publications of the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature, we use small capital letters for family-group names. Names in the catalogue are organized in a “phylogenetic” framework, as accepted in recent publications on the group, down to subfamily level. Valid tribes and subtribes are listed in alphabetical order within each subfamily. Synonyms are listed in chronological order under each valid taxon.

Known works of Johannes Gistel (who also published under the name Johannes Gistl and as G. Tilesius; see Evenhuis 1997a) were included in this paper. Although Gistel’s works were largely ignored by contemporaries (e.g., Gemminger and Harold 1868a) and continue to be ignored by some workers (e.g., Cate 2007) they are nevertheless broadly available and represent a significant contribution to the nomenclature of family-group and genus-group names in Coleoptera. In order to promote stability, some names proposed for the first time by Gistel (but ignored until now) that threaten names in current usage are treated here as nomina oblita (when conditions of Art. 23.9 could be met) or are subject to appeals to the Commission. According to the glossary of the Code, a nomen oblitum is a “Latin term applied after 1 January 2000 to a name, unused since 1899, which as a result of an action taken under Article 23.9.2 does not take precedence over a younger synonym or homonym in prevailing usage. The term nomen oblitum was also applied to a disused senior synonym rejected between 6 November 1961 and 1 January 1973 under Art. 23b of the Code editions then in force (see Art. 23.12.2). Nomina oblita are available names; see Articles 23.9 and 23.12 for conditions controlling their use as valid names.”

Because of the importance of the Principle of Priority, we have tried to find the most accurate date of publication (given in square brackets in the References section) for works cited in the manuscript. The date of publication was determined either from the original publication itself, from the date of “stamps” when received in libraries of natural history institutions or from secondary literature sources. A list of natural history institutions and secondary literature sources is given at the beginning of the References section. Data on dates of publication were provided by AFN, PB, AED, MAAZ, CHCL, ABTS and YB. References for type genera are not included here to conserve space and because they are for the most part available in other recent publications (e.g., Löbl and Smetana 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010).

Names on the Official List of Family-Group Names in Zoology and type genera on the Official List of Generic Names in Zoology are included in our catalogue and are summarized in Appendix 4 and 5 respectively. Cases involving family-group names and/or their type genera that are awaiting a ruling by the Commission are summarized in Appendix 6.

Results Number of family-group names

A total of 4887 family-group names are included in our catalogue (see Figure 1). Of the names recorded, 4492 are available, of which 183 are permanently invalid because they are based on a preoccupied type genus or a genus which has been suppressed by the Commission. The majority of names were proposed in the suborder Polyphaga (4314) followed by Adephaga (531), Myxophaga (16), Archostemata (17) and Protocoleoptera (9). Within Adephaga the family Carabidae contains the highest number of names by far (441) followed by Dytiscidae (47). The five superfamilies with the highest number of names in Polyphaga are the Curculionoidea (862), Chrysomeloidea (794), Staphylinoidea (594), Tenebrionoidea (579) and Scarabaeoidea (436). Overall, the five families with the highest number of family-group names proposed are Curculionidae (555), Staphylinidae (493), Cerambycidae (468), Carabidae (441) and Tenebrionidae (323).

The number of Coleoptera family-group names that appeared in the 19th and 20th Centuries are almost identical (2331 and 2556 respectively) while the last decade saw an increase of 5% (246 names) in the total number of names in the literature (Figure 2). A large number of names proposed in the middle of the 19th Century are unavailable. Those names were generally proposed in vernacular form and were not made available subsequently (Art. 11.7.2). Unavailable names proposed after 1930 generally lacked a description or bibliographic reference to such a description (Arts 13, 15). Several names proposed in the last decade were either not explicitly introduced as new taxa or did not include necessary information about the type genus and are therefore unavailable (Art. 16).

Figure 2. Number of family-group names proposed in Coleoptera by decade. White bars = available names. Black bars = unavailable names.

Significant contributions

A summary of the most significant contributions, in terms of the total number of names proposed by author, is shown in Table 2. Eighteen authors proposed 50 or more family-group names in Coleoptera. Lacordaire was the most prolific with 353 new names. Although the majority of Lacordaire’s names were proposed in vernacular form, a large proportion of them (90%) were subsequently made available and many are used as valid today.

Table 2. Summary of number of family-group names in Coleoptera by author. Only authors that have proposed fifty or more names are included. Authors listed in decreasing order by total number of names proposed. For each author we give the total number of name proposed, the percentage of those names that are available, the range of years in which those names were proposed and the number of families in which they proposed new family-group names in.

Rank Author Country of origin Total family-group names Percent available Publication (year range) Number of families
1 Lacordaire, Jean Théodore France 353 90 1848–1872 34
2 Gistel, Johannes von Nepomuk Franz Xaver Germany 135 99 1848–1856 42
3 LeConte, John Lawrence USA 131 100 1847–1883 45
4 Thomson, James USA 124 99 1857–1877 6
5 Mulsant, Étienne France 122 76 1839–1880 25
6 Chapuis, Félicien France 120 72 1869–1876 7
7 Jeannel, René France 109 99 1910–1967 6
8 Reitter, Edmund Germany 87 100 1875–1926 24
9 Legalov, Andrei Aleksandrovich Russia 73 100 2001–2009 9
10 Voss, Eduard Germany 66 97 1922–1972 6
11 Burmeister, Hermann Carl Conrad Germany 66 98 1840–1873 2
12 Casey, Thomas Lincoln USA 64 100 1884–1922 14
13 Horn, George Henry USA 63 100 1867–1893 20
14 Latreille, Pierre André France 62 98 1802–1834 30
15 Rey, Claudius France 57 53 1853–1886 12
16 Thomson, Carl Gustaf Sweden 55 100 1857–1867 27
17 Blanchard, Charles Émile France 55 71 1845–1853 20
18 Laporte, François Louis Nompar de Caumont (Comte Castelnau) France 51 100 1834–1840 21

The authors with the lowest percentage of available family-group names (Mulsant, Chapuis, Rey and Blanchard) originally proposed their names in vernacular form and a significant proportion of those names were not made available subsequently. All names proposed by LeConte, Reitter, Casey, Horn, Legalov, C. G. Thomson and Laporte are considered available.

Thirteen of the authors in Table 2 were active exclusively during the 19th Century while two authors, Reitter and Casey, published their works containing new family-group names in both the 19th and 20th Centuries. Two authors published family-group names exclusively during the 20th Century (Jeannel and Voss). Legalov is our only contemporary colleague in this list; he proposed more than 50 new family-group names in the last decade. It should be noted that the recent proliferation of new scientific names proposed by Legalov is treated by some authors as “extreme splitting” (Riedel 2006) and “based on numerous spurious characters of doubtful phylogenetic value” (Oberprieler et al. 2007).

The broad taxonomic interests and expertise of Lacordaire, Gistel, LeConte, Mulsant, Latreille and C. G. Thomson are exemplified by the fact that they introduced new family-group names in 25 or more families. This was done either in catalogues (e.g., Gistel, C. G. Thomson) and/or in large scale taxonomic treatments (e.g., Lacordaire, LeConte, Latreille, Mulsant). On the other hand, the taxonomic expertise of J. Thomson, Chapuis, Jeannel, Voss, Burmeister and Legalov is much more targeted towards a small number of families (fewer than 10).

New nomenclatural acts

The following synonymies are recorded here for the first time: Agronomina Gistel, 1848 syn. nov. of Amarina Zimmermann, 1832 (Carabidae), Hylepnigalioini Gistel, 1856 syn. nov. of Melandryini Leach, 1815 (Melandryidae), Polycystophoridae Gistel, 1856 syn. nov. of Malachiinae Fleming, 1821 (Melyridae), Sclerasteinae Gistel, 1856 syn. nov. of Ptilininae Shuckard, 1839 (Ptinidae), Phloeonomini Ádám, 2001 syn. nov. of Omaliini MacLeay, 1825 (Staphylinidae), Sepedophilini Ádám, 2001 syn. nov. of Tachyporini MacLeay, 1825 (Staphylinidae), Phibalini Gistel, 1856 syn. nov. of Cteniopodini Solier, 1835 (Tenebrionidae); Agronoma Gistel 1848 (type species Carabus familiaris Duftschmid, 1812, designated herein) syn. nov. of Amara Bonelli, 1810 (Carabidae), Hylepnigalio Gistel, 1856 (type species Chrysomela caraboides Linnaeus, 1760, by monotypy) syn. nov. of Melandrya Fabricius, 1801 (Melandryidae), Polycystophorus Gistel, 1856 (type species Cantharis aeneus Linnaeus, 1758, designated herein) syn. nov. of Malachius Fabricius, 1775 (Melyridae), Sclerastes Gistel, 1856 (type species Ptilinus costatus Gyllenhal, 1827, designated herein) syn. nov. of Ptilinus Geoffroy, 1762 (Ptinidae), Paniscus Gistel, 1848 (type species Scarabaeus fasciatus Linnaeus, 1758, designated herein) syn. nov. of Trichius Fabricius, 1775 (Scarabaeidae), Phibalus Gistel, 1856 (type species Chrysomela pubescens Linnaeus, 1758, by monotypy) syn. nov. of Omophlus Dejean, 1834 (Tenebrionidae). The following replacement name is used here for the first time: Gompeliina Bouchard, 2011 nom. nov. for Olotelina Báguena Corella, 1948 (Aderidae).

Reversal of Precedence (Article 23.9) is used to conserve usage of the following names (family-group names followed by genus-group names): Perigonini Horn, 1881 nom. protectum over Trechicini Bates, 1873 nom. oblitum (Carabidae), Anisodactylina Lacordaire, 1854 nom. protectum over Eurytrichina LeConte, 1848 nom. oblitum (Carabidae), Smicronychini Seidlitz, 1891 nom. protectum over Desmorini LeConte, 1876 nom. oblitum (Curculionidae), Bagoinae Thomson, 1859 nom. protectum over Lyprinae Gistel 1848 nom. oblitum (Curculionidae), Aterpina Lacordaire, 1863 nom. protectum over Heliomenina Gistel, 1848 nom. oblitum (Curculionidae), Naupactini Gistel, 1848 nom. protectum over Iphiini Schönherr, 1823 nom. oblitum (Curculionidae), Cleonini Schönherr, 1826 nom. protectum over Geomorini Schönherr, 1823 nom. oblitum (Curculionidae), Magdalidini Pascoe, 1870 nom. protectum over Scardamyctini Gistel, 1848 nom. oblitum (Curculionidae), Agrypninae/-ini Candèze, 1857 nom. protecta over Adelocerinae/-ini Gistel, 1848 nom. oblita and Pangaurinae/-ini Gistel, 1856 nom. oblita (Elateridae), Prosternini Gistel, 1856 nom. protectum over Diacanthini Gistel, 1848 nom. oblitum (Elateridae), Calopodinae Costa, 1852 nom. protectum over Sparedrinae Gistel, 1848 nom. oblitum (Oedemeridae), Adesmiini Lacordaire, 1859 nom. protectum over Macropodini Agassiz, 1846 nom. oblitum (Tenebrionidae), Bolitophagini Kirby, 1837 nom. protectum over Eledonini Billberg, 1820 nom. oblitum (Tenebrionidae), Throscidae Laporte, 1840 nom. protectum over Stereolidae Rafinesque, 1815 nom. oblitum (Throscidae) and Lophocaterini Crowson, 1964 over Lycoptini Casey, 1890 nom. oblitum (Trogossitidae); Monotoma Herbst, 1799 nom. protectum over Monotoma Panzer, 1792 nom. oblitum (Monotomidae); Pediacus Shuckard, 1839 nom. protectum over Biophloeus Dejean, 1835 nom. oblitum (Cucujidae), Pachypus Dejean, 1821 nom. protectum over Pachypus Billberg, 1820 nom. oblitum (Scarabaeidae), Sparrmannia Laporte, 1840 nom. protectum over Leocaeta Dejean, 1833 nom. oblitum and Cephalotrichia Hope, 1837 nom. oblitum (Scarabaeidae).

Synoptic classification of the world Coleoptera



†Superfamily Tshekardocoleoidea Rohdendorf, 1944

†Family Tshekardocoleidae Rohdendorf, 1944

†Family Labradorocoleidae Ponomarenko, 1969

†Family Oborocoleidae Kukalová, 1969

†Superfamily Permocupedoidea Martynov, 1933

†Family Permocupedidae Martynov, 1933

†Family Taldycupedidae Rohdendorf, 1961

†Superfamily Permosynoidea Tillyard, 1924

†Family Ademosynidae Ponomarenko, 1968

†Family Permosynidae Tillyard, 1924


Family Crowsoniellidae Iablokoff-Khnzorian, 1983

Family Cupedidae Laporte, 1836

Subfamily Priacminae Crowson, 1962

†Subfamily Mesocupedinae Ponomarenko, 1969

Subfamily Cupedinae Laporte, 1836

Family Micromalthidae Barber, 1913

Family Ommatidae Sharp and Muir, 1912

†Subfamily Brochocoleinae Hong, 1982

Subfamily Tetraphalerinae Crowson, 1962

Subfamily Ommatinae Sharp and Muir, 1912

†Tribe Lithocupedini Ponomarenko, 1969

†Tribe Notocupedini Ponomarenko, 1966

Tribe Ommatini Sharp and Muir, 1912

Family Jurodidae Ponomarenko, 1985

†Family Triadocupedidae Ponomarenko, 1966

†Family Magnocoleidae Hong, 1998

†Family Obrieniidae Zherikhin and Gratshev, 1994

†Subfamily Kararhynchinae Zherikhin and Gratshev, 1994

†Tribe Kararhynchini Zherikhin and Gratshev, 1994

†Tribe Kenderlykaini Legalov, 2009

†Subfamily Obrieniinae Zherikhin and Gratshev, 1994


†Superfamily Asiocoleoidea Rohdendorf, 1961

†Family Asiocoleidae Rohdendorf, 1961

†Family Tricoleidae Ponomarenko, 1969

†Superfamily Rhombocoleoidea Rohdendorf, 1961

†Family Rhombocoleidae Rohdendorf, 1961

†Superfamily Schizophoroidea Ponomarenko, 1968

†Family Schizophoridae Ponomarenko, 1968

†Family Catiniidae Ponomarenko, 1968

†Family Schizocoleidae Rohdendorf, 1961

Superfamily Lepiceroidea Hinton, 1936 (1882)

Family Lepiceridae Hinton, 1936 (1882)

Superfamily Sphaeriusoidea Erichson, 1845

Family Torridincolidae Steffan, 1964

Subfamily Torridincolinae Steffan, 1964

Subfamily Deleveinae Endrödy-Younga, 1997

Family Hydroscaphidae LeConte, 1874

Family Sphaeriusidae Erichson, 1845


†Family Tritarsidae Hong, 2002

Family Gyrinidae Latreille, 1810

Subfamily Spanglerogyrinae Folkerts, 1979

Subfamily Gyrininae Latreille, 1810

Tribe Enhydrini Régimbart, 1882

Subtribe Dineutina Desmarest, 1851

Subtribe Enhydrina Régimbart, 1882

Tribe Gyrinini Latreille, 1810

Subtribe Gyrinina Latreille, 1810

Subtribe Heterogyrina Brinck, 1956

Tribe Orectochilini Régimbart, 1882

Family Trachypachidae Thomson, 1857

†Subfamily Eodromeinae Ponomarenko, 1977

Subfamily Trachypachinae Thomson, 1857

Family Rhysodidae Laporte, 1840

Tribe Leoglymmiini Bell and Bell, 1978

Tribe Dhysorini Bell and Bell, 1978

Tribe Medisorini Bell and Bell, 1987

Tribe Rhysodini Laporte, 1840

Tribe Clinidiini Bell and Bell, 1978

Tribe Omoglymmiini Bell and Bell, 1978

Tribe Sloanoglymmiini Bell and Bell, 1991

Family Carabidae Latreille, 1802

†Subfamily Protorabinae Ponomarenko, 1977

†Subfamily Conjunctiinae Ponomarenko, 1977

Subfamily Nebriinae Laporte, 1834

Tribe Nebriini Laporte, 1834

Tribe Notiokasiini Kavanaugh and Nègre, 1983

Tribe Notiophilini Motschulsky, 1850

Tribe Opisthiini Dupuis, 1912

Tribe Pelophilini Kavanaugh, 1996

Subfamily Cicindinae Csiki, 1927

Subfamily Cicindelinae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Amblycheilini Csiki, 1903

Tribe Cicindelini Latreille, 1802

Subtribe Apteroessina Rivalier, 1971

Subtribe Cicindelina Latreille, 1802

Subtribe Dromicina Thomson, 1859

Subtribe Iresiina Rivalier, 1971

Subtribe Theratina Horn, 1893

Tribe Collyridini Brullé, 1834

Subtribe Collyridina Brullé, 1834

Subtribe Tricondylina Naviaux, 1991

Tribe Ctenostomatini Laporte, 1834

Tribe Manticorini Laporte, 1834

Tribe Megacephalini Laporte, 1834

Subfamily Carabinae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Carabini Latreille, 1802

Tribe Ceroglossini Lapouge, 1927

Tribe Cychrini Perty, 1830

Tribe Pamborini Hope, 1838

Subfamily Loricerinae Bonelli, 1810

Subfamily Omophroninae Bonelli, 1810

Subfamily Elaphrinae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily Migadopinae Chaudoir, 1861

Tribe Amarotypini Erwin, 1985

Tribe Migadopini Chaudoir, 1861

Subtribe Aquilicina Moret, 2005

Subtribe Migadopina Chaudoir, 1861

Subfamily Hiletinae Schiødte, 1848

Subfamily Scaritinae Bonelli, 1810

Tribe Carenini MacLeay, 1887

Tribe Clivinini Rafinesque, 1815

Subtribe Ardistomina Putzeys, 1867

Subtribe Clivinina Rafinesque, 1815

Subtribe Forcipatorina Bänninger, 1938

Tribe Dalyatini Mateu, 2002

Tribe Dyschiriini Kolbe, 1880

†Tribe Palaeoaxinidiini McKay, 1991

Tribe Pasimachini Putzeys, 1867

Tribe Promecognathini LeConte, 1853

Tribe Salcediini Alluaud, 1930 (1929)

Subtribe Androzelmina Bell, 1998

Subtribe Salcediina Alluaud, 1930 (1929)

Subtribe Solenogenyina Bell, 1998

Tribe Scaritini Bonelli, 1810

Subtribe Acanthoscelina Csiki, 1927

Subtribe Corintascarina Basilewsky, 1973

Subtribe Dyscherina Basilewsky, 1973

Subtribe Ochyropina Basilewsky, 1973

Subtribe Oxylobina Andrewes, 1929

Subtribe Scapterina Putzeys, 1867

Subtribe Scaritina Bonelli, 1810

Subtribe Storthodontina Jeannel, 1946

Subfamily Broscinae Hope, 1838

Tribe Broscini Hope, 1838

Subtribe Axonyina Roig-Juñent, 2000

Subtribe Baripodina Jeannel, 1941

Subtribe Broscina Hope, 1838

Subtribe Creobiina Jeannel, 1941

Subtribe Nothobroscina Roig-Juñent, 2000

Subfamily Apotominae LeConte, 1853

Subfamily Siagoninae Bonelli, 1813

Tribe Enceladini Horn, 1881

Tribe Lupercini Lecordier, 1977

Tribe Siagonini Bonelli, 1813

Subfamily Melaeninae Csiki, 1933

Subfamily Gehringiinae Darlington, 1933

Tribe Gehringiini Darlington, 1933

Subtribe Gehringiina Darlington, 1933

Subtribe Helenaeina Deuve, 2007

Subfamily Trechinae Bonelli, 1810

Tribe Bembidiini Stephens, 1827

Subtribe Anillina Jeannel, 1937

Subtribe Bembidiina Stephens, 1827

Subtribe Tachyina Motschulsky, 1862

Subtribe Xystosomina Erwin, 1994

Tribe Horologionini Jeannel, 1949

Tribe Pogonini Laporte, 1834

Tribe Trechini Bonelli, 1810

Subtribe Aepina Fowler, 1887

Subtribe Cnidina Jeannel, 1958

Subtribe Perileptina Sloane, 1903

Subtribe Plocamotrechina Jeannel, 1960

Subtribe Trechina Bonelli, 1810

Subtribe Trechodina Jeannel, 1926

Tribe Zolini Sharp, 1886

Subtribe Chalteniina Roig-Juñent and Cicchino, 2001

Subtribe Sinozolina Deuve, 1997

Subtribe Zolina Sharp, 1886

Subfamily Patrobinae Kirby, 1837

Tribe Lissopogonini Zamotajlov, 2000

Tribe Patrobini Kirby, 1837

Subtribe Deltomerina Chaudoir, 1871

Subtribe Deltomerodina Zamotajlov, 2002

Subtribe Patrobina Kirby, 1837

Subtribe Platidiolina Zamotajlov and Lafer, 2001

Subfamily Psydrinae LeConte, 1853

Tribe Amblytelini Blackburn, 1892

Tribe Mecyclothoracini Jeannel, 1940

Tribe Meonini Sloane, 1898

Tribe Moriomorphini Sloane, 1890

Tribe Psydrini LeConte, 1853

Tribe Tropopterini Sloane, 1898

Subfamily Nototylinae Bänninger, 1927

Subfamily Paussinae Latreille, 1806

Tribe Metriini LeConte, 1853

Tribe Mystropomini Horn, 1881

Tribe Ozaenini Hope, 1838

Tribe Paussini Latreille, 1806

†Subtribe Arthropteritina Luna de Carvalho, 1961

Subtribe Carabidomemnina Wasmann, 1928

Subtribe Cerapterina Billberg, 1820

†Subtribe Eopaussina Luna de Carvalho, 1951

Subtribe Heteropaussina Janssens, 1950

Subtribe Homopterina Wasmann, 1920

Subtribe Paussina Latreille, 1806

Subtribe Pentaplatarthrina Jeannel, 1946

Tribe Protopaussini Gestro, 1892

Subfamily Brachininae Bonelli, 1810

Tribe Brachinini Bonelli, 1810

Subtribe Aptinina Gistel, 1848

Subtribe Brachinina Bonelli, 1810

Subtribe Mastacina Erwin, 1970

Subtribe Pheropsophina Jeannel, 1949

Tribe Crepidogastrini Jeannel, 1949

Subfamily Harpalinae Bonelli, 1810

Tribe Abacetini Chaudoir, 1873

Tribe Amorphomerini Sloane, 1923

Tribe Anthiini Bonelli, 1813

Tribe Atranini Horn, 1881

Tribe Bascanini Basilewsky, 1953

Tribe Calophaenini Jeannel, 1948

Tribe Catapieseini Bates, 1882

Tribe Chaetodactylini Tschitschérine, 1903

Tribe Chaetogenyini Emden, 1958

Tribe Chlaeniini Brullé, 1834

Subtribe Callistina Laporte, 1834

Subtribe Chlaeniina Brullé, 1834

Tribe Cnemalobini Germain, 1911

Tribe Cratocerini Lacordaire, 1854

Tribe Ctenodactylini Laporte, 1834

Tribe Cuneipectini Sloane, 1907

Tribe Cyclosomini Laporte, 1834

Subtribe Cyclosomina Laporte, 1834

Subtribe Masoreina Chaudoir, 1871

Tribe Dercylini Sloane, 1923

Tribe Drimostomatini Chaudoir, 1872

Tribe Dryptini Bonelli, 1810

Tribe Enoicini Basilewsky, 1985

Tribe Galeritini Kirby, 1825

Subtribe Galeritina Kirby, 1825

Subtribe Planetina Jedlička, 1941

Tribe Geobaenini Péringuey, 1896

Tribe Ginemini Ball and Shpeley, 2002

Tribe Glyptini Horn, 1881

Tribe Graphipterini Latreille, 1802

Tribe Harpalini Bonelli, 1810

Subtribe Anisodactylina Lacordaire, 1854 nomen protectum

Subtribe Harpalina Bonelli, 1810

Subtribe Pelmatellina Bates, 1882

Subtribe Stenolophina Kirby, 1837

Tribe Helluonini Hope, 1838

Subtribe Helluonina Hope, 1838

Subtribe Omphrina Jedlička, 1941

Tribe Hexagoniini Horn, 1881 (1834)

Tribe Idiomorphini Bates, 1891

Tribe Lachnophorini LeConte, 1853

Subtribe Lachnophorina LeConte, 1853

Subtribe Selinina Jeannel, 1948

Tribe Lebiini Bonelli, 1810

Subtribe Actenonycina Bates, 1871

Subtribe Agrina Kirby, 1837

Subtribe Apenina Ball, 1983

Subtribe Calleidina Chaudoir, 1873

Subtribe Celaenephina Habu, 1982

Subtribe Cymindidina Laporte, 1834

Subtribe Demetriadina Bates, 1886

Subtribe Dromiusina Bonelli, 1810

Subtribe Gallerucidiina Chaudoir, 1872

Subtribe Lebiina Bonelli, 1810

Subtribe Metallicina Basilewsky, 1984

Subtribe Nemotarsina Bates, 1883

Subtribe Pericalina Hope, 1838

Subtribe Pseudotrechina Basilewsky, 1984

Subtribe Sugimotoina Habu, 1975

Subtribe Trichina Basilewsky, 1984

Tribe Licinini Bonelli, 1810

Subtribe Dicaelina Laporte, 1834

Subtribe Dicrochilina Ball, 1992

Subtribe Lestignathina Ball, 1992

Subtribe Licinina Bonelli, 1810

Tribe Melanchitonini Jeannel, 1948

Tribe Microcheilini Jeannel, 1948

Tribe Morionini Brullé, 1835

Tribe Odacanthini Laporte, 1834

Tribe Omphreini Ganglbauer, 1891

Tribe Oodini LaFerté-Sénectère, 1851

Tribe Orthogoniini Schaum, 1857

Tribe Panagaeini Bonelli, 1810

Subtribe Brachygnathina Basilewsky, 1946

Subtribe Panagaeina Bonelli, 1810

Subtribe Tefflina Basilewsky, 1946

Tribe Peleciini Chaudoir, 1880

Subtribe Agonicina Sloane, 1920

Subtribe Peleciina Chaudoir, 1880

Tribe Pentagonicini Bates, 1873

Tribe Perigonini Horn, 1881 nomen protectum

Tribe Physocrotaphini Chaudoir, 1863

Tribe Platynini Bonelli, 1810

Tribe Pseudomorphini Hope, 1838

Tribe Pterostichini Bonelli, 1810

Subtribe Abacomorphina Tschitschérine, 1902

Subtribe Euchroina Chaudoir, 1874

Subtribe Metiina Straneo, 1951

Subtribe Microcephalina Tschitschérine, 1898

Subtribe Pterostichina Bonelli, 1810

Tribe Sphodrini Laporte, 1834

Subtribe Atranopsina Baehr, 1982

Subtribe Calathina Laporte, 1834

Subtribe Dolichina Brullé, 1834

Subtribe Pristosiina Lindroth, 1956

Subtribe Sphodrina Laporte, 1834

Subtribe Synuchina Lindroth, 1956

Tribe Xenaroswellianini Erwin, 2007

Tribe Zabrini Bonelli, 1810

Subtribe Amarina Zimmermann, 1832

Subtribe Zabrina Bonelli, 1810

Tribe Zuphiini Bonelli, 1810

Subtribe Dicrodontina Machado, 1992

Subtribe Leleupidiina Basilewsky, 1951

Subtribe Metazuphiina Mateu, 1992

Subtribe Mischocephalina Mateu, 1992

Subtribe Patriziina Basilewsky, 1953

Subtribe Zuphiina Bonelli, 1810

Family Haliplidae Aubé, 1836

†Family Triaplidae Ponomarenko, 1977

†Family Colymbotethidae Ponomarenko, 1994

†Family Parahygrobiidae Ponomarenko, 1977

†Family Coptoclavidae Ponomarenko, 1961

†Subfamily Necronectinae Ponomarenko, 1977

†Subfamily Charonoscaphinae Ponomarenko, 1977

†Subfamily Coptoclavinae Ponomarenko, 1961

†Subfamily Coptoclaviscinae Soriano, Ponomarenko and Delclos, 2007

†Subfamily Hispanoclavinae Soriano, Ponomarenko and Delclos, 2007

†Family Liadytidae Ponomarenko, 1977

Family Meruidae Spangler and Steiner, 2005

Family Noteridae Thomson, 1860

Subfamily Noterinae Thomson, 1860

Tribe Neohydrocoptini Zalat, Saleh, Angus and Kaschef, 2000

Tribe Noterini Thomson, 1860

Tribe Pronoterini Nilsson, 2005

Tribe Tonerini Miller, 2009

Subfamily Notomicrinae Zimmermann, 1919

Subfamily Phreatodytinae Uéno, 1957

Family Amphizoidae LeConte, 1853

Family Aspidytidae Ribera, Beutel, Balke and Vogler, 2002

Family Hygrobiidae Régimbart, 1879 (1837)

Family Dytiscidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Agabinae Thomson, 1867

Subfamily Colymbetinae Erichson, 1837

Tribe Anisomeriini Brinck, 1948

Tribe Carabdytini Pederzani, 1995

Tribe Colymbetini Erichson, 1837

Subfamily Copelatinae Branden, 1885

Subfamily Coptotominae Branden, 1885

Subfamily Dytiscinae Leach, 1815

Tribe Aciliini Thomson, 1867

Tribe Aubehydrini Guignot, 1942

Tribe Cybisterini Sharp, 1880

Tribe Dytiscini Leach, 1815

Tribe Eretini Crotch, 1873

Tribe Hydaticini Sharp, 1880

Tribe Hyderodini Miller, 2000

Subfamily Hydrodytinae Miller, 2001

Subfamily Hydroporinae Aubé, 1836

Tribe Bidessini Sharp, 1880

Tribe Carabhydrini Watts, 1978

Tribe Hydroporini Aubé, 1836

Tribe Hydrovatini Sharp, 1880

Tribe Hygrotini Portevin, 1929

Tribe Hyphydrini Gistel, 1848

Tribe Laccornini Wolfe and Roughley, 1990

Tribe Methlini Branden, 1885

†Tribe Schistomerini Palmer, 1957

Tribe Vatellini Sharp, 1880

Subfamily Laccophilinae Gistel, 1848

Tribe Agabetini Branden, 1885

Tribe Laccophilini Gistel, 1848

Subfamily Lancetinae Branden, 1885

Subfamily Matinae Branden, 1885

†Subfamily Palaeogyrininae Schlechtendal, 1894

†Subfamily Liadytiscinae Prokin and Ren, 2010



Superfamily Hydrophiloidea Latreille, 1802

Family Hydrophilidae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily Helophorinae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Epimetopinae Zaitzev, 1908

Subfamily Georissinae Laporte, 1840

Subfamily Hydrochinae Thomson, 1859

Subfamily Spercheinae Erichson, 1837

Subfamily Horelophinae Hansen, 1991

Subfamily Horelophopsinae Hansen, 1997

Subfamily Hydrophilinae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Anacaenini Hansen, 1991

Tribe Berosini Mulsant, 1844

Tribe Chaetarthriini Bedel, 1881

Tribe Hydrophilini Latreille, 1802

Subtribe Acidocerina Zaitzev, 1908

Subtribe Globuloseina García, 2001

Subtribe Hydrobiusina Mulsant, 1844

Subtribe Hydrophilina Latreille, 1802

Tribe Laccobiini Houlbert, 1922

Tribe Sperchopsini Hansen, 1991

Subfamily Sphaeridiinae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Andotypini Hansen, 1991

Tribe Borborophorini Hansen, 1991

Tribe Coelostomatini Heyden, 1891 (1890)

Tribe Megasternini Mulsant, 1844

Tribe Omicrini Smetana, 1975

Tribe Protosternini Hansen, 1991

Tribe Rygmodini Orchymont, 1916

Tribe Sphaeridiini Latreille, 1802

Tribe Tormissini Hansen, 1991

Family Sphaeritidae Shuckard, 1839

Family Synteliidae Lewis, 1882

Family Histeridae Gyllenhal, 1808

Subfamily Niponiinae Fowler, 1912

Subfamily Abraeinae MacLeay, 1819

Tribe Abraeini MacLeay, 1819

Tribe Acritini Wenzel, 1944

Tribe Acritomorphini Wenzel, 1944

Tribe Plegaderini Portevin, 1929

Tribe Teretriini Bickhardt, 1914

Subfamily Trypeticinae Bickhardt, 1913

Subfamily Trypanaeinae Marseul, 1857

Subfamily Saprininae Blanchard, 1845

Subfamily Dendrophilinae Reitter, 1909

Tribe Anapleini Olexa, 1982

Tribe Bacaniini Kryzhanovskij, 1976

Tribe Dendrophilini Reitter, 1909

Tribe Paromalini Reitter, 1909

Subfamily Onthophilinae MacLeay, 1819

Subfamily Tribalinae Bickhardt, 1914

Subfamily Histerinae Gyllenhal, 1808

Tribe Exosternini Bickhardt, 1914

Tribe Histerini Gyllenhal, 1808

Tribe Hololeptini Hope, 1840

Tribe Omalodini Kryzhanovskij, 1972

Tribe Platysomatini Bickhardt, 1914

Subfamily Haeteriinae Marseul, 1857

Tribe Haeteriini Marseul, 1857

Tribe Nymphistrini Tishechkin, 2007

Tribe Synoditulini Tishechkin, 2007

Subfamily Chlamydopsinae Bickhardt, 1914

Superfamily Staphylinoidea Latreille, 1802

Family Hydraenidae Mulsant, 1844

Subfamily Orchymontiinae Perkins, 1997

Subfamily Prosthetopinae Perkins, 1994

Tribe Coelometoponini Perkins, 2005

Tribe Nucleotopini Perkins, 1994

Tribe Parasthetopini Perkins, 1994

Tribe Prosthetopini Perkins, 1994

Tribe Protosthetopini Perkins, 1994

Tribe Pterosthetopini Perkins, 1994

Subfamily Hydraeninae Mulsant, 1844

Tribe Hydraenidini Perkins, 1980

Tribe Hydraenini Mulsant, 1844

Tribe Limnebiini Mulsant, 1844

Tribe Madagastrini Perkins, 1997

Tribe Parhydraenini Perkins, 1997

Subfamily Ochthebiinae Thomson, 1859

Tribe Ochthebiini Thomson, 1859

Subtribe Enicocerina Perkins, 1997

Subtribe Meropathina Perkins, 1997

Subtribe Neochthebiina Perkins, 1997

Subtribe Ochthebiina Thomson, 1859

Subtribe Protochthebiina Perkins, 1997

Tribe Ochtheosini Perkins, 1997

Family Ptiliidae Erichson, 1845

Subfamily Ptiliinae Erichson, 1845

Tribe Discheramocephalini Grebennikov, 2009

Tribe Nanosellini Barber, 1924

Tribe Ptenidiini Flach, 1889

Tribe Ptiliini Erichson, 1845

Tribe Ptinellini Reitter, 1906 (1891)

Subfamily Cephaloplectinae Sharp, 1883

Subfamily Acrotrichinae Reitter, 1909 (1856)

Family Agyrtidae Thomson, 1859

Subfamily Agyrtinae Thomson, 1859

Subfamily Necrophilinae Newton, 1997

Subfamily Pterolomatinae Thomson, 1862

Family Leiodidae Fleming, 1821

Subfamily Camiarinae Jeannel, 1911

Tribe Agyrtodini Jeannel, 1936

Tribe Camiarini Jeannel, 1911

Tribe Neopelatopini Jeannel, 1962

Subfamily Catopocerinae Hatch, 1927 (1880)

Tribe Catopocerini Hatch, 1927 (1880)

Tribe Glacicavicolini Westcott, 1968

Subfamily Leiodinae Fleming, 1821

Tribe Agathidiini Westwood, 1838

Tribe Estadiini Portevin, 1914

Tribe Leiodini Fleming, 1821

Tribe Pseudoliodini Portevin, 1926

Tribe Scotocryptini Reitter, 1884

Tribe Sogdini Lopatin, 1961

Subfamily Coloninae Horn, 1880 (1859)

Subfamily Cholevinae Kirby, 1837

Tribe Anemadini Hatch, 1928

Subtribe Anemadina Hatch, 1928

Subtribe Eocatopina Jeannel, 1936

Subtribe Eunemadina Newton, 1998

Subtribe Nemadina Jeannel, 1936

Subtribe Paracatopina Jeannel, 1936

Tribe Cholevini Kirby, 1837

Subtribe Catopina Chaudoir, 1845

Subtribe Cholevina Kirby, 1837

Tribe Eucatopini Jeannel, 1921

Tribe Leptodirini Lacordaire, 1854 (1849)

Subtribe Anthroherponina Jeannel, 1910

Subtribe Bathysciina Horn, 1880

Subtribe Bathysciotina Guéorguiev, 1974

Subtribe Leptodirina Lacordaire, 1854 (1849)

Subtribe Pholeuina Reitter, 1886

Subtribe Platycholeina Horn, 1880

Subtribe Spelaeobatina Guéorguiev, 1974

Tribe Oritocatopini Jeannel, 1936

Tribe Ptomaphagini Jeannel, 1911

Subtribe Baryodirina Perreau, 2000

Subtribe Ptomaphagina Jeannel, 1911

Subtribe Ptomaphaginina Szymczakowski, 1964

Tribe Sciaphyini Perreau, 2000

Subfamily Platypsyllinae Ritsema, 1869

Family Silphidae Latreille, 1806

Subfamily Silphinae Latreille, 1806

Subfamily Nicrophorinae Kirby, 1837

Family Staphylinidae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily Glypholomatinae Jeannel, 1962

Subfamily Microsilphinae Crowson, 1950

Subfamily Omaliinae MacLeay, 1825

Tribe Anthophagini Thomson, 1859

Tribe Aphaenostemmini Peyerimhoff, 1914

Tribe Corneolabiini Steel, 1950

Tribe Coryphiini Jakobson, 1908

Subtribe Boreaphilina Zerche, 1990

Subtribe Coryphiina Jakobson, 1908

Tribe Eusphalerini Hatch, 1957

Tribe Hadrognathini Portevin, 1929

Tribe Omaliini MacLeay, 1825

Subfamily Empelinae Newton and Thayer, 1992

Subfamily Proteininae Erichson, 1839

Tribe Anepiini Steel, 1966

Tribe Austrorhysini Newton and Thayer, 1995

Tribe Nesoneini Steel, 1966

Tribe Proteinini Erichson, 1839

Tribe Silphotelini Newton and Thayer, 1995

Subfamily Micropeplinae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Neophoninae Fauvel, 1905

Subfamily Dasycerinae Reitter, 1887

Subfamily Protopselaphinae Newton and Thayer, 1995

Subfamily Pselaphinae Latreille, 1802

Supertribe Batrisitae Reitter, 1882

Tribe Amauropini Jeannel, 1948

Tribe Batrisini Reitter, 1882

Subtribe Ambicocerina Leleup, 1970

Subtribe Batrisina Reitter, 1882

Subtribe Leupeliina Jeannel, 1954

Subtribe Stilipalpina Jeannel, 1954

Tribe Thaumastocephalini Poggi, Nonveiller, Colla, Pavićević and Rada, 2001

Supertribe Clavigeritae Leach, 1815

Tribe Clavigerini Leach, 1815

Subtribe Apoderigerina Jeannel, 1954

Subtribe Clavigerina Leach, 1815

Subtribe Clavigerodina Schaufuss, 1882

Subtribe Disarthricerina Jeannel, 1949

Subtribe Hoplitoxenina Célis, 1969

Subtribe Lunillina Célis, 1969

Subtribe Mastigerina Jeannel, 1954

Subtribe Miroclavigerina Jeannel, 1949

Subtribe Neocerina Jeannel, 1954

Subtribe Radamina Jeannel, 1954

Subtribe Thysdariina Jeannel, 1954

Tribe Colilodionini Besuchet, 1991

Tribe Tiracerini Besuchet, 1986

Supertribe Euplectitae Streubel, 1839

Tribe Bythinoplectini Schaufuss, 1890

Subtribe Bythinoplectina Schaufuss, 1890

Subtribe Pyxidicerina Raffray, 1904

Tribe Dimerini Raffray, 1908

Tribe Euplectini Streubel, 1839

Tribe Jubini Raffray, 1904

Tribe Mayetiini Winkler, 1925

Tribe Metopiasini Raffray, 1904

Subtribe Metopiasina Raffray, 1904

Subtribe Rhinoscepsina Bowman, 1934

Tribe Trichonychini Reitter, 1882

Subtribe Bibloporina Park, 1951

Subtribe Panaphantina Jeannel, 1950

Subtribe Trichonychina Reitter, 1882

Subtribe Trimiina Bowman, 1934

Tribe Trogastrini Jeannel, 1949

Subtribe Phtegnomina Park, 1951

Subtribe Rhexiina Park, 1951

Subtribe Trogastrina Jeannel, 1949

Supertribe Faronitae Reitter, 1882

Supertribe Goniaceritae Reitter, 1882 (1872)

Tribe Arnylliini Jeannel, 1952

Tribe Barrosellini Leleup, 1973

Tribe Brachyglutini Raffray, 1904

Subtribe Baradina Park, 1951

Subtribe Brachyglutina Raffray, 1904

Subtribe Decarthrina Park, 1951

Subtribe Eupseniina Park, 1951

Tribe Bythinini Raffray, 1890

Subtribe Bythinina Raffray, 1890

Subtribe Machaeritina Jeannel, 1950

Subtribe Xenobythina Jeannel, 1950

Tribe Cyathigerini Schaufuss, 1872

Tribe Goniacerini Reitter, 1882 (1872)

Tribe Imirini Jeannel, 1949

Tribe Iniocyphini Park, 1951

Subtribe Iniocyphina Park, 1951

Subtribe Natypleurina Newton and Thayer, 1992

Tribe Machadoini Jeannel, 1951

Tribe Proterini Jeannel, 1949

Tribe Pygoxyini Reitter, 1909

Tribe Speleobamini Park, 1951

Tribe Tychini Raffray, 1904

Tribe Valdini Park, 1953

Supertribe Pselaphitae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Arhytodini Raffray, 1890

Tribe Attapseniini Bruch, 1933

Tribe Ctenistini Blanchard, 1845

Tribe Hybocephalini Raffray, 1890

Tribe Odontalgini Jeannel, 1949

Tribe Pachygastrodini Leleup, 1969

Tribe Phalepsini Jeannel, 1949

Tribe Pselaphini Latreille, 1802

Tribe Schistodactylini Raffray, 1890

Tribe Tmesiphorini Jeannel, 1949

Tribe Tyrini Reitter, 1882

Subtribe Centrophthalmina Jeannel, 1949

Subtribe Janusculina Cerruti, 1970

Subtribe Somatipionina Jeannel, 1949

Subtribe Tyrina Reitter, 1882

Subfamily Phloeocharinae Erichson, 1839

Subfamily Olisthaerinae Thomson, 1858

Subfamily Tachyporinae MacLeay, 1825

Tribe Deropini Smetana, 1983

Tribe Megarthropsini Cameron, 1919

Tribe Mycetoporini Thomson, 1859

Tribe Tachyporini MacLeay, 1825

Tribe Vatesini Seevers, 1958

Subfamily Trichophyinae Thomson, 1858

Subfamily Habrocerinae Mulsant and Rey, 1876

Subfamily Aleocharinae Fleming, 1821

Tribe Actocharini Bernhauer and Schubert, 1911

Tribe Aenictoteratini Kistner, 1993

Tribe Akatastopsisini Pace, 2000

Tribe Aleocharini Fleming, 1821

Subtribe Aleocharina Fleming, 1821

Subtribe Compactopediina Kistner, 1970

Subtribe Hodoxenina Kistner, 1970

Tribe Athetini Casey, 1910

Subtribe Athetina Casey, 1910

Subtribe Coptotermoeciina Kistner and Pasteels, 1970

Subtribe Microceroxenina Kistner, 1970

Subtribe Nasutiphilina Kistner, 1970

Subtribe Schistogeniina Fenyes, 1918

Subtribe Taxicerina Lohse, 1989

Subtribe Termitotelina Kistner, 1970

Subtribe Thamiaraeina Fenyes, 1921

Tribe Autaliini Thomson, 1859

Tribe Cordobanini Bernhauer, 1910

Tribe Corotocini Fenyes, 1918

Subtribe Abrotelina Seevers, 1957

Subtribe Corotocina Fenyes, 1918

Subtribe Eburniogastrina Jacobson, Kistner and Pasteels, 1986

Subtribe Nasutitellina Jacobson, Kistner and Pasteels, 1986

Subtribe Sphuridaethina Pace, 1988

Subtribe Termitocharina Seevers, 1957

Subtribe Termitocupidina Jacobson, Kistner and Pasteels, 1986

Subtribe Termitogastrina Bernhauer and Scheerpeltz, 1926

Subtribe Termitoiceina Jacobson, Kistner and Pasteels, 1986

Subtribe Termitopithina Jacobson, Kistner and Pasteels, 1986

Subtribe Termitoptochina Fenyes, 1921

Subtribe Timeparthenina Fenyes, 1921

Tribe Crematoxenini Mann, 1921

Tribe Cryptonotopseini Pace, 2003

Tribe Deinopsini Sharp, 1883

Tribe Diestotini Mulsant and Rey, 1871

Tribe Diglottini Jakobson, 1909

Tribe Digrammini Fauvel, 1900

Tribe Dorylogastrini Wasmann, 1916

Tribe Dorylomimini Wasmann, 1916

Tribe Drepanoxenini Kistner and Watson, 1972

Tribe Ecitocharini Seevers, 1965

Tribe Ecitogastrini Fenyes, 1918

Tribe Eusteniamorphini Bernhauer and Scheerpeltz, 1926

Tribe Falagriini Mulsant and Rey, 1873

Tribe Feldini Kistner, 1972

Tribe Gymnusini Heer, 1839

Tribe Himalusini Klimaszewski, Pace and Center, 2010

Tribe Homalotini Heer, 1839

Subtribe Bolitocharina Thomson, 1859

Subtribe Dinardopsina Bernhauer and Scheerpeltz, 1926

Subtribe Gyrophaenina Kraatz, 1856

Subtribe Homalotina Heer, 1839

Subtribe Silusina Fenyes, 1918

Tribe Hoplandriini Casey, 1910

Subtribe Hoplandriina Casey, 1910

Subtribe Platandriina Hanley, 2002

Subtribe Pseudoplandriina Hanley, 2002

Tribe Hygronomini Thomson, 1859

Subtribe Hygronomina Thomson, 1859

Subtribe Saphoglossina Bernhauer and Scheerpeltz, 1926

Tribe Hypocyphtini Laporte, 1835

Tribe Leucocraspedini Fenyes, 1921

Tribe Liparocephalini Fenyes, 1918

Tribe Lomechusini Fleming, 1821

Subtribe Aenictobiina Kistner, 1997

Subtribe Lomechusina Fleming, 1821

Subtribe Myrmedoniina Thomson, 1867

Subtribe Termitozyrina Seevers, 1957

Tribe Masuriini Cameron, 1939

Tribe Mesoporini Cameron, 1959

Tribe Mimanommatini Wasmann, 1912

Subtribe Dorylophilina Fenyes, 1921

Subtribe Mimanommatina Wasmann, 1912

Tribe Mimecitini Wasmann, 1917

Subtribe Labidopullina Jacobson and Kistner, 1991

Subtribe Leptanillophilina Fenyes, 1918

Subtribe Mimecitina Wasmann, 1917

Subtribe Mimonillina Bernhauer and Scheerpeltz, 1926

Tribe Myllaenini Ganglbauer, 1895

Tribe Oxypodini Thomson, 1859

Subtribe Aphytopodina Bernhauer and Scheerpeltz, 1926

Subtribe Blepharhymenina Klimaszewski and Peck, 1986

Subtribe Dinardina Mulsant and Rey, 1873

Subtribe Meoticina Seevers, 1978

Subtribe Oxypodina Thomson, 1859

Subtribe Tachyusina Thomson, 1859

Tribe Oxypodinini Fenyes, 1921

Tribe Paglini Newton and Thayer, 1992

Tribe Paradoxenusini Bruch, 1937

Tribe Pediculotini Ádám, 1987

Tribe Philotermitini Seevers, 1957

Tribe Phyllodinardini Wasmann, 1916

Tribe Phytosini Thomson, 1867

Tribe Placusini Mulsant and Rey, 1871

Tribe Pronomaeini Mulsant and Rey, 1873

Tribe Pseudoperinthini Cameron, 1939

Tribe Pygostenini Fauvel, 1899

Tribe Sahlbergiini Kistner, 1993

Tribe Sceptobiini Seevers, 1978

Tribe Skatitoxenini Kistner and Pasteels, 1969

Tribe Termitodiscini Wasmann, 1904

Subtribe Athexeniina Pace, 2000

Subtribe Termitodiscina Wasmann, 1904

Tribe Termitohospitini Seevers, 1941

Subtribe Hetairotermitina Seevers, 1957

Subtribe Termitohospitina Seevers, 1941

Tribe Termitonannini Fenyes, 1918

Subtribe Perinthina Bernhauer and Scheerpeltz, 1926

Subtribe Termitonannina Fenyes, 1918

Tribe Termitopaediini Seevers, 1957

Tribe Termitusini Fenyes, 1918

Subtribe Termitospectrina Seevers, 1957

Subtribe Termitusina Fenyes, 1918

Tribe Trichopseniini LeConte and Horn, 1883

Tribe Trilobitideini Fauvel, 1899

Subfamily Trigonurinae Reiche, 1866

Subfamily Apateticinae Fauvel, 1895

Subfamily Scaphidiinae Latreille, 1806

Tribe Cypariini Achard, 1924

Tribe Scaphidiini Latreille, 1806

Tribe Scaphiini Achard, 1924

Tribe Scaphisomatini Casey, 1893

Subfamily Piestinae Erichson, 1839

Subfamily Osoriinae Erichson, 1839

Tribe Eleusinini Sharp, 1887

Tribe Leptochirini Sharp, 1887

Tribe Osoriini Erichson, 1839

Subtribe Osoriina Erichson, 1839

Subtribe Parosoriina Bernhauer and Schubert, 1911

Tribe Thoracophorini Reitter, 1909

Subtribe Clavilispinina Newton and Thayer, 1992

Subtribe Glyptomina Newton and Thayer, 1992

Subtribe Lispinina Bernhauer and Schubert, 1910

Subtribe Thoracophorina Reitter, 1909

Subfamily Oxytelinae Fleming, 1821

Tribe Blediini Ádám, 2001

Tribe Coprophilini Heer, 1839

Tribe EuphaniiniReitter, 1909

Tribe Oxytelini Fleming, 1821

Tribe Planeustomini Jacquelin du Val, 1857

Subfamily Oxyporinae Fleming, 1821

Subfamily Megalopsidiinae Leng, 1920

Subfamily Scydmaeninae Leach, 1815

†Supertribe Hapsomelitae Poinar and Brown, 2004

Supertribe Mastigitae Fleming, 1821

Tribe Clidicini Casey, 1897

Tribe Leptomastacini Casey, 1897

Tribe Mastigini Fleming, 1821

Supertribe Scydmaenitae Leach, 1815

Tribe Cephenniini Reitter, 1882

Tribe Chevrolatiini Reitter, 1882

Tribe Cyrtoscydmini Schaufuss, 1889

Tribe Eutheiini Casey, 1897

Tribe Leptoscydmini Casey, 1897

Tribe Plaumanniolini Costa Lima, 1962

Tribe Scydmaenini Leach, 1815

Subfamily Steninae MacLeay, 1825

Subfamily Euaesthetinae Thomson, 1859

Tribe Alzadaesthetini Scheerpeltz, 1974

Tribe Austroesthetini Cameron, 1944

Tribe Euaesthetini Thomson, 1859

Tribe Fenderiini Scheerpeltz, 1974

Tribe Nordenskioldiini Bernhauer and Schubert, 1911

Tribe Stenaesthetini Bernhauer and Schubert, 1911

Subfamily Solieriinae Newton and Thayer, 1992

Subfamily Leptotyphlinae Fauvel, 1874

Tribe Cephalotyphlini Coiffait, 1963

Tribe Entomoculiini Coiffait, 1957

Tribe Leptotyphlini Fauvel, 1874

Tribe Metrotyphlini Coiffait, 1963

Tribe Neotyphlini Coiffait, 1963

Subfamily Pseudopsinae Ganglbauer, 1895

Subfamily Paederinae Fleming, 1821

Tribe Paederini Fleming, 1821

Subtribe Astenina Hatch, 1957

Subtribe Cryptobiina Casey, 1905

Subtribe Cylindroxystina Bierig, 1943

Subtribe Dolicaonina Casey, 1905

Subtribe Echiasterina Casey, 1905

Subtribe Lathrobiina Laporte, 1835

Subtribe Lithocharina Casey, 1905

Subtribe Medonina Casey, 1905

Subtribe Paederina Fleming, 1821

Subtribe Scopaeina Mulsant and Rey, 1878

Subtribe Stilicina Casey, 1905

Subtribe Stilicopsina Casey, 1905

Tribe Pinophilini Nordmann, 1837

Subtribe Pinophilina Nordmann, 1837

Subtribe Procirrina Bernhauer and Schubert, 1912

Subfamily Staphylininae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Arrowinini Solodovnikov and Newton, 2005

Tribe Diochini Casey, 1906

Tribe Maorothiini Assing, 2000

Tribe Othiini Thomson, 1859

Tribe Platyprosopini Lynch Arribálzaga, 1884

Tribe Staphylinini Latreille, 1802

Subtribe Amblyopinina Seevers, 1944

Subtribe Anisolinina Hayashi, 1993

Subtribe Eucibdelina Sharp, 1889

Subtribe Hyptiomina Casey, 1906

Subtribe Philonthina Kirby, 1837

Subtribe Quediina Kraatz, 1857

Subtribe Staphylinina Latreille, 1802

Subtribe Tanygnathinina Reitter, 1909

Subtribe Xanthopygina Sharp, 1884

Tribe Xantholinini Erichson, 1839

†Subfamily Protactinae Heer, 1847


Superfamily Scarabaeoidea Latreille, 1802

Family Pleocomidae LeConte, 1861

Subfamily Pleocominae LeConte, 1861

†Subfamily Cretocominae Nikolajev, 2002

†Subfamily Archescarabaeinae Nikolajev, 2010

Family Geotrupidae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily Taurocerastinae Germain, 1897

Subfamily Bolboceratinae Mulsant, 1842

Tribe Athyreini Lynch Arribálzaga, 1878

Tribe Bolbelasmini Nikolajev, 1996

Tribe Bolboceratini Mulsant, 1842

Tribe Bolbochromini Nikolajev, 1970

Tribe Eubolbitini Nikolajev, 1970

Tribe Eucanthini Nikolajev, 2003

Tribe Gilletinini Nikolajev, 1990

Tribe Odonteini Shokhin, 2007

Tribe Stenaspidiini Nikolajev, 2003

Subfamily Geotrupinae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Ceratotrupini Zunino, 1984

Tribe Enoplotrupini Paulian, 1945

†Tribe Cretogeotrupini Nikolajev, 1996

Tribe Geotrupini Latreille, 1802

Tribe Lethrini Oken, 1843

Family Belohinidae Paulian, 1959

Family Passalidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Aulacocyclinae Kaup, 1868

Tribe Aulacocyclini Kaup, 1868

Tribe Ceracupedini Boucher, 2006

Subfamily Passalinae Leach, 1815

Tribe Leptaulacini Kaup, 1871

Tribe Macrolinini Kaup, 1871

Tribe Passalini Leach, 1815

Tribe Proculini Kaup, 1868

Tribe Solenocyclini Kaup, 1871

Family Trogidae MacLeay, 1819

†Subfamily Avitortorinae Nikolajev, 2007

Subfamily Troginae MacLeay, 1819

Subfamily Omorginae Nikolajev, 2005

Family Glaresidae Kolbe, 1905

Family Diphyllostomatidae Holloway, 1972

Family Lucanidae Latreille, 1804

†Subfamily Protolucaninae Nikolajev, 2007

Subfamily Aesalinae MacLeay, 1819

Tribe Aesalini MacLeay, 1819

Tribe Ceratognathini Sharp, 1899

Tribe Nicagini LeConte, 1861

†Subfamily Ceruchitinae Nikolajev, 2006

Subfamily Syndesinae MacLeay, 1819

Subfamily Lampriminae MacLeay, 1819

Tribe Lamprimini MacLeay, 1819

Tribe Streptocerini Kikuta, 1986

Subfamily Lucaninae Latreille, 1804

Tribe Chiasognathini Burmeister, 1847

Tribe Lucanini Latreille, 1804

Tribe Platycerini Mulsant, 1842

Tribe Platyceroidini Paulsen and Hawks, 2008

†Subfamily Paralucaninae Nikolajev, 2000

Family Ochodaeidae Mulsant and Rey, 1871

†Subfamily Cretochodaeinae Nikolajev, 1995

Subfamily Ochodaeinae Mulsant and Rey, 1871

Tribe Enodognathini Scholtz, 1988

Tribe Ochodaeini Mulsant and Rey, 1871

Subfamily Chaetocanthinae Scholtz, 1988

Tribe Chaetocanthini Scholtz, 1988

Tribe Pseudochodaeini Scholtz, 1988

Tribe Synochodaeini Scholtz, 1988

Family Hybosoridae Erichson, 1847

†Subfamily Mimaphodiinae Nikolajev, 2007

Subfamily Anaidinae Nikolajev, 1996

Subfamily Ceratocanthinae Martínez, 1968

Tribe Ceratocanthini Martínez, 1968

Tribe Ivieolini Howden and Gill, 2000

Tribe Scarabatermitini Nikolajev, 1999

Subfamily Hybosorinae Erichson, 1847

Subfamily Liparochrinae Ocampo, 2006

Subfamily Pachyplectrinae Ocampo, 2006

Family Glaphyridae MacLeay, 1819

Subfamily Glaphyrinae MacLeay, 1819

Subfamily Amphicominae Blanchard, 1845

†Subfamily Cretoglaphyrinae Nikolajev, 2005

Family Scarabaeidae Latreille, 1802

†Subfamily Lithoscarabaeinae Nikolajev, 1992

Subfamily Chironinae Blanchard, 1845

Subfamily Aegialiinae Laporte, 1840

Subfamily Eremazinae Iablokoff-Khnzorian, 1977

Subfamily Aphodiinae Leach, 1815

Tribe Aphodiini Leach, 1815

Subtribe Aphodiina Leach, 1815

Subtribe Didactyliina Pittino, 1985

Subtribe Proctophanina Stebnicka and Howden, 1995

Tribe Corythoderini Schmidt, 1910

Tribe Eupariini Schmidt, 1910 nomen protectum

Tribe Odontolochini Stebnicka and Howden, 1996

Tribe Odochilini Rakovič, 1987

Tribe Psammodiini Mulsant, 1842

Subtribe Phycocina Landin, 1960

Subtribe Psammodiina Mulsant, 1842

Subtribe Rhyssemina Pittino and Mariani, 1986

Tribe Rhyparini Schmidt, 1910

Tribe Stereomerini Howden and Storey, 1992

Tribe Termitoderini Tangelder and Krikken, 1982

Subfamily Aulonocneminae Janssens, 1946

Subfamily Termitotroginae Wasmann, 1918

Subfamily Scarabaeinae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Ateuchini Perty, 1830

Subtribe Ateuchina Perty, 1830

Subtribe Scatimina Vaz-de-Mello, 2008

Tribe Coprini Leach, 1815

Tribe Deltochilini Lacordaire, 1856

Tribe Eucraniini Burmeister, 1873

Tribe Gymnopleurini Lacordaire, 1856

Tribe Oniticellini Kolbe, 1905

Subtribe Drepanocerina van Lansberge, 1875

Subtribe Eurysternina Vulcano, Martínez and Pereira, 1961

Subtribe Helictopleurina Janssens, 1946

Subtribe Oniticellina Kolbe, 1905

Tribe Onitini Laporte, 1840

Tribe Onthophagini Burmeister, 1846

Tribe Phanaeini Hope, 1838

Tribe Scarabaeini Latreille, 1802

Tribe Sisyphini Mulsant, 1842

†Subfamily Prototroginae Nikolajev, 2000

†Subfamily Cretoscarabaeinae Nikolajev, 1995

Subfamily Dynamopodinae Arrow, 1911

Tribe Dynamopodini Arrow, 1911

Tribe Thinorycterini Semenov and Reichardt, 1925

Subfamily Phaenomeridinae Erichson, 1847

Subfamily Orphninae Erichson, 1847

Tribe Aegidiini Paulian, 1984

Tribe Orphnini Erichson, 1847

Subfamily Allidiostomatinae Arrow, 1940

Subfamily Aclopinae Blanchard, 1850

Tribe Aclopini Blanchard, 1850

†Tribe Holcorobeini Nikolajev, 1992

Tribe Phaenognathini Iablokoff-Khnzorian, 1977

Subfamily Melolonthinae Leach, 1819

Tribe Ablaberini Blanchard, 1850

Tribe Automoliini Britton, 1978

Tribe Chasmatopterini Lacordaire, 1856

Tribe Colymbomorphini Blanchard, 1850

Tribe Comophorinini Britton, 1957

†Tribe Cretomelolonthini Nikolajev, 1998

Tribe Dichelonychini Burmeister, 1855

Tribe Diphucephalini Laporte, 1840

Tribe Diphycerini Medvedev, 1952

Tribe Diplotaxini Kirby, 1837

Tribe Euchirini Hope, 1840

Tribe Heteronychini Lacordaire, 1856

Tribe Hopliini Latreille, 1829

Subtribe Hopliina Latreille, 1829

Subtribe Pachycnemina Laporte, 1840

Tribe Lichniini Burmeister, 1844

Tribe Liparetrini Burmeister, 1855

Tribe Macrodactylini Kirby, 1837

Tribe Maechidiini Burmeister, 1855

Tribe Melolonthini Leach, 1819

Subtribe Enariina Dewailly, 1950

Subtribe Heptophyllina Medvedev, 1951

Subtribe Leucopholina Burmeister, 1855

Subtribe Melolonthina Leach, 1819

Subtribe Pegylina Lacroix, 1989

Subtribe Rhizotrogina Burmeister, 1855

Subtribe Schizonychina Burmeister, 1855

Tribe Oncerini LeConte, 1861

Tribe Pachypodini Erichson, 1840

Tribe Pachytrichini Burmeister, 1855

Tribe Phyllotocidiini Britton, 1957

Tribe Podolasiini Howden, 1997

Tribe Scitalini Britton, 1957

Tribe Sericini Kirby, 1837

Subtribe Phyllotocina Burmeister, 1855

Subtribe Sericina Kirby, 1837

Subtribe Trochalina Brenske, 1898

Tribe Sericoidini Erichson, 1847

Tribe Systellopini Sharp, 1877

Tribe Tanyproctini Erichson, 1847

Subtribe Macrophyllina Burmeister, 1855

Subtribe Tanyproctina Erichson, 1847

Subfamily Rutelinae MacLeay, 1819

Tribe Adoretini Burmeister, 1844

Subtribe Adoretina Burmeister, 1844

Subtribe Adorrhinyptiina Arrow, 1917

Subtribe Pachyrhinadoretina Ohaus, 1912

Subtribe Prodoretina Ohaus, 1912

Subtribe Trigonostomusina Ohaus, 1912

Tribe Alvarengiini Frey, 1975

Tribe Anatistini Lacordaire, 1856

Tribe Anomalini Streubel, 1839 nomen protectum

Subtribe Anisopliina Burmeister, 1844

Subtribe Anomalina Streubel, 1839 nomen protectum

Subtribe Isopliina Péringuey, 1902

Subtribe Leptohopliina Potts, 1974

Subtribe Popilliina Ohaus, 1918

Tribe Anoplognathini MacLeay, 1819

Subtribe Anoplognathina MacLeay, 1819

Subtribe Brachysternina Burmeister, 1844

Subtribe Phalangogoniina Ohaus, 1918

Subtribe Platycoeliina Burmeister, 1844

Subtribe Schizognathina Ohaus, 1918

Tribe Geniatini Burmeister, 1844

Tribe Rutelini MacLeay, 1819

Subtribe Areodina Burmeister, 1844

Subtribe Desmonychina Arrow, 1917

Subtribe Didrepanephorina Ohaus, 1918

Subtribe Heterosternina Bates, 1888 nomen protectum

Subtribe Lasiocalina Ohaus, 1918

Subtribe Oryctomorphina Burmeister, 1847

Subtribe Parastasiina Burmeister, 1844

Subtribe Rutelina MacLeay, 1819

Subfamily Dynastinae MacLeay, 1819

Tribe Agaocephalini Burmeister, 1847

Tribe Cyclocephalini Laporte, 1840

Tribe Dynastini MacLeay, 1819

Tribe Hexodontini Lacordaire, 1856

Tribe Oryctini Mulsant, 1842

Tribe Oryctoderini Endrödi, 1966

Tribe Pentodontini Mulsant, 1842

Subtribe Cheiroplatina Carne, 1957

Subtribe Dipelicina Carne, 1957

Subtribe Pentodontina Mulsant, 1842

Subtribe Pseudoryctina Carne, 1957

Tribe Phileurini Burmeister, 1847

Subtribe Cryptodina Burmeister and Schaum, 1840

Subtribe Phileurina Burmeister, 1847

Subfamily Cetoniinae Leach, 1815

Tribe Cetoniini Leach, 1815

Subtribe Cetoniina Leach, 1815

Subtribe Euphoriina Horn, 1880

Subtribe Leucocelina Kraatz, 1882

Tribe Cremastocheilini Burmeister and Schaum, 1841

Subtribe Aspilina Krikken, 1984

Subtribe Coenochilina Burmeister, 1842

Subtribe Cremastocheilina Burmeister and Schaum, 1841

Subtribe Cymophorina Krikken, 1984

Subtribe Genuchina Krikken, 1984

Subtribe Goliathopsidina Krikken, 1984

Subtribe Heterogeniina Krikken, 1984

Subtribe Lissogeniina Krikken, 1984

Subtribe Macromina Burmeister and Schaum, 1840

Subtribe Nyassinina Krikken, 1984

Subtribe Oplostomina Krikken, 1984

Subtribe Pilinurgina Krikken, 1984

Subtribe Spilophorina Krikken, 1984

Subtribe Telochilina Krikken, 1984

Subtribe Trichoplina Krikken, 1984

Subtribe Trogodina Krikken, 1984

Tribe Diplognathini Burmeister, 1842

Tribe Goliathini Latreille, 1829

Subtribe Coryphocerina Burmeister, 1842

Subtribe Dicronocephalina Krikken, 1984

Subtribe Goliathina Latreille, 1829

Subtribe Ichnestomatina Burmeister, 1842

Tribe Gymnetini Kirby, 1827

Subtribe Blaesiina Schoch, 1895

Subtribe Gymnetina Kirby, 1827

Tribe Phaedimini Schoch, 1894

Tribe Schizorhinini Burmeister, 1842

Subtribe Lomapterina Burmeister, 1842

Subtribe Schizorhinina Burmeister, 1842

Tribe Stenotarsiini Kraatz, 1880

Subtribe Anochiliina Krikken, 1984

Subtribe Coptomiina Schenkling, 1921

Subtribe Chromoptiliina Krikken, 1984

Subtribe Doryscelina Schenkling, 1921

Subtribe Euchroeina Paulian and Descarpentries, 1982

Subtribe Heterophanina Schoch, 1894

Subtribe Heterosomatina Krikken, 1984

Subtribe Pantoliina Krikken, 1984

Subtribe Parachiliina Krikken, 1984

Subtribe Stenotarsiina Kraatz, 1880

Tribe Taenioderini Mikšić, 1976

Subtribe Chalcotheina Mikšić, 1976

Subtribe Taenioderina Mikšić, 1976

Tribe Trichiini Fleming, 1821

Subtribe Cryptodontina Lacordaire, 1856

Subtribe Incina Burmeister, 1842

Subtribe Osmodermatina Schenkling, 1922

Subtribe Platygeniina Krikken, 1984

Subtribe Trichiina Fleming, 1821

Tribe Valgini Mulsant, 1842

Subtribe Microvalgina Kolbe, 1904

Subtribe Valgina Mulsant, 1842

Tribe Xiphoscelidini Burmeister, 1842

†Family Coprinisphaeridae Genise, 2004

†Family Pallichnidae Genise, 2004


Superfamily Scirtoidea Fleming, 1821

Family Decliniidae Nikitsky, Lawrence, Kirejtshuk and Gratshev, 1994

Family Eucinetidae Lacordaire, 1857

Family Clambidae Fischer von Waldheim, 1821

Subfamily Calyptomerinae Crowson, 1955

Subfamily Acalyptomerinae Crowson, 1979

Subfamily Clambinae Fischer von Waldheim, 1821

Family Scirtidae Fleming, 1821

Subfamily Scirtinae Fleming, 1821

Subfamily Nipponocyphoninae Lawrence and Yoshitomi, 2007

Subfamily Stenocyphoninae Lawrence and Yoshitomi, 2007

†Family Elodophthalmidae Kirejtshuk and Azar, 2008

†Family Mesocinetida Kirejtshuk and Ponomarenko, 2010

Superfamily Dascilloidea Guérin-Méneville, 1843 (1834)

Family Dascillidae Guérin-Méneville, 1843 (1834)

Subfamily Dascillinae Guérin-Méneville, 1843 (1834)

Tribe Cinnabariini Pic, 1914

Tribe Dascillini Guérin-Méneville, 1843 (1834)

Subfamily Karumiinae Escalera, 1913

Tribe Emmitini Escalera, 1914

Tribe Escalerinini Paulus, 1972

Tribe Genecerini Pic, 1914

Tribe Karumiini Escalera, 1913

Family Rhipiceridae Latreille, 1834

Superfamily Buprestoidea Leach, 1815

Family Schizopodidae LeConte, 1859

Subfamily Schizopodinae LeConte, 1859

Tribe Dystaxiini Théry, 1929

†Tribe Electrapatini Iablokoff-Khnzorian, 1962

Tribe Schizopodini LeConte, 1859

Family Buprestidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Julodinae Lacordaire, 1857

Subfamily Polycestinae Lacordaire, 1857

Tribe Acmaeoderini Kerremans, 1893

Subtribe Acmaeoderina Kerremans, 1893

Subtribe Acmaeoderoidina Cobos, 1955

Subtribe Nothomorphina Cobos, 1955

Tribe Astraeini Cobos, 1980

Tribe Bulini Bellamy, 1995

Tribe Haplostethini LeConte, 1861

Tribe Paratracheini Cobos, 1980

Tribe Perucolini Cobos, 1980

Tribe Polycestini Lacordaire, 1857

Subtribe Polycestina Lacordaire, 1857

Subtribe Xenopseina Volkovitsh, 2008

Tribe Polyctesini Cobos, 1955

Tribe Prospherini Cobos, 1980

Tribe Ptosimini Kerremans, 1903

Tribe Thrincopygini LeConte, 1861

Tribe Tyndaridini Cobos, 1955

Subtribe Mimicoclytrinina Bellamy, 2003

Subtribe Pseudacherusiina Cobos, 1980

Subtribe Tylaucheniina Cobos, 1959

Subtribe Tyndaridina Cobos, 1955

Tribe Xyroscelidini Cobos, 1955

Subfamily Galbellinae Reitter, 1911

Subfamily Chrysochroinae Laporte, 1835

Tribe Chrysochroini Laporte, 1835

Subtribe Chalcophorina Lacordaire, 1857 (1848)

Subtribe Chrysochroina Laporte, 1835

Subtribe Eucallopistina Bellamy, 2003

Tribe Dicercini Gistel, 1848

Subtribe Dicercina Gistel, 1848

Subtribe Haplotrinchina Holyński, 1993

Subtribe Hippomelanina Holyński, 1993

Subtribe Pseudoperotina Tôyama, 1987

Tribe Evidini Tôyama, 1987

Tribe Paraleptodemini Cobos, 1975

Subtribe Euchromatina Holyński, 1993

Subtribe Euplectaleciina Holyński, 1993

Subtribe Hypoprasina Holyński, 1993

Subtribe Paraleptodemina Cobos, 1975

Subtribe Pristipterina Holyński, 1993

Tribe Paratassini Bílý and Volkovitsh, 1996

Tribe Poecilonotini Jakobson, 1913

Subtribe Poecilonotina Jakobson, 1913

Subtribe Nesotrinchina Bílý, Kubáň and Volkovitsh, 2009

Tribe Sphenopterini Lacordaire, 1857

Tribe Vadonaxiini Descarpentries, 1970

Subfamily Buprestinae Leach, 1815

Tribe Actenodini Gistel, 1848

Tribe Anthaxiini Gory and Laporte, 1839

Tribe Bubastini Obenberger, 1920

Tribe Buprestini Leach, 1815

Subtribe Agaeocerina Nelson, 1982

Subtribe Buprestina Leach, 1815

Subtribe Lamprocheilina Holyński, 1993

Subtribe Trachykelina Holyński, 1988

Tribe Chrysobothrini Gory and Laporte, 1836

Tribe Coomaniellini Bílý, 1974

Tribe Curidini Holyński, 1988

Subtribe Anilarina Bílý, 2000

Subtribe Curidina Holyński, 1988

Subtribe Neocuridina Holyński, 1988

Tribe Epistomentini Levey, 1978

Tribe Exagistini Tôyama, 1987

Tribe Julodimorphini Kerremans, 1903

Tribe Kisanthobiini Richter, 1949

Tribe Maoraxiini Holyński, 1984

Tribe Melanophilini Bedel, 1921

Tribe Melobaseini Bílý, 2000

Tribe Mendizabaliini Cobos, 1968

Tribe Nascionini Holyński, 1988

Tribe Phrixiini Cobos, 1975

Tribe Pterobothrini Volkovitsh, 2001

Tribe Stigmoderini Lacordaire, 1857

Tribe Thomassetiini Bellamy, 1987

Subtribe Philanthaxiina Holyński, 1988

Subtribe Thomassetiina Bellamy, 1987

Tribe Trigonogeniini Cobos, 1956

Tribe Xenorhipidini Cobos, 1986

Subtribe Trichinorhipidina Bellamy, 2006

Subtribe Xenorhipidina Cobos, 1986

Subfamily Agrilinae Laporte, 1835

Tribe Agrilini Laporte, 1835

Subtribe Agrilina Laporte, 1835

Subtribe Amorphosternina Cobos, 1974

Subtribe Amyiina Holyński, 1993

Subtribe Rhaeboscelidina Cobos, 1976

Tribe Aphanisticini Jacquelin du Val, 1859

Subtribe Anthaxomorphina Holyński, 1993

Subtribe Aphanisticina Jacquelin du Val, 1859

Subtribe Cylindromorphina Portevin, 1931

Subtribe Cylindromorphoidina Cobos, 1979

Subtribe Germaricina Cobos, 1979

Tribe Coraebini Bedel, 1921

Subtribe Amorphosomatina Majer, 2000

Subtribe Cisseina Majer, 2000

Subtribe Clematina Majer, 2000

Subtribe Coraebina Bedel, 1921

Subtribe Dismorphina Cobos, 1990

Subtribe Ethoniina Majer, 2000

Subtribe Geraliina Cobos, 1988

Subtribe Meliboeina Majer, 2000

Subtribe Synechocerina Majer, 2000

Subtribe Toxoscelina Majer, 2000

Tribe Tracheini Laporte, 1835

Subtribe Brachina LeConte, 1861

Subtribe Leiopleurina Holyński, 1993

Subtribe Pachyschelina Böving and Craighead, 1931

Subtribe Tracheina Laporte, 1835

†Subfamily Parathyreinae Alexeev, 1994

Superfamily Byrrhoidea Latreille, 1804

Family Byrrhidae Latreille, 1804

Subfamily Byrrhinae Latreille, 1804

Tribe Byrrhini Latreille, 1804

Tribe Exomellini Casey, 1914

Tribe Morychini El Moursy, 1961

Tribe Pedilophorini Casey, 1912

Tribe Simplocariini Mulsant and Rey, 1869

Subfamily Syncalyptinae Mulsant and Rey, 1869

Tribe Microchaetini Paulus, 1973

Tribe Syncalyptini Mulsant and Rey, 1869

Subfamily Amphicyrtinae LeConte, 1861

Family Elmidae Curtis, 1830

Subfamily Larainae LeConte, 1861

Tribe Laraini LeConte, 1861

Tribe Potamophilini Mulsant and Rey, 1872

Subfamily Elminae Curtis, 1830

Tribe Ancyronychini Ganglbauer, 1904

Tribe Elmini Curtis, 1830

Subtribe Elmina Curtis, 1830

Subtribe Stenelmina Mulsant and Rey, 1872

Tribe Macronychini Gistel, 1848

Family Dryopidae Billberg, 1820 (1817)

Family Lutrochidae Kasap and Crowson, 1975

Family Limnichidae Erichson, 1846

Subfamily Hyphalinae Britton, 1971

Subfamily Limnichinae Erichson, 1846

Tribe Limnichini Erichson, 1846

Tribe Wooldridgeini Spangler, 1999

Subfamily Cephalobyrrhinae Champion, 1925

Subfamily Thaumastodinae Champion, 1924

Family Heteroceridae MacLeay, 1825

Subfamily Elythomerinae Pacheco, 1964

Subfamily Heterocerinae MacLeay, 1825

Tribe Augylini Pacheco, 1964

Tribe Heterocerini MacLeay, 1825

Tribe Micilini Pacheco, 1964

Tribe Tropicini Pacheco, 1964

Family Psephenidae Lacordaire, 1854

Subfamily Afroeubriinae Lee, Satô, Shepard and Jäch, 2007

Subfamily Eubriinae Lacordaire, 1857

Subfamily Eubrianacinae Jakobson, 1913

Subfamily Psephenoidinae Bollow, 1938

Subfamily Psepheninae Lacordaire, 1854

Family Cneoglossidae Champion, 1897

Family Ptilodactylidae Laporte, 1836

Subfamily Anchytarsinae Champion, 1897

Subfamily Cladotominae Pic, 1914

Subfamily Aploglossinae Champion, 1897

Subfamily Araeopidiinae Lawrence, 1991

Subfamily Ptilodactylinae Laporte, 1836

Family Podabrocephalidae Pic, 1930

Family Chelonariidae Blanchard, 1845

Family Eulichadidae Crowson, 1973

Family Callirhipidae Emden, 1924

Superfamily Elateroidea Leach, 1815

Family Rhinorhipidae Lawrence, 1988

Family Artematopodidae Lacordaire, 1857

Subfamily Electribiinae Crowson, 1975

Subfamily Allopogoniinae Crowson, 1973

Subfamily Artematopodinae Lacordaire, 1857

Tribe Artematopodini Lacordaire, 1857

Tribe Ctesibiini Crowson, 1973

Tribe Macropogonini LeConte, 1861

Family Brachypsectridae LeConte and Horn, 1883

Family Cerophytidae Latreille, 1834

Family Eucnemidae Eschscholtz, 1829

Subfamily Perothopinae Lacordaire, 1857

Subfamily Phyllocerinae Reitter, 1905

Tribe Anelastini Reitter, 1911

Tribe Phyllocerini Reitter, 1905

Subfamily Pseudomeninae Muona, 1993

Tribe Pseudomenini Muona, 1993

Tribe Schizophilini Muona, 1993

Subfamily Palaeoxeninae Muona, 1993

Subfamily Phlegoninae Muona, 1993

Subfamily Anischiinae Fleutiaux, 1936

Subfamily Melasinae Fleming, 1821

Tribe Calyptocerini Muona, 1993

Tribe Ceballosmelasini Muona, 1993

Tribe Dirhagini Reitter, 1911

Tribe Epiphanini Muona, 1993

Tribe Hylocharini Jacquelin du Val, 1859

Tribe Melasini Fleming, 1821

Subtribe Compsocnemina Muona, 1993

Subtribe Melasina Fleming, 1821

Tribe Neocharini Muona, 1993

Tribe Xylobiini Reitter, 1911

Subfamily Eucneminae Eschscholtz, 1829

Tribe Dendrocharini Fleutiaux, 1920

Tribe Dyscharachthini Muona, 1993

Tribe Entomosatopini Muona, 1993

Tribe Eucnemini Eschscholtz, 1829

Tribe Galbitini Muona, 1991

Tribe Mesogenini Muona, 1993

Tribe Muonajini Özdikmen, 2008

Tribe Perrotiini Muona, 1993

Tribe Phaenocerini Muona, 1993

Tribe Proutianini Muona, 1993

Subfamily Macraulacinae Fleutiaux, 1923

Tribe Anelastidini Muona, 1993

Tribe Echthrogasterini Cobos, 1965

Tribe Euryptychini Mamaev, 1976

Tribe Jenibuntorini Muona, 1993

Tribe Macraulacini Fleutiaux, 1923

Tribe Nematodini Leiler, 1976

Tribe Oisocerini Muona, 1993

Tribe Orodotini Muona, 1993

†Tribe Throscogeniini Iablokoff-Khnzorian, 1962

Family Throscidae Laporte, 1840 nomen protectum

†Family Praelateriidae Dolin, 1973

Family Elateridae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Cebrioninae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily Agrypninae Candèze, 1857 nomen protectum

Tribe Agrypnini Candèze, 1857 nomen protectum

Tribe Anaissini Golbach, 1984

†Tribe Cryptocardiini Dolin, 1980

Tribe Euplinthini Costa, 1975

Subtribe Cleidecostina Johnson, 2002

Subtribe Compsoplinthina Costa, 1975

Subtribe Euplinthina Costa, 1975

Tribe Hemirhipini Candèze, 1857

Tribe Oophorini Gistel, 1848

Tribe Platycrepidiini Costa and Casari-Chen, 1993

Tribe Pseudomelanactini Arnett, 1967

Tribe Pyrophorini Candèze, 1863

Subtribe Hapsodrilina Costa, 1975

Subtribe Nyctophyxina Costa, 1975

Subtribe Pyrophorina Candèze, 1863

Tribe Tetralobini Laporte, 1840

Subfamily Thylacosterninae Fleutiaux, 1920

Subfamily Lissominae Laporte, 1835

Subfamily Semiotinae Jakobson, 1913

Subfamily Campyloxeninae Costa, 1975

Subfamily Pityobiinae Hyslop, 1917

Subfamily Oxynopterinae Candèze, 1857

Subfamily Dendrometrinae Gistel, 1848

Tribe Crepidomenini Candèze, 1863

Tribe Dendrometrini Gistel, 1848

Subtribe Dendrometrina Gistel, 1848

Subtribe Denticollina Stein and Weise, 1877 (1848)

Subtribe Hemicrepidiina Champion, 1896

Tribe Dimini Candèze, 1863

Tribe Hypnoidini Schwarz, 1906 (1860)

Tribe Pleonomini Semenov and Pjatakova, 1936

Tribe Prosternini Gistel, 1856 nomen protectum

Tribe Senodoniini Schenkling, 1927

Subfamily Negastriinae Nakane and Kishii, 1956

Tribe Negastriini Nakane and Kishii, 1956

Tribe Quasimusini Schimmel and Tarnawski, 2009

Subtribe Loebliquasimusina Schimmel and Tarnawski, 2009

Subtribe Quasimusina Schimmel and Tarnawski, 2009

Subtribe Striatoquasimusina Schimmel and Tarnawski, 2009

Subtribe Wittmeroquasimusina Schimmel and Tarnawski, 2009

Subfamily Elaterinae Leach, 1815

Tribe Agriotini Laporte, 1840

Subtribe Agriotina Laporte, 1840

Subtribe Cardiorhinina Candèze, 1863

Tribe Ampedini Gistel, 1848

Tribe Dicrepidiini Thomson, 1858

Tribe Elaterini Leach, 1815

Tribe Megapenthini Gurjeva, 1973

Tribe Melanotini Candèze, 1859 (1848)

Tribe Odontonychini Girard, 1973

Tribe Physorhinini Candèze, 1859

Tribe Pomachiliini Candèze, 1859

Tribe Synaptini Gistel, 1856

Subfamily Cardiophorinae Candèze, 1859

Subfamily Hemiopinae Fleutiaux, 1941

Subfamily Physodactylinae Lacordaire, 1857

Subfamily Eudicronychinae Girard, 1971

Subfamily Subprotelaterinae Fleutiaux, 1920

Subfamily Morostomatinae Dolin, 2000

†Subfamily Protagrypninae Dolin, 1973

†Tribe Desmatini Dolin, 1975

†Tribe Hypnomorphini Dolin, 1975

†Tribe Protagrypnini Dolin, 1973

Family Plastoceridae Crowson, 1972

Family Drilidae Blanchard, 1845

Subfamily Drilinae Blanchard, 1845

Subfamily Thilmaninae Kazantsev, 2004

Tribe Euanomini Kazantsev, 2010

Tribe Thilmanini Kazantsev, 2004

Family Omalisidae Lacordaire, 1857

†Family Berendtimiridae Winkler, 1987

Family Lycidae Laporte, 1836

Subfamily Libnetinae Bocák and Bocáková, 1990

Subfamily Dictyopterinae Houlbert, 1922

Tribe Dictyopterini Houlbert, 1922

Tribe Lycoprogenthini Bocák and Bocáková, 2008

Tribe Taphini Bocák and Bocáková, 1990

Subfamily Lyropaeinae Bocák and Bocáková, 1989

Tribe Alyculini Bocák and Bocáková, 2008

Tribe Antennolycini Bocák and Bocáková, 2008

Tribe Lyropaeini Bocák and Bocáková, 1989

Tribe Miniduliticolini Kazantsev, 2003

Tribe Platerodrilini Kazantsev, 2004

Subfamily Ateliinae Kleine, 1929

Tribe Ateliini Kleine, 1929

Tribe Dilophotini Kleine, 1929

Subfamily Lycinae Laporte, 1836

Tribe Calochromini Lacordaire, 1857

Tribe Calopterini Green, 1949

Subtribe Acroleptina Bocáková, 2005

Subtribe Calopterina Green, 1949

Tribe Conderini Bocák and Bocáková, 1990

Tribe Dihammatini Bocák and Bocáková, 2008

Tribe Erotini LeConte, 1881

Tribe Eurrhacini Bocáková, 2005

Tribe Leptolycini Leng and Mutchler, 1922

Tribe Lycini Laporte, 1836

Tribe Lyponiini Bocák and Bocáková, 1990

Tribe Macrolycini Kleine, 1929

Tribe Melanerotini Kazantsev, 2010

Tribe Metriorrhynchini Kleine, 1926

Subtribe Hemiconderinina Bocák and Bocáková, 1990

Subtribe Metriorrhynchina Kleine, 1926

Subtribe Trichalina Kleine, 1929

Tribe Platerodini Kleine, 1929

Tribe Slipinskiini Bocák and Bocáková, 1992

Tribe Thonalmini Kleine, 1933

Subfamily Dexorinae Bocák and Bocáková, 1989

Family Telegeusidae Leng, 1920

Family Phengodidae LeConte, 1861

Subfamily Phengodinae LeConte, 1861

Subfamily Mastinocerinae LeConte, 1881

Subfamily Penicillophorinae Paulus, 1975

Family Rhagophthalmidae Olivier, 1907

Family Lampyridae Rafinesque, 1815

Subfamily Psilocladinae McDermott, 1964

Subfamily Amydetinae Olivier, 1907

Tribe Amydetini Olivier, 1907

Tribe Vestini McDermott, 1964

Subfamily Lampyrinae Rafinesque, 1815

Tribe Cratomorphini Green, 1948

Tribe Lamprocerini Olivier, 1907

Tribe Lamprohizini Kazantsev, 2010

Tribe Lampyrini Rafinesque, 1815

Tribe Lucidotini Lacordaire, 1857

Subtribe Dadophorina Olivier, 1907

Subtribe Lamprigerina McDermott, 1964

Subtribe Lucidotina Lacordaire, 1857

Subtribe Photinina LeConte, 1881

Tribe Pleotomini Summers, 1874

Subfamily Luciolinae Lacordaire, 1857

Tribe Curtosini McDermott, 1964

Tribe Luciolini Lacordaire, 1857

Subfamily Photurinae Lacordaire, 1857

Family Omethidae LeConte, 1861

Subfamily Omethinae LeConte, 1861

Subfamily Matheteinae LeConte, 1881

Subfamily Driloniinae Crowson, 1972

Family Cantharidae Imhoff, 1856 (1815)

Subfamily Cantharinae Imhoff, 1856 (1815)

Tribe Cantharini Imhoff, 1856 (1815)

Tribe Podabrini Gistel, 1856

Subfamily Silinae Mulsant, 1862

Tribe Silini Mulsant, 1862

Tribe Tytthonyxini Arnett, 1962

Subfamily Dysmorphocerinae Brancucci, 1980

Subfamily Malthininae Kiesenwetter, 1852

Tribe Malchinini Brancucci, 1980

Tribe Malthinini Kiesenwetter, 1852

Tribe Malthodini Böving and Craighead, 1931

Subfamily Chauliognathinae LeConte, 1861

Tribe Chauliognathini LeConte, 1861

Tribe Ichthyurini Champion, 1915

Subfamily Cydistinae Paulus, 1972

Subfamily Pterotinae LeConte, 1861

Subfamily Ototretinae McDermott, 1964

Subfamily Ototretadrilinae Crowson, 1972

†Subfamily Lasiosynidae Kirejtshuk, Chang, Ren and Kun, 2010


Superfamily Derodontoidea LeConte, 1861

Family Derodontidae LeConte, 1861

Subfamily Peltasticinae LeConte, 1861

Subfamily Derodontinae LeConte, 1861

Subfamily Laricobiinae Mulsant and Rey, 1864

Family Nosodendridae Erichson, 1846

Family Jacobsoniidae Heller, 1926


Superfamily Bostrichoidea Latreille, 1802

Family Dermestidae Latreille, 1804

Subfamily Dermestinae Latreille, 1804

Tribe Dermestini Latreille, 1804

Tribe Marioutini Jakobson, 1913

Subfamily Thorictinae Agassiz, 1846

Tribe Thaumaphrastini Anderson, 1949

Tribe Thorictini Agassiz, 1846

Subfamily Orphilinae LeConte, 1861

Subfamily Trinodinae Casey, 1900

†Tribe Cretonodini Kirejtshuk and Azar, 2009

Tribe Thylodriini Semenov, 1909

Tribe Trinodini Casey, 1900

Tribe Trinoparvini Háva, 2010

Subfamily Attageninae Laporte, 1840

Tribe Attagenini Laporte, 1840

Tribe Egidyellini Semenov, 1914

Subfamily Megatominae Leach, 1815

Tribe Anthrenini Gistel, 1848

Tribe Megatomini Leach, 1815

Family Endecatomidae LeConte, 1861

Family Bostrichidae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily Dysidinae Lesne, 1921

Subfamily Polycaoninae Lesne, 1896

Subfamily Bostrichinae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Apatini Billberg, 1820

Tribe Bostrichini Latreille, 1802

Tribe Dinapatini Lesne, 1910

Tribe Sinoxylini Marseul, 1857

Tribe Xyloperthini Lesne, 1921

Subfamily Psoinae Blanchard, 1851

Subfamily Dinoderinae Thomson, 1863

Subfamily Lyctinae Billberg, 1820

Tribe Lyctini Billberg, 1820

Tribe Trogoxylini Lesne, 1921

Subfamily Euderiinae Lesne, 1934

Family Ptinidae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily Eucradinae LeConte, 1861

Tribe Eucradini LeConte, 1861

Tribe Hedobiini Mulsant and Rey, 1868

Subfamily Ptininae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Gibbiini Jacquelin du Val, 1860

Tribe Meziini Bellés, 1985

Tribe Ptinini Latreille, 1802

Tribe Sphaericini Portevin, 1931

Subfamily Dryophilinae Gistel, 1848

Tribe Dryophilini Gistel, 1848

Tribe Ptilineurini Böving, 1927

Subfamily Ernobiinae Pic, 1912

Subfamily Anobiinae Fleming, 1821

Subfamily Ptilininae Shuckard, 1839

Subfamily Alvarenganiellinae Viana and Martínez, 1971

Subfamily Xyletininae Gistel, 1848

Tribe Lasiodermini Böving, 1927

Tribe Metholcini Zahradník, 2009

Tribe Xyletinini Gistel, 1848

Subfamily Dorcatominae Thomson, 1859

Subfamily Mesocoelopodinae Mulsant and Rey, 1864

Tribe Tricorynini White, 1971

Tribe Mesocoelopodini Mulsant and Rey, 1864


Superfamily Lymexyloidea Fleming, 1821

Family Lymexylidae Fleming, 1821

Subfamily Hylecoetinae Germar, 1818

Subfamily Lymexylinae Fleming, 1821

Subfamily Atractocerinae Laporte, 1840

Subfamily Melittommatinae Wheeler, 1986

Superfamily Cleroidea Latreille, 1802

Family Phloiophilidae Kiesenwetter, 1863

Family Trogossitidae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily Peltinae Latreille, 1806

Tribe Ancyronini Kolibáč, 2006

Tribe Colydiopeltini Kolibáč, 2006

Tribe Decamerini Crowson, 1964

Tribe Lophocaterini Crowson, 1964 nomen protectum

Tribe Peltini Latreille, 1806

Tribe Thymalini Léveillé, 1888

Subfamily Trogossitinae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Calityini Reitter, 1922

Tribe Egoliini Lacordaire, 1854

Tribe Gymnochilini Lacordaire, 1854

Tribe Larinotini Ślipiński, 1992

†Tribe Lithostomatini Kolibáč and Huang, 2008

Tribe Trogossitini Latreille, 1802

Family Chaetosomatidae Crowson, 1952

Family Metaxinidae Kolibáč, 2004

Family Thanerocleridae Chapin, 1924

Subfamily Zenodosinae Kolibáč, 1992

Subfamily Thaneroclerinae Chapin, 1924

Tribe Isoclerini Kolibáč, 1992

Tribe Thaneroclerini Chapin, 1924

Tribe Viticlerini Winkler, 1982

Family Cleridae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily Tillinae Fischer von Waldheim, 1813

Subfamily Hydnocerinae Spinola, 1844

Tribe Callimerini Kolibáč, 1998

Tribe Hydnocerini Spinola, 1844

Tribe Lemidiini Kolibáč, 1998

Subfamily Clerinae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily Korynetinae Laporte, 1836

Family Acanthocnemidae Crowson, 1964

Family Phycosecidae Crowson, 1952

Family Prionoceridae Lacordaire, 1857

Tribe Lobonychini Majer, 1987

Tribe Prionocerini Lacordaire, 1857

Family Mauroniscidae Majer, 1995

Family Melyridae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Rhadalinae LeConte, 1861

Subfamily Melyrinae Leach, 1815

Tribe Arthrobrachini Majer, 1987

Tribe Astylini Pic, 1929

Tribe Cerallini Pic, 1929

Tribe Melyrini Leach, 1815

Subfamily Dasytinae Laporte, 1840

Tribe Chaetomalachiini Majer, 1987

Tribe Danaceini Thomson, 1859

Tribe Dasytini Laporte, 1840

Tribe Gietellini Constantin and Menier, 1987

Tribe Listrini Majer, 1990

Subfamily Malachiinae Fleming, 1821

Tribe Amalthocini Majer, 2002

Tribe Attalomimini Majer, 1995

Tribe Carphurini Champion, 1923

Tribe Lemphini Wittmer, 1976

Tribe Malachiini Fleming, 1821

Tribe Pagurodactylini Constantin, 2001

Superfamily Cucujoidea Latreille, 1802

†Family Parandrexidae Kirejtshuk, 1994

†Family Sinisilvanidae Hong, 2002

Family Boganiidae Sen Gupta and Crowson, 1966

Subfamily Paracucujinae Endrödy-Younga and Crowson, 1986

Subfamily Boganiinae Sen Gupta and Crowson, 1966

Family Byturidae Gistel, 1848

Subfamily Platydascillinae Pic, 1914

Subfamily Byturinae Gistel, 1848

Family Helotidae Chapuis, 1876

Family Protocucujidae Crowson, 1954

Family Sphindidae Jacquelin du Val, 1860

Subfamily Protosphindinae Sen Gupta and Crowson, 1979

Subfamily Odontosphindinae Sen Gupta and Crowson, 1979

Subfamily Sphindiphorinae Sen Gupta and Crowson, 1979

Subfamily Sphindinae Jacquelin du Val, 1860

Family Biphyllidae LeConte, 1861

Family Erotylidae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily Xenoscelinae Ganglbauer, 1899

Subfamily Pharaxonothinae Crowson, 1952

Subfamily Loberinae Bruce, 1951

Subfamily Languriinae Hope, 1840

Tribe Hapalipini Leschen, 2003

Tribe Languriini Hope, 1840

Tribe Thallisellini Sen Gupta, 1968

Subfamily Cryptophilinae Casey, 1900

Tribe Cryptophilini Casey, 1900

Tribe Empocryptini Leschen, 2003

Tribe Toramini Sen Gupta, 1967

Subfamily Erotylinae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Dacnini Gistel, 1848

Tribe Encaustini Crotch, 1876

Tribe Erotylini Latreille, 1802

Tribe Megalodacnini Sen Gupta, 1970

Tribe Tritomini Curtis, 1834

Family Monotomidae Laporte, 1840

Subfamily Rhizophaginae Redtenbacher, 1845

Subfamily Monotominae Laporte, 1840

Tribe Europini Sen Gupta, 1988

Tribe Lenacini Crowson, 1952

Tribe Monotomini Laporte, 1840

†Tribe Rhizophtomini Kirejtshuk and Azar, 2009

Tribe Thionini Crowson, 1952

Family Hobartiidae Sen Gupta and Crowson, 1966

Family Cryptophagidae Kirby, 1826

Subfamily Cryptophaginae Kirby, 1826

Tribe Caenoscelini Casey, 1900

Tribe Cryptophagini Kirby, 1826

Tribe Picrotini Crowson, 1980

Subfamily Atomariinae LeConte, 1861

Tribe Atomariini LeConte, 1861

Tribe Cryptafricini Leschen, 1996

Tribe Hypocoprini Reitter, 1879

Family Agapythidae Sen Gupta and Crowson, 1969

Family Priasilphidae Crowson, 1973

Family Phloeostichidae Reitter, 1911

Family Silvanidae Kirby, 1837

Subfamily Brontinae Blanchard, 1845

Tribe Brontini Blanchard, 1845

Tribe Telephanini LeConte, 1861

Subfamily Silvaninae Kirby, 1837

Family Cucujidae Latreille, 1802

Family Myraboliidae Lawrence and Britton, 1991

Family Cavognathidae Sen Gupta and Crowson, 1966

Family Lamingtoniidae Sen Gupta and Crowson, 1969

Family Passandridae Blanchard, 1845

Family Phalacridae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Phaenocephalinae Matthews, 1899

Subfamily Phalacrinae Leach, 1815

Family Propalticidae Crowson, 1952

Family Laemophloeidae Ganglbauer, 1899

Family Tasmosalpingidae Lawrence and Britton, 1991

Family Cyclaxyridae Gimmel, Leschen and Ślipiński, 2009

Family Kateretida Kirby, 1837

Family Nitidulidae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily Calonecrinae Kirejtshuk, 1982

Subfamily Maynipeplinae Kirejtshuk, 1998

Subfamily Epuraeinae Kirejtshuk, 1986

Tribe Epuraeini Kirejtshuk, 1986

Tribe Taenioncini Kirejtshuk, 1998

Subfamily Carpophilinae Erichson, 1842

Subfamily Amphicrossinae Kirejtshuk, 1986

Subfamily Meligethinae Thomson, 1859

Subfamily Nitidulinae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Cychramini Gistel, 1848

Tribe Cychramptodini Kirejtshuk and Lawrence, 1992

Tribe Cyllodini Everts, 1898

Tribe Lawrencerosini Kirejtshuk, 1991

Tribe Mystropini Murray, 1864

Tribe Nitidulini Latreille, 1802

Subfamily Cillaeinae Kirejtshuk and Audisio, 1986

Subfamily Cryptarchinae Thomson, 1859

Tribe Arhinini Kirejtshuk, 1987

Tribe Cryptarchini Thomson, 1859

Tribe Eucalosphaerini Kirejtshuk, 1987

Tribe Platyarchini Kirejtshuk, 1998

Subfamily Cybocephalinae Jacquelin du Val, 1858

Family Smicripidae Horn, 1880

Family Bothrideridae Erichson, 1845

Subfamily Teredinae Seidlitz, 1888

Tribe Sosylopsini Dajoz, 1980

Tribe Sysolini Ślipiński and Pal, 1985

Tribe Teredini Seidlitz, 1888

Subfamily Xylariophilinae Pal and Lawrence, 1986

Subfamily Anommatinae Ganglbauer, 1899

Subfamily Bothriderinae Erichson, 1845

Family Cerylonidae Billberg, 1820

Subfamily Euxestinae Grouvelle, 1908

Subfamily Loeblioryloninae Ślipiński, 1990

Subfamily Ostomopsinae Sen Gupta and Crowson, 1973

Subfamily Murmidiinae Jacquelin du Val, 1858

Subfamily Ceryloninae Billberg, 1820

Family Alexiidae Imhoff, 1856

Family Discolomatidae Horn, 1878

Subfamily Notiophyginae Jakobson, 1915

Tribe Dystheamonini John, 1954

Tribe Notiophygini Jakobson, 1915

Tribe Pachyplacini John, 1954

Subfamily Discolomatinae Horn, 1878

Subfamily Aphanocephalinae Jakobson, 1904

Subfamily Cephalophaninae John, 1954

Subfamily Pondonatinae John, 1954

Family Endomychidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Merophysiinae Seidlitz, 1872

Subfamily Pleganophorinae Jacquelin du Val, 1858

Subfamily Anamorphinae Strohecker, 1953

Subfamily Leiestinae Thomson, 1863

Subfamily Mycetaeinae Jacquelin du Val, 1857

Subfamily Eupsilobiinae Casey, 1895

Subfamily Xenomycetinae Strohecker, 1962

Subfamily Danascelinae Tomaszewska, 2000

Subfamily Endomychinae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Epipocinae Gorham, 1873

Subfamily Stenotarsinae Chapuis, 1876

Subfamily Lycoperdininae Bromhead, 1838

Family Coccinellidae Latreille, 1807

Subfamily Microweiseinae Leng, 1920

Tribe Microweiseini Leng, 1920

Tribe Serangiini Pope, 1962

Tribe Sukunahikonini Kamiya, 1960

Subfamily Coccinellinae Latreille, 1807

Tribe Argentipilosini Gordon and de Almeida, 1991

Tribe Aspidimerini Mulsant, 1850

Tribe Azyini Mulsant, 1850

Tribe Brachiacanthini Mulsant, 1850

Tribe Carinodulini Gordon, Pakaluk and Ślipiński, 1989

Tribe Cephaloscymnini Gordon, 1985

Tribe Chilocorini Mulsant, 1846

Tribe Chnoodini Mulsant, 1850

Tribe Coccidulini Mulsant, 1846

Tribe Coccinellini Latreille, 1807

Tribe Cranophorini Mulsant, 1850

Tribe Cryptognathini Mulsant, 1850

Tribe Cynegetini Thomson, 1866

Tribe Diomini Gordon, 1999

Tribe Epilachnini Mulsant, 1846

Tribe Epivertini Pang and Mao, 1979

Tribe Eremochilini Gordon and Vanderberg, 1987

Tribe Hyperaspidini Mulsant, 1846

Tribe Limnichopharini Miyatake, 1994

Tribe Monocorynini Miyatake, 1988

Tribe Noviini Mulsant, 1846

Tribe Ortaliini Mulsant, 1850

Tribe Oryssomini Gordon, 1974

Tribe Platynaspini Mulsant, 1846

Tribe Plotinini Miyatake, 1994

Tribe Poriini Mulsant, 1850

Tribe Scymnillini Casey, 1899

Tribe Scymnini Mulsant, 1846

Tribe Selvadiini Gordon, 1985

Tribe Shirozuellini Sasaji, 1967

Tribe Stethorini Dobzhansky, 1924

Tribe Sticholotidini Weise, 1901

Tribe Telsimiini Casey, 1899

Tribe Tetrabrachini Kapur, 1948

Family Corylophidae LeConte, 1852

Subfamily Periptyctinae Ślipiński, Lawrence and Tomaszewska, 2001

Subfamily Corylophinae LeConte, 1852

Tribe Aenigmaticini Casey, 1900

Tribe Cleidostethini Bowestead, Booth, Ślipiński and Lawrence, 2001

Tribe Corylophini LeConte, 1852

Tribe Foadiini Ślipiński, Tomaszewska and Lawrence, 2009

Tribe Orthoperini Jacquelin du Val, 1857

Tribe Parmulini Poey, 1854

Tribe Peltinodini Paulian, 1950

Tribe Rypobiini Paulian, 1950

Tribe Sericoderini Matthews, 1888

Tribe Teplinini Pakaluk, Ślipiński and Lawrence, 1994

Family Akalyptoischiidae Lord, Hartley, Lawrence, McHugh and Miller, 2010

Family Latridiidae Erichson, 1842

Subfamily Latridiinae Erichson, 1842

Subfamily Corticariinae Curtis, 1829

†Subfamily Tetrameropseinae Kirejtshuk and Azar, 2008

Superfamily Tenebrionoidea Latreille, 1802

Family Mycetophagidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Esarcinae Reitter, 1882

Subfamily Mycetophaginae Leach, 1815

Tribe Mycetophagini Leach, 1815

Tribe Typhaeini Thomson, 1863

Subfamily Bergininae Leng, 1920

Family Archeocrypticidae Kaszab, 1964

Family Pterogeniidae Crowson, 1953

Family Ciidae Leach, 1819

Subfamily Sphindociinae Lawrence, 1974

Subfamily Ciinae Leach, 1819

Tribe Ciini Leach, 1819

Tribe Orophiini Thomson, 1863

Tribe Xylographellini Kawanabe and Miyatake, 1996

Subtribe Syncosmetina Lopes-Andrade, 2008

Subtribe Xylographellina Kawanabe and Miyatake, 1996

Family Tetratomidae Billberg, 1820

Subfamily Tetratominae Billberg, 1820

Subfamily Piseninae Miyatake, 1960

Subfamily Penthinae Lacordaire, 1859

Subfamily Hallomeninae Gistel, 1848

Subfamily Eustrophinae Gistel, 1848

Tribe Eustrophini Gistel, 1848

Tribe Holostrophini Nikitsky, 1998

Family Melandryidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Melandryinae Leach, 1815

Tribe Anisoxiellini Nikitsky, 2007

Tribe Dircaeini Kirby, 1837

Tribe Hypulini Gistel, 1848

Tribe Melandryini Leach, 1815

Tribe Orchesiini Mulsant, 1856

Tribe Serropalpini Latreille, 1829

Tribe Xylitini Thomson, 1864

Tribe Zilorini Desbrochers des Loges, 1900

Subfamily Osphyinae Mulsant, 1856 (1839)

Family Mordellidae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily Ctenidiinae Franciscolo, 1951

Subfamily Mordellinae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Conaliini Ermisch, 1956

Tribe Mordellini Latreille, 1802

Tribe Mordellistenini Ermisch, 1941

Tribe Reynoldsiellini Franciscolo, 1957

Tribe Stenaliini Franciscolo, 1955

Family Ripiphoridae Gemminger, 1870 (1855)

Subfamily Ptilophorinae Gerstaecker, 1855

Subfamily Pelecotominae Seidlitz, 1875

Subfamily Hemirhipidiinae Heller, 1921

Subfamily Ripidiinae Gerstaecker, 1855

Tribe Eorhipidiini Iablokoff-Khnzorian, 1986

Tribe Ripidiini Gerstaecker, 1855

Subfamily Ripiphorinae Gemminger, 1870 (1855)

Tribe Macrosiagonini Heyden, 1908

Tribe Ripiphorini Gemminger, 1870 (1855)

Family Zopheridae Solier, 1834

Subfamily Colydiinae Billberg, 1820

Tribe Acropini Sharp, 1894

Tribe Adimerini Sharp, 1894

Tribe Colydiini Billberg, 1820

Tribe Gempylodini Sharp, 1893

Tribe Nematidiini Horn, 1878

Tribe Orthocerini Blanchard, 1845

Tribe Rhagoderini Horn, 1878

Tribe Rhopalocerini Reitter, 1911

Tribe Synchitini Erichson, 1845

Subfamily Zopherinae Solier, 1834

Tribe Latometini Ślipiński and Lawrence, 1999

Tribe Monommatini Blanchard, 1845

Tribe Phellopsini Ślipiński and Lawrence, 1999

Tribe Pycnomerini Erichson, 1845

Tribe Usechini Horn, 1867

Tribe Zopherini Solier, 1834

Family Ulodidae Pascoe, 1869

Family Promecheilidae Lacordaire, 1859

Family Chalcodryidae Watt, 1974

Family Trachelostenidae Lacordaire, 1859

Family Tenebrionidae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily Zolodininae Watt, 1975

Subfamily Lagriinae Latreille, 1825 (1820)

Tribe Adeliini Kirby, 1828

Tribe Belopini Reitter, 1917

Tribe Chaerodini Doyen, Matthews and Lawrence, 1990

Tribe Cossyphini Latreille, 1802

Tribe Goniaderini Lacordaire, 1859

Tribe Laenini Seidlitz, 1895

Tribe Lagriini Latreille, 1825 (1820)

Subtribe Lagriina Latreille, 1825 (1820)

Subtribe Statirina Blanchard, 1845

Tribe Lupropini Ardoin, 1958

Tribe Pycnocerini Lacordaire, 1859 nomen protectum

Subfamily Nilioninae Oken, 1843

Subfamily Phrenapatinae Solier, 1834

Tribe Archaeoglenini Watt, 1975

Tribe Penetini Lacordaire, 1859

Tribe Phrenapatini Solier, 1834

Subfamily Pimeliinae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Adelostomini Solier, 1834

Tribe Adesmiini Lacordaire, 1859 nomen protectum

Tribe Akidini Billberg, 1820

Tribe Anepsiini LeConte, 1862

Tribe Asidini Fleming, 1821

Tribe Boromorphini Skopin, 1978

Tribe Branchini LeConte, 1862

Tribe Caenocrypticini Koch, 1958

Tribe Ceratanisini Gebien, 1937

Tribe Cnemeplatiini Jacquelin du Val, 1861

Subtribe Actizetina Watt, 1992

Subtribe Cnemeplatiina Jacquelin du Val, 1861

Subtribe Rondoniellina Ferrer and Moragues, 2000

Subtribe Thorictosomatina Watt, 1992

Tribe Cnemodinini Gebien, 1910

Tribe Coniontini Waterhouse, 1858

Tribe Cossyphodini Wasmann, 1899

Subtribe Cossyphodina Wasmann, 1899

Subtribe Cossyphoditina Basilewsky, 1950

Subtribe Esemephina Steiner, 1980

Subtribe Paramellonina Andreae, 1961

Tribe Cryptochilini Solier, 1841

Subtribe Calognathina Lacordaire, 1859

Subtribe Cryptochilina Solier, 1841

Subtribe Homebiina Endrödy-Younga, 1989

Subtribe Horatomina Koch, 1955

Subtribe Vansoniina Koch, 1955

Tribe Cryptoglossini LeConte, 1862 nomen protectum

Tribe Edrotini Lacordaire, 1859

Tribe Elenophorini Solier, 1837

Tribe Epitragini Blanchard, 1845 nomen protectum

Tribe Erodiini Billberg, 1820 nomen protectum

Tribe Evaniosomini Lacordaire, 1859

Tribe Falsomycterini Gebien, 1910

Tribe Idisiini Medvedev, 1973

Tribe Klewariini Gebien, 1910

Tribe Kuhitangiini Medvedev, 1962

Tribe Lachnogyini Seidlitz, 1894

Subtribe Lachnodactylina Reitter, 1904

Subtribe Lachnogyina Seidlitz, 1894

Subtribe Netuschiliina Ferrer and Yvinec, 2004

Tribe Leptodini Lacordaire, 1859

Tribe Nycteliini Solier, 1834

Tribe Nyctoporini Lacordaire, 1859

Tribe Phrynocarenini Gebien, 1928

Tribe Physogasterini Lacordaire, 1859

Tribe Pimeliini Latreille, 1802

Tribe Praociini Eschscholtz, 1829

Tribe Sepidiini Eschscholtz, 1829

Subtribe Hypomelina Koch, 1955

Subtribe Molurina Solier, 1834

Subtribe Oxurina Koch, 1955

Subtribe Phanerotomeina Koch, 1958

Subtribe Sepidiina Eschscholtz, 1829

Subtribe Trachynotina Koch, 1955

Tribe Stenosini Schaum, 1859 (1834)

Tribe Tentyriini Eschscholtz, 1831

Tribe Thinobatini Lacordaire, 1859

Tribe Trilobocarini Lacordaire, 1859

Tribe Vacronini Gebien, 1910

Tribe Zophosini Solier, 1834

Subfamily Tenebrioninae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Acropteronini Doyen, 1989

Tribe Alphitobiini Reitter, 1917

Tribe Amarygmini Gistel, 1848

Tribe Amphidorini LeConte, 1862

Tribe Apocryphini Lacordaire, 1859

Tribe Blaptini Leach, 1815

Subtribe Blaptina Leach, 1815

Subtribe Gnaptorina Medvedev, 2001

Subtribe Gnaptorinina Medvedev, 2001

Subtribe Prosodina Skopin, 1960

Subtribe Remipedellina Semenov, 1907

Tribe Bolitophagini Kirby, 1837 nomen protectum

Tribe Centronopini Doyen, 1989

Tribe Cerenopini Horn, 1870

Tribe Dissonomini Medvedev, 1968

Tribe Eulabini Horn, 1870

Tribe Falsocossyphini Ferrer, 2006

Tribe Heleini Fleming, 1821

Subtribe Asphalina Matthews and Lawrence, 2005

Subtribe Cyphaleina Lacordaire, 1859

Subtribe Heleina Fleming, 1821

Tribe Helopini Latreille, 1802

Subtribe Helopina Latreille, 1802

Subtribe Cylindrinotina Español, 1956

Tribe Helopinini Lacordaire, 1859

Subtribe Aptilina Koch, 1958

Subtribe Helopinina Lacordaire, 1859

Subtribe Micrantereina Reitter, 1917

Subtribe Oncosomina Koch, 1958

Tribe Melanimonini Seidlitz, 1894 (1854)

Tribe Opatrini Brullé, 1832

Subtribe Heterocheirina Koch, 1956

Subtribe Heterotarsina Blanchard, 1845

Subtribe Opatrina Brullé, 1832

Subtribe Neopachypterina Bouchard, Löbl and Merkl, 2007

Tribe Palorini Matthews, 2003

Tribe Pedinini Eschscholtz, 1829

Subtribe Dendarina Mulsant and Rey, 1854

Subtribe Eurynotina Mulsant and Rey, 1854

Subtribe Leichenina Mulsant, 1854

Subtribe Loensina Koch, 1956

Subtribe Melambiina Mulsant and Rey, 1854

Subtribe Pedinina Eschscholtz, 1829

Subtribe Platynotina Mulsant and Rey, 1853

Subtribe Pythiopina Koch, 1953

Tribe Platyscelidini Lacordaire, 1859

Tribe Praeugenini De Moor, 1970

Tribe Rhysopaussini Wasmann, 1896

Tribe Scaurini Billberg, 1820

Tribe Scotobiini Solier, 1838

Tribe Tenebrionini Latreille, 1802

Tribe Titaenini Fauvel, 1905

Tribe Toxicini Oken, 1843

Subtribe Eudysantina Bouchard, Lawrence, Davies and Newton, 2005

Subtribe Nycteropina Lacordaire, 1859

Subtribe Toxicina Oken, 1843

Tribe Triboliini Gistel, 1848

Tribe Ulomini Blanchard, 1845

Subfamily Alleculinae Laporte, 1840

Tribe Alleculini Laporte, 1840

Subtribe Alleculina Laporte, 1840

Subtribe Gonoderina Seidlitz, 1896

Subtribe Mycetocharina Gistel, 1848

Subtribe Xystropodina Solier, 1835

Tribe Cteniopodini Solier, 1835

Subfamily Diaperinae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Crypticini Brullé, 1832

Tribe Diaperini Latreille, 1802

Subtribe Adelinina LeConte, 1862

Subtribe Diaperina Latreille, 1802

Tribe Ectychini Doyen, Matthews and Lawrence, 1990

Tribe Gnathidiini Gebien, 1921

Subtribe Anopidiina Jeannel and Paulian, 1945

Subtribe Gnathidiina Gebien, 1921

Tribe Hyociini Medvedev and Lawrence, 1982

Subtribe Brittonina Medvedev and Lawrence, 1986

Subtribe Hyociina Medvedev and Lawrence, 1982

Subtribe Uptonina Medvedev and Lawrence, 1986

Tribe Hypophlaeini Billberg, 1820

Tribe Leiochrinini Lewis, 1894

Tribe Myrmechixenini Jacquelin du Val, 1858

Tribe Phaleriini Blanchard, 1845

Tribe Scaphidemini Reitter, 1922

Tribe Trachyscelini Blanchard, 1845

Subfamily Stenochiinae Kirby, 1837

Tribe Cnodalonini Oken, 1843

Tribe Stenochiini Kirby, 1837

Tribe Talanini Champion, 1887 (1883)

Family Prostomidae Thomson, 1859

Family Synchroidae Lacordaire, 1859

Family Stenotrachelidae Thomson, 1859

Subfamily Stenotrachelinae Thomson, 1859

Subfamily Cephaloinae LeConte, 1862

Subfamily Nematoplinae LeConte, 1862

Subfamily Stoliinae Nikitsky, 1985

Family Oedemeridae Latreille, 1810

Subfamily Polypriinae Lawrence, 2005

Subfamily Calopodinae Costa, 1852 nomen protectum

Subfamily Oedemerinae Latreille, 1810

Tribe Asclerini Gistel, 1848

Tribe Ditylini Mulsant, 1858

Tribe Nacerdini Mulsant, 1858

Tribe Oedemerini Latreille, 1810

Tribe Stenostomatini Mulsant, 1858

Family Meloidae Gyllenhal, 1810

Subfamily Eleticinae Wellman, 1910

Tribe Derideini Wellman, 1910

Tribe Eleticini Wellman, 1910

Subtribe Eleticina Wellman, 1910

Subtribe Eospastina Selander, 1966

Tribe Ertlianini Selander, 1966

Tribe Spasticini Kaszab, 1959

Subtribe Anthicoxenina Selander, 1966

Subtribe Protomeloina Abdullah, 1965

Subtribe Spasticina Kaszab, 1959

Subtribe Xenospastina Selander, 1966

Subfamily Meloinae Gyllenhal, 1810

Tribe Cerocomini Leach, 1815

Tribe Epicautini Parker and Böving, 1924

Tribe Eupomphini LeConte, 1862

Tribe Lyttini Solier, 1851

Tribe Meloini Gyllenhal, 1810

Tribe Mylabrini Rafinesque, 1815

Tribe Pyrotini MacSwain, 1956

Subfamily Tetraonycinae Böving and Craighead, 1931

Subfamily Nemognathinae Laporte, 1840

Tribe Horiini Latreille, 1802

Tribe Nemognathini Laporte, 1840

Subtribe Nemognathina Laporte, 1840

Subtribe Zonitidina Mulsant, 1857

Subtribe Sitarina Mulsant, 1857

Tribe Stenoderini Selander, 1991

Family Mycteridae Oken, 1843

Subfamily Mycterinae Oken, 1843

Subfamily Eurypinae Thomson, 1860

Subfamily Hemipeplinae Lacordaire, 1854

Family Boridae Thomson, 1859

Subfamily Borinae Thomson, 1859

Subfamily Synercticinae Lawrence and Pollock, 1994

Family Trictenotomidae Blanchard, 1845

Family Pythidae Solier, 1834

Family Pyrochroidae Latreille, 1806

Subfamily Tydessinae Nikitsky, 1986

Subfamily Pilipalpinae Abdullah, 1964

Subfamily Pedilinae Lacordaire, 1859

Subfamily Pyrochroinae Latreille, 1806

Subfamily Agnathinae Lacordaire, 1859

Family Salpingidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Othniinae LeConte, 1861

Subfamily Prostominiinae Grouvelle, 1914

Subfamily Agleninae Horn, 1878

Subfamily Inopeplinae Grouvelle, 1908

Subfamily Dacoderinae LeConte, 1862

Subfamily Aegialitinae LeConte, 1862

Subfamily Salpinginae Leach, 1815

Family Anthicidae Latreille, 1819

Subfamily Eurygeniinae LeConte, 1862

Tribe Eurygeniini LeConte, 1862

Tribe Ictistygnini Borchmann, 1936

Tribe Mitraelabrini Abdullah, 1969

Subfamily Macratriinae LeConte, 1862

Tribe Macratriini LeConte, 1862

†Tribe Camelomorphini Kirejtshuk and Azar, 2008

Subfamily Steropinae Jacquelin du Val, 1863

Subfamily Copobaeninae Abdullah, 1969

Subfamily Lemodinae Lawrence and Britton, 1991

Subfamily Tomoderinae Bonadona, 1961

Subfamily Anthicinae Latreille, 1819

Tribe Anthicini Latreille, 1819

Tribe Endomiini Kaszab, 1956

Tribe Formicomini Bonadona, 1974

Tribe Microhoriini Bonadona, 1974

Subfamily Notoxinae Stephens, 1829

Family Aderidae Csiki, 1909

Tribe Aderini Csiki, 1909

Subtribe Aderina Csiki, 1909

Subtribe Cnopina Báguena Corella, 1948

Subtribe Gompeliina Bouchard, 2011

Subtribe Syzetoninina Báguena Corella, 1948

Tribe Emelinini Báguena Corella, 1948

Tribe Euglenesini Seidlitz, 1875

Subtribe Euglenesina Seidlitz, 1875

Subtribe Pseudolotelina Báguena Corella, 1948

Tribe Phytobaenini Báguena Corella, 1948

Family Scraptiidae Gistel, 1848

Subfamily Scraptiinae Gistel, 1848

Tribe Allopodini Franciscolo, 1964

Tribe Scraptiini Gistel, 1848

Subfamily Anaspidinae Mulsant, 1856

Tribe Anaspidini Mulsant, 1856

Tribe Anaspimordini Franciscolo, 1954

Tribe Menuthianaspidini Franciscolo, 1972

Tribe Pentariini Franciscolo, 1954

Subfamily Lagrioidinae Abdullah and Abdullah, 1968

Subfamily Afreminae Levey, 1985

Subfamily Ischaliinae Blair, 1920

Superfamily Chrysomeloidea Latreille, 1802

Family Oxypeltidae Lacordaire, 1868

Family Vesperidae Mulsant, 1839

Subfamily Philinae Thomson, 1861

Subfamily Vesperinae Mulsant, 1839

Subfamily Anoplodermatinae Guérin-Méneville, 1840

Tribe Anoplodermatini Guérin-Méneville, 1840

Tribe Hypocephalini Blanchard, 1845

Tribe Mysteriini Prosen, 1960

Family Disteniidae Thomson, 1861

Tribe Cyrtonopini Gressitt, 1940

Tribe Disteniini Thomson, 1861

Tribe Dynamostini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Heteropalpini Villiers, 1961

Family Cerambycidae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily Parandrinae Blanchard, 1845

Tribe Erichsoniini Thomson, 1861

Tribe Parandrini Blanchard, 1845

Subfamily Prioninae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Acanthophorini Thomson, 1864

Tribe Aegosomatini Thomson, 1861

Tribe Anacolini Thomson, 1857

Tribe Cacoscelini Thomson, 1861

Tribe Callipogonini Thomson, 1861

Tribe Calocomini Galileo and Martins, 1993

Tribe Cantharocnemini Thomson, 1861

Tribe Ergatini Fairmaire, 1864

Tribe Eurypodini Gahan, 1906 (1868)

Tribe Hopliderini Thomson, 1864

Tribe Macrodontiini Thomson, 1861

Tribe Macrotomini Thomson, 1861

Subtribe Archetypina Lameere, 1912

Subtribe Basitoxina Lameere, 1912

Subtribe Macrotomina Thomson, 1861

Subtribe Platygnathina Gilmour, 1954

Subtribe Xixuthrina Lameere, 1912

Tribe Mallaspini Thomson, 1861

Tribe Mallodonini Thomson, 1861

Tribe Meroscelisini Thomson, 1861

Tribe Prionini Latreille, 1802

Tribe Remphanini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Solenopterini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Tereticini Lameere, 1913

Tribe Vesperoctenini Vives, 2005

Subfamily Lepturinae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Desmocerini Blanchard, 1845

Tribe Encyclopini LeConte, 1873

Tribe Lepturini Latreille, 1802

Tribe Oxymirini Danilevsky, 1997

Tribe Rhagiini Kirby, 1837

Tribe Rhamnusiini Sama, 2009

Tribe Teledapini Pascoe, 1871

Tribe Sachalinobiini Danilevsky, 2010

Tribe Xylosteini Reitter, 1913

Subfamily Spondylidinae Audinet-Serville, 1832

Tribe Anisarthrini Mamaev and Danilevsky, 1973

Tribe Asemini Thomson, 1861

Tribe Atimiini LeConte, 1873

Tribe Saphanini Gistel, 1848

Tribe Spondylidini Audinet-Serville, 1832

Subfamily Necydalinae Latreille, 1825

Subfamily Dorcasominae Lacordaire, 1868

Subfamily Apatophyseinae Lacordaire, 1869

Subfamily Cerambycinae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Acangassuini Galileo and Martins, 2001

Tribe Achrysonini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Agallissini LeConte, 1873

Tribe Alanizini Di Iorio, 2003

Tribe Anaglyptini Lacordaire, 1868 nomen protectum

Tribe Aphanasiini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Aphneopini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Auxesini Lepesme and Breuning, 1952

Tribe Basipterini Fragoso, Monné and Campos Seabra, 1987

Tribe Bimiini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Bothriospilini Lane, 1950

Tribe Brachypteromatini Sama, 2008

Tribe Callichromatini Swainson, 1840

Tribe Callidiini Kirby, 1837

Tribe Callidiopini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Cerambycini Latreille, 1802

Subtribe Cerambycina Latreille, 1802

Subtribe Sphallotrichina Martins and Monné, 2005

Tribe Certallini Fairmaire, 1864

Tribe Chlidonini Waterhouse, 1879

Tribe Cleomenini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Clytini Mulsant, 1839

Tribe Compsocerini Thomson, 1864

Tribe Coptommatini Lacordaire, 1869

Tribe Curiini LeConte, 1873

Tribe Deilini Fairmaire, 1864

Tribe Dejanirini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Diorini Lane, 1950

Tribe Distichocerini Pascoe, 1867

Tribe Dodecosini Aurivillius, 1912

Tribe Dryobiini Arnett, 1962 nomen protectum

Tribe Eburiini Blanchard, 1845

Tribe Ectenessini Martins, 1998

Tribe Elaphidiini Thomson, 1864

Tribe Eligmodermini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Erlandiini Aurivillius, 1912

Tribe Eroschemini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Eumichthini Linsley, 1940

Tribe Gahaniini Quentin and Villiers, 1969

Tribe Glaucytini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Graciliini Mulsant, 1839

Tribe Hesperophanini Mulsant, 1839

Subtribe Daramina Sama, 2008

Subtribe Hesperophanina Mulsant, 1839

Tribe Hesthesini Pascoe, 1867

Tribe Heteropsini Lacordaire, 1868 nomen protectum

Tribe Hexoplini Martins, 2006

Tribe Holopleurini Chemsak and Linsley, 1974

Tribe Holopterini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Hyboderini Linsley, 1940

Tribe Hylotrupini Zagajkevich, 1991

Tribe Ibidionini Thomson, 1861

Subtribe Compsina Martins and Galileo, 2007

Subtribe Ibidionina Thomson, 1861

Subtribe Tropidina Martins and Galileo, 2007

Tribe Ideratini Martins and Napp, 2009

Tribe Lissonotini Swainson, 1840

Tribe Luscosmodicini Martins, 2003

Tribe Lygrini Sama, 2008

Tribe Macronini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Megacoelini Quentin and Villiers, 1969

Tribe Methiini Thomson, 1860

Tribe Molorchini Gistel, 1848

Tribe Mythodini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Necydalopsini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Neocorini Martins, 2005

Tribe Neostenini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Obriini Mulsant, 1839

Tribe Ochyrini Pascoe, 1871

Tribe Oedenoderini Aurivillius, 1912

Tribe Oemini Lacordaire, 1868

Subtribe Methioidina Martins, 1997

Subtribe Oemina Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Opsimini LeConte, 1873

Tribe Oxycoleini Martins and Galileo, 2003

Tribe Paraholopterini Martins, 1997

Tribe Phalotini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Phlyctaenodini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Phoracanthini Newman, 1840

Tribe Phyllarthriini Lepesme and Breuning, 1956

Tribe Piesarthriini McKeown, 1947

Tribe Piezocerini Lacordaire, 1868

Subtribe Haruspicina Martins, 1976

Subtribe Piezocerina Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Platyarthrini Bates, 1870

Tribe Plectogasterini Quentin and Villiers, 1969

Tribe Plectromerini Nearns and Braham, 2008

Tribe Pleiarthrocerini Lane, 1950

Tribe Protaxini Gahan, 1906

Tribe Prothemini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Psebiini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Pseudocephalini Aurivillius, 1912 (1861)

Tribe Pseudolepturini Thomson, 1861

Tribe Psilomorphini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Pteroplatini Thomson, 1861

Tribe Pyrestini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Rhagiomorphini Newman, 1841

Tribe Rhinotragini Thomson, 1861

Tribe Rhopalophorini Blanchard, 1845

Tribe Rosaliini Fairmaire, 1864

Tribe Sestyrini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Smodicini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Spintheriini Lacordaire, 1869

Tribe Stenhomalini Miroshnikov, 1989

Tribe Stenoderini Pascoe, 1867

Tribe Stenopterini Gistel, 1848

Tribe Strongylurini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Tessarommatini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Thraniini Gahan, 1906

Tribe Thyrsiini Marinoni and Napp, 1984

Tribe Tillomorphini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Torneutini Thomson, 1861

Tribe Trachyderini Dupont, 1836

Subtribe Ancylocerina Thomson, 1864

Subtribe Trachyderina Dupont, 1836

Tribe Tragocerini Pascoe, 1867

Tribe Trichomesiini Aurivillius, 1912

Tribe Tropocalymmatini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Typhocesini Lacordaire, 1868

Tribe Unxiini Napp, 2007

Tribe Uracanthini Blanchard, 1853

Tribe Vesperellini Sama, 2008

Tribe Xystrocerini Blanchard, 1845

Subfamily Lamiinae Latreille, 1825

Tribe Acanthocinini Blanchard, 1845

Tribe Acanthoderini Thomson, 1860

Tribe Acmocerini Thomson, 1864

Tribe Acridocephalini Dillon and Dillon, 1959

Tribe Acrocinini Swainson, 1840

Tribe Aderpasini Breuning and Teocchi, 1978

Tribe Aerenicini Lacordaire, 1872

Tribe Agapanthiini Mulsant, 1839

Tribe Amphoecini Breuning, 1951

Tribe Ancitini Aurivillius, 1917

Tribe Ancylonotini Lacordaire, 1869

Tribe Anisocerini Thomson, 1860

Tribe Apomecynini Thomson, 1860

Tribe Astathini Thomson, 1864

Tribe Batocerini Thomson, 1864

Tribe Calliini Thomson, 1864

Tribe Ceroplesini Thomson, 1860

Subtribe Ceroplesina Thomson, 1860

Subtribe Crossotina Thomson, 1864

Tribe Cloniocerini Lacordaire, 1872

Tribe Colobotheini Thomson, 1860

Tribe Compsosomatini Thomson, 1857

Tribe Cyrtinini Thomson, 1864

Tribe Desmiphorini Thomson, 1860

Tribe Dorcadionini Swainson, 1840

Tribe Dorcaschematini Thomson, 1860

Tribe Elytracanthinini Bousquet, 2009

Tribe Enicodini Thomson, 1864

Tribe Eupromerini Galileo and Martins, 1995

Tribe Forsteriini Tippmann, 1960

Tribe Gnomini Thomson, 1860

Tribe Gyaritini Breuning, 1950

Tribe Heliolini Breuning, 1951

Tribe Hemilophini Thomson, 1868 nomen protectum

Tribe Homonoeini Thomson, 1864

Tribe Hyborhabdini Aurivillius, 1911

Tribe Lamiini Latreille, 1825

Tribe Laticraniini Lane, 1959

Tribe Mauesiini Lane, 1956

Tribe Megabasini Thomson, 1860

Tribe Mesosini Mulsant, 1839

Tribe Microcymaturini Breuning and Teocchi, 1985

Tribe Moneilemini Thomson, 1864

Tribe Monochamini Gistel, 1848

Tribe Morimonellini Lobanov, Danilevsky and Murzin, 1981

Tribe Morimopsini Lacordaire, 1869

Tribe Nyctimeniini Gressitt, 1951

Tribe Obereini Thomson, 1864

Tribe Oculariini Breuning, 1950

Tribe Onciderini Thomson, 1860

Tribe Oncideropsidini Aurivillius, 1922

Tribe Onocephalini Thomson, 1860

Tribe Onychogleneini Aurivillius, 1923

Tribe Parmenini Mulsant, 1839

Tribe Petrognathini Blanchard, 1845

Tribe Phacellini Lacordaire, 1872

Tribe Phantasini Kolbe, 1897

Tribe Phrynetini Thomson, 1864

Tribe Phymasternini Teocchi, 1989

Tribe Phytoeciini Mulsant, 1839

Tribe Pogonocherini Mulsant, 1839

Tribe Polyrhaphidini Thomson, 1860

Tribe Pretiliini Martins and Galileo, 1990

Tribe Proctocerini Aurivillius, 1922

Tribe Prosopocerini Thomson, 1864

Tribe Pteropliini Thomson, 1860

Tribe Rhodopinini Gressitt, 1951

Tribe Saperdini Mulsant, 1839

Tribe Stenobiini Breuning, 1950

Tribe Sternotomini Thomson, 1860

Tribe Tapeinini Thomson, 1857

Tribe Tetraopini Thomson, 1860

Tribe Tetraulaxini Breuning and Teocchi, 1977

Tribe Tetropini Portevin, 1927

Tribe Theocrini Lacordaire, 1872

Tribe Tmesisternini Blanchard, 1853

Tribe Tragocephalini Thomson, 1857

Tribe Xenicotelini Matsushita, 1933

Tribe Xenofreini Aurivillius, 1923

Tribe Xenoleini Lacordaire, 1872

Tribe Xylorhizini Lacordaire, 1872

Tribe Zygocerini Thomson, 1864

Family Megalopodidae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily Megalopodinae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily Palophaginae Kuschel and May, 1990

Subfamily Zeugophorinae Böving and Craighead, 1931

Family Orsodacnidae Thomson, 1859

Subfamily Orsodacninae Thomson, 1859

Subfamily Aulacoscelidinae Chapuis, 1874

Family Chrysomelidae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily Sagrinae Leach, 1815

Tribe Carpophagini Chapuis, 1874

Tribe Diaphanopsidini Monrós, 1958

Tribe Megamerini Chapuis, 1874

Tribe Sagrini Leach, 1815

Subfamily Bruchinae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Amblycerini Bridwell, 1932

Subtribe Amblycerina Bridwell, 1932

Subtribe Spermophagina Borowiec, 1987

Tribe Bruchini Latreille, 1802

Subtribe Acanthoscelidina Bridwell, 1946

Subtribe Bruchina Latreille, 1802

Subtribe Megacerina Bridwell, 1946

Tribe Eubaptini Bridwell, 1932

Tribe Kytorhinini Bridwell, 1932

Tribe Pachymerini Bridwell, 1929

Subtribe Caryedontina Bridwell, 1929

Subtribe Caryopemina Bridwell, 1929

Subtribe Pachymerina Bridwell, 1929

Tribe Rhaebini Blanchard, 1845

Subfamily Donaciinae Kirby, 1837

Tribe Donaciini Kirby, 1837

Tribe Haemoniini Chen, 1941

Tribe Plateumarini Böving, 1922

Subfamily Criocerinae Latreille, 1804

Tribe Criocerini Latreille, 1804

Tribe Lemini Gyllenhal, 1813

Tribe Pseudocriocerini Heinze, 1962

Subfamily Cassidinae Gyllenhal, 1813

Tribe Alurnini Chapuis, 1875

Tribe Anisoderini Chapuis, 1875

Tribe Aproidini Weise, 1911

Tribe Arescini Chapuis, 1875

Tribe Aspidimorphini Chapuis, 1875

Tribe Basiprionotini Gressitt, 1952 (1929)

Tribe Botryonopini Chapuis, 1875

Tribe Callispini Chapuis, 1875

Tribe Callohispini Uhmann, 1960

Tribe Cassidini Gyllenhal, 1813

Tribe Cephaloleiini Chapuis, 1875

Tribe Chalepini Weise, 1910

Tribe Coelaenomenoderini Weise, 1911

Tribe Cryptonychini Chapuis, 1875

Tribe Delocraniini Spaeth, 1929

Tribe Dorynotini Monrós and Viana, 1949 (1923)

Tribe Eugenysini Hincks, 1952

Tribe Eurispini Chapuis, 1875

Tribe Exothispini Weise, 1911

Tribe Goniocheniini Spaeth, 1942

Tribe Gonophorini Chapuis, 1875

Tribe Hemisphaerotini Monrós and Viana, 1951 (1929)

Tribe Hispini Gyllenhal, 1813

Tribe Hispoleptini Chapuis, 1875

Tribe Hybosispini Weise, 1910

Tribe Imatidiini Hope, 1840

Tribe Ischyrosonychini Chapuis, 1875

Tribe Leptispini Fairmaire, 1868

Tribe Mesomphaliini Hope, 1840

Tribe Nothosacanthini Gressitt, 1952 (1929)

Tribe Oediopalpini Monrós and Viana, 1947 (1910)

Tribe Omocerini Hincks, 1952 (1923)

Tribe Oncocephalini Chapuis, 1875

Tribe Promecothecini Chapuis, 1875

Tribe Prosopodontini Weise, 1910

Tribe Sceloenoplini Uhmann, 1930

Tribe Spilophorini Chapuis, 1875

Tribe Uroplatini Weise, 1910

Subfamily Chrysomelinae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Chrysomelini Latreille, 1802

Tribe Timarchini Motschulsky, 1860

Subfamily Galerucinae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Alticini Newman, 1834

Tribe Decarthrocerini Laboissière, 1937

Tribe Galerucini Latreille, 1802

Tribe Hylaspini Chapuis, 1875

Tribe Luperini Gistel, 1848

Tribe Metacyclini Chapuis, 1875

Tribe Oidini Laboissière, 1921 (1875)

Subfamily Lamprosomatinae Lacordaire, 1848

Tribe Lamprosomatini Lacordaire, 1848

Tribe Neochlamysini Monrós, 1959

Tribe Sphaerocharini Chapuis, 1874

Subfamily Cryptocephalinae Gyllenhal, 1813

Tribe Clytrini Kirby, 1837

Tribe Cryptocephalini Gyllenhal, 1813

Subtribe Achaenopina Chapuis, 1874

Subtribe Cryptocephalina Gyllenhal, 1813

Subtribe Monachulina Leng, 1920

Subtribe Pachybrachina Chapuis, 1874

Subtribe Stylosomina Chapuis, 1874

Tribe Fulcidacini Jakobson, 1924

Subfamily Eumolpinae Hope, 1840

Tribe Bromiini Baly, 1865 (1863)

Tribe Caryonodini Bechyné, 1951

Tribe Cubispini Monrós, 1954

Tribe Eumolpini Hope, 1840

Tribe Euryopini Chapuis, 1874

Tribe Habrophorini Bechyné and Špringlová de Bechyné, 1969

Tribe Hemydacnini Bechyné, 1951

Tribe Megascelidini Chapuis, 1874

Tribe Merodini Chapuis, 1874

Tribe Pygomolpini Bechyné, 1949

Tribe Rosiroiini Bechyné, 1950

Tribe Typophorini Baly, 1865

Subfamily Spilopyrinae Chapuis, 1874

Subfamily Synetinae LeConte and Horn, 1883

†Subfamily Protoscelidinae Medvedev, 1968

Superfamily Curculionoidea Latreille, 1802

Family Nemonychidae Bedel, 1882

Subfamily Nemonychinae Bedel, 1882

Subfamily Cimberidinae Gozis, 1882

Tribe Cimberidini Gozis, 1882

Tribe Doydirhynchini Pierce, 1916

†Tribe Kuschelomacrini Riedel, 2010

Subfamily Rhinorhynchinae Voss, 1922

Tribe Mecomacerini Kuschel, 1994

Subtribe Brarina Legalov, 2009

Subtribe Mecomacerina Kuschel, 1994

Tribe Rhinorhynchini Voss, 1922

†Subfamily Slonikinae Zherikhin, 1977

†Tribe Slonikini Zherikhin, 1977

†Tribe Ulyaniscini Legalov, 2009

†Subfamily Eccoptarthrinae Arnoldi, 1977

†Subfamily Brenthorrhininae Arnoldi, 1977

†Tribe Brenthorrhinini Arnoldi, 1977

†Tribe Brenthorrhinoidini Legalov, 2003

†Subfamily Distenorrhininae Arnoldi, 1977

†Subfamily Eobelinae Arnoldi, 1977

†Tribe Eobelini Arnoldi, 1977

†Subtribe Eobelina Arnoldi, 1977

†Subtribe Procurculionina Arnoldi, 1977

†Tribe Karataucarini Legalov, 2009

†Tribe Nanophydini Arnoldi, 1977

†Tribe Oxycorynoidini Arnoldi, 1977

†Tribe Probelini Legalov, 2009

†Subfamily Paleocartinae Legalov, 2003

†Tribe Nebrenthorrhinini Legalov, 2007

†Tribe Paleocartini Legalov, 2003

†Subfamily Metrioxenoidinae Legalov, 2009

†Subfamily Cretonemonychinae Gratshev and Legalov, 2009

†Subfamily Selengarhynchinae Gratshev and Legalov, 2009

Family Anthribidae Billberg, 1820

Subfamily Anthribinae Billberg, 1820

Tribe Anthribini Billberg, 1820

Tribe Basitropini Lacordaire, 1865

Tribe Corrhecerini Lacordaire, 1865

Tribe Cratoparini LeConte, 1876

†Tribe Cretanthribini Legalov, 2009

Tribe Decataphanini Lacordaire, 1865

Tribe Discotenini Lacordaire, 1865

Tribe Ecelonerini Lacordaire, 1865

Tribe Ischnocerini Lacordaire, 1865

Tribe Gymnognathini Valentine, 1960

Tribe Jordanthribini Morimoto, 1980

Tribe Mauiini Valentine, 1990

Tribe Mecocerini Lacordaire, 1865

Tribe Mycteini Morimoto, 1972

Tribe Ozotomerini Morimoto, 1972

Tribe Piesocorynini Valentine, 1960

Tribe Platyrhinini Bedel, 1882

Tribe Platystomini Pierce, 1916

Tribe Proscoporhinini Lacordaire, 1865

Tribe Ptychoderini Jekel, 1855

Tribe Sintorini Lacordaire, 1865

Tribe Stenocerini Kolbe, 1895

Tribe Tophoderini Lacordaire, 1865

Tribe Trigonorhinini Valentine, 1999

Tribe Tropiderini Lacordaire, 1865

Tribe Xenocerini Lacordaire, 1865

Tribe Xylinadini Lacordaire, 1865

Tribe Zygaenodini Lacordaire, 1865

Subfamily Choraginae Kirby, 1819

Tribe Apolectini Lacordaire, 1865

Tribe Araecerini Lacordaire, 1865

Tribe Cisanthribini Zimmerman, 1994

Tribe Choragini Kirby, 1819

Tribe Valenfriesiini Alonso-Zarazaga and Lyal, 1999

Tribe Xenorchestini Lacordaire, 1865

Subfamily Urodontinae Thomson, 1859

†Family Ulyanidae Zherikhin, 1993

Family Belidae Schönherr, 1826

Subfamily Belinae Schönherr, 1826

Tribe Agnesiotidini Zimmerman, 1994

Tribe Belini Schönherr, 1826

Subtribe Belina Schönherr, 1826

Subtribe Homalocerina Legalov, 2009

Tribe Pachyurini Kuschel, 1959

Subfamily Oxycoryninae Schönherr, 1840

Tribe Aglycyderini Wollaston, 1864

Tribe Alloxycorynini Legalov, 2009

Tribe Distenorrhinoidini Legalov, 2009

Tribe Metrioxenini Voss, 1953

Subtribe Afrocorynina Voss, 1957

Subtribe Metrioxenina Voss, 1953

Subtribe Zherichinixenina Legalov, 2009

Tribe Oxycorynini Schönherr, 1840

Subtribe Allocorynina Sharp, 1890

Subtribe Oxycorynina Schönherr, 1840

Subtribe Oxycraspedina Marvaldi and Oberprieler, 2006

Family Caridae Thompson, 1992

Subfamily Carinae Thompson, 1992

Subfamily Chilecarinae Legalov, 2009

Tribe Carodini Legalov, 2009

Tribe Chilecarini Legalov, 2009

†Subfamily Baissorhynchinae Zherikhin, 1993

Family Attelabidae Billberg, 1820

Subfamily Attelabinae Billberg, 1820

Tribe Attelabini Billberg, 1820

Subtribe Attelabina Billberg, 1820

Subtribe Euscelina Voss, 1925

Subtribe Euscelophilina Voss, 1925

Subtribe Henicolabina Legalov, 2007

Subtribe Himatolabina Legalov, 2003

Subtribe Hybolabina Voss, 1925

Subtribe Isolabina Legalov, 2007

Subtribe Lagenoderina Voss, 1925

Subtribe Lamprolabina Voss, 1925

Subtribe Metocalolabina Legalov, 2003

Subtribe Omolabina Legalov, 2003

Subtribe Paramecolabina Legalov, 2003

Subtribe Phialodina Legalov, 2003

Subtribe Phymatolabina Voss, 1925

Subtribe Phymatopsinina Legalov, 2003

Subtribe Pleurolabina Legalov, 2003

Tribe Euopini Voss, 1925

Tribe Pilolabini Voss, 1925

Subfamily Apoderinae Jekel, 1860

Tribe Apoderini Jekel, 1860

Tribe Clitostylini Voss, 1929

Subtribe Allapoderina Legalov, 2003

Subtribe Clitostylina Voss, 1929

Subtribe Pseudophrysina Legalov, 2003

Tribe Hoplapoderini Voss, 1926

Subtribe Afroapoderina Legalov, 2003

Subtribe Hoplapoderina Voss, 1926

Subtribe Paratomapoderina Legalov, 2003

Tribe Trachelophorini Voss, 1926

Subfamily Rhynchitinae Gistel, 1848

Tribe Auletini Desbrochers des Loges, 1908

Subtribe Auletina Desbrochers des Loges, 1908

Subtribe Auletobiina Legalov, 2001

Subtribe Guineauletina Legalov, 2003

Subtribe Mandelschtamiina Legalov, 2003

Subtribe Pseudauletina Voss, 1933

Subtribe Pseudomesauletina Legalov, 2003

Tribe Auletorhinini Voss, 1935

Tribe Byctiscini Voss, 1923

Subtribe Byctiscina Voss, 1923

Subtribe Listrobyctiscina Legalov, 2003

Subtribe Svetlanaebyctiscina Legalov, 2003

Tribe Cesauletini Legalov, 2003

Tribe Deporaini Voss, 1929

Subtribe Chonostropheina Morimoto, 1962

Subtribe Deporaina Voss, 1929

Tribe Minurini Legalov, 2003

Tribe Rhinocartini Voss, 1931

Tribe Rhynchitini Gistel, 1848

Subtribe Acritorrhynchitina Legalov, 2007

Subtribe Anisomerinina Legalov, 2003

Subtribe Eugnamptina Voss, 1930

Subtribe Lasiorhynchitina Legalov, 2003

Subtribe Perrhynchitina Legalov, 2003

Subtribe Rhynchitallina Legalov, 2003

Subtribe Rhynchitina Gistel, 1848

Subtribe Temnocerina Legalov, 2003

Subfamily Isotheinae Scudder, 1893

Tribe Isotheini Scudder, 1893

Subtribe Depasophilina Legalov, 2003

†Subtribe Isotheina Scudder, 1893

†Tribe Toxorhynchini Scudder, 1893

Subfamily Pterocolinae Lacordaire, 1865

Family Brentidae Billberg, 1820

Subfamily Brentinae Billberg, 1820

Tribe Brentini Billberg, 1820

Subtribe Arrhenodina Lacordaire, 1865

Subtribe Brentina Billberg, 1820

Subtribe Eremoxenina Semenov, 1892

Tribe Cyladini Schönherr, 1823

Tribe Cyphagogini Kolbe, 1892

Subtribe Atopobrentina Damoiseau, 1965

Subtribe Cyphagogina Kolbe, 1892

†Subtribe Dominibrentina Poinar, 2009

Subtribe Hoplopisthiina Senna and Calabresi, 1919

Subtribe Stereodermina Sharp, 1895

Tribe Pholidochlamydini Damoiseau, 1962

Tribe Taphroderini Lacordaire, 1865

Tribe Trachelizini Lacordaire, 1865

Subtribe Acratina Alonso-Zarazaga, Lyal, Bartolozzi and Sforzi, 1999

Subtribe Ithystenina Lacordaire, 1865

Subtribe Microtrachelizina Zimmerman, 1994

Subtribe Pseudoceocephalina Kleine, 1922

Subtribe Rhyticephalina Kleine, 1922

Subtribe Trachelizina Lacordaire, 1865

Subtribe Tychaeina Schoenfeldt, 1908

Tribe Ulocerini Schönherr, 1823

Subfamily Eurhynchinae Lacordaire, 1863

†Tribe Axelrodiellini Legalov, 2009

Tribe Eurhynchini Lacordaire, 1863

Subfamily Apioninae Schönherr, 1823

Supertribe Apionitae Schönherr, 1823

Tribe Apionini Schönherr, 1823

Subtribe Apionina Schönherr, 1823

Subtribe Aplemonina Kissinger, 1968

Subtribe Aspidapiina Alonso-Zarazaga, 1990

Subtribe Catapiina Alonso-Zarazaga, 1990

Subtribe Ceratapiina Alonso-Zarazaga, 1990

Subtribe Exapiina Alonso-Zarazaga, 1990

Subtribe Ixapiina Alonso-Zarazaga, 1990

Subtribe Kalcapiina Alonso-Zarazaga, 1990

Subtribe Malvapiina Alonso-Zarazaga, 1990

Subtribe Metapiina Alonso-Zarazaga, 1990

Subtribe Oxystomatina Alonso-Zarazaga, 1990

Subtribe Piezotrachelina Voss, 1959

Subtribe Prototrichapiina Wanat, 1995

Subtribe Synapiina Alonso-Zarazaga, 1990

Subtribe Trichapiina Alonso-Zarazaga, 1990

Tribe Chilapiini Wanat, 2001

Tribe Noterapiini Kissinger, 2004

Tribe Podapiini Wanat, 2001

Tribe Rhinorhynchidiini Zimmerman, 1994

Supertribe Antliarhinitae Schönherr, 1823

Supertribe Cybebitae Lacordaire, 1863

Supertribe Mecolenitae Wanat, 2001

Supertribe Myrmacicelitae Zimmerman, 1994

Tribe Lispotheriini Wanat, 2001

Tribe Myrmacicelini Zimmerman, 1994

Supertribe Rhadinocybitae Alonso-Zarazaga, 1992

Tribe Notapionini Zimmerman, 1994

Tribe Rhadinocybini Alonso-Zarazaga, 1992

Supertribe Tanaitae Schönherr, 1839

Subfamily Ithycerinae Schönherr, 1823

Subfamily Microcerinae Lacordaire, 1863

Subfamily Nanophyinae Gistel, 1848

Tribe Corimaliini Alonso-Zarazaga, 1989

Tribe Nanophyini Gistel, 1848

Family Dryophthoridae Schönherr, 1825

Subfamily Dryophthorinae Schönherr, 1825

Subfamily Cryptodermatinae Bovie, 1908

Subfamily Orthognathinae Lacordaire, 1865

Tribe Orthognathini Lacordaire, 1865

Tribe Rhinostomini LeConte, 1874

Subfamily Rhynchophorinae Schönherr, 1833

Tribe Diocalandrini Zimmerman, 1993

Tribe Litosomini Lacordaire, 1865

Tribe Ommatolampini Lacordaire, 1865

Tribe Polytini Zimmerman, 1993

Tribe Rhynchophorini Schönherr, 1833

Tribe Sphenophorini Lacordaire, 1865

Subfamily Stromboscerinae Lacordaire, 1865

Family Brachyceridae Billberg, 1820

Subfamily Brachycerinae Billberg, 1820

Tribe Brachycerini Billberg, 1820

Tribe Byrsopini Germar, 1829

Subfamily Cryptolarynginae Schalkwyk, 1966

Subfamily Erirhininae Schönherr, 1825

Tribe Aonychini Zimmerman, 1993

Tribe Arthrostenini Reitter, 1913

†Tribe Cretuliini Legalov, 2009

Tribe Erirhinini Schönherr, 1825

Tribe Himasthlophallini Zherikhin, 1991

Tribe Stenopelmini LeConte, 1876

Tribe Tadiini Zimmerman, 1993

Tribe Tanysphyrini Gistel, 1848

Subfamily Ocladiinae Lacordaire, 1865

Tribe Desmidophorini Morimoto, 1962

Tribe Ocladiini Lacordaire, 1865

Subfamily Raymondionyminae Reitter, 1913

Tribe Myrtonymini Kuschel, 1990

Tribe Raymondionymini Reitter, 1913

Family Curculionidae Latreille, 1802

Subfamily Curculioninae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Acalyptini Thomson, 1859

Subtribe Acalyptina Thomson, 1859

Subtribe Derelomina Lacordaire, 1865

Subtribe Notolomina Franz, 2006

Subtribe Phyllotrogina Franz, 2006

Subtribe Staminodeina Franz, 2006

Tribe Acentrusini Alonso-Zarazaga, 2005

Tribe Ancylocnemidini Voss, 1962

Tribe Anthonomini Thomson, 1859

Tribe Camarotini Schönherr, 1833

Subtribe Camarotina Schönherr, 1833