expand article infoMichael Schmitt, Caroline S. Chaboo§, Maurizio Biondi|
‡ Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität Greifswald, Greifswald, Germany
§ University of Nebraska, Lincoln, United States of America
| University of L’Aquila, Coppito-L’Aquila, Italy
Open Access

Volume 8 of Research on Chrysomelidae (RoC8) presents again examples of the attractiveness and the diversity of Chrysomelidae (sensu lato) as subjects of scientific research. The seven papers included here cover taxonomy, ecology, faunistics as well as phylogenetics. Four of these papers (Geiser, Gikonyo et al., Salvi et al., Wendorff & Schmitt) are extended versions of talks presented to the Third European Symposium on the Chrysomelidae, held on 5 July, 2018, in Naples, Italy within the frame of the 11th European Congress of Entomology. Maurizio Biondi (L’Aquila, Italy) and Michael Schmitt (Greifswald, Germany) co-organised the Naples meeting and worked together with Caroline S. Chaboo (Lincoln, NE, USA) in the editorial committee for RoC8.

As with the previous RoC volumes, the team at Pensoft Publishers (Sofia, Bulgaria), especially Yordanka Banalieva, did a wonderful job and made the co-operation of editors and publishers a relaxed and rewarding experience. The editors thank our counterparts at Pensoft for this harmonious collaboration. The editors also thank all authors who submitted their high-quality manuscripts and so made this volume another important contribution towards the science of leaf and seed beetles.

The series of symposia on Chrysomelidae will continue with the 10th International Symposium in Helsinki (Finland) in 2020 and the 4th European Symposium on Crete (Greece) in 2022. The proceedings of these symposia along with submitted papers on Chrysomelidae sensu lato will be published in subsequent volumes of Research on Chrysomelidae, as special issues of ZooKeys.

Michael Schmitt, Caroline S. Chaboo, Maurizio Biondi

The editors: Caroline S. Chaboo, Maurizio Biondi, Michael Schmitt

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