Review Article
Review Article
Lepidopteran biodiversity of Ethiopia: current knowledge and future perspectives
expand article infoTesfu Fekensa Tujuba§, Andrea Sciarretta§, Axel Hausmann|, Getnet Atenafu Abate
‡ Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
§ University of Molise, Campobasso, Italy
| Bavarian State Collection of Zoology, Munich, Germany
¶ Debre Markos University, Debre Markos, Ethiopia
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Lepidoptera is the second largest order of insects. Encompassing moths and butterflies, it is regarded as one of the most important components of biodiversity. Here, an updated comprehensive overview of Lepidoptera recorded in Ethiopia is presented, composed of 2,438 taxa in 48 families, of which 664 are endemic. Records were compiled from various literature sources and website databases. Although still being far from complete, this review provides important baseline data for understanding zoogeographic patterns and thus for undertaking effective conservation action. Further research on Ethiopian Lepidoptera is encouraged.


Africa, butterflies, checklist, DNA barcoding, endemic, Ethiopian moths


Ethiopia is among the largest countries in the African continent, located in the horn of Africa, covering a total area of 1,127,127 km2 (Gordon and Carillet 2003; EBI 2015; Tesfu et al. 2018). It belongs to the Afro-tropical Region (former Ethiopian Region) and, based on the bioclimatic classification of Burgess et al. (2004), comprises the zones “Sahelian Savanna”, “Somalian Xeric Bushland and Shrubland” and “Ethiopian Montane forest and Alpine Moorland” (Hacker 2019). The country’s topography is very diverse, with 20 mountains peaks above 4,000 meters. The highest mountain, Ras Dashen, peaks 4,620 m above sea-level, the fourth-highest in Africa, whilst the third-lowest point in Africa, the Danakil Depression, reaches down to 125 m below sea level. The dominating topographic element is the vast and fertile central highland that accounts for 37% of the land area of the country with an average elevation from 1,500 to 2,400 m that deserved the country to be known as ‘roof of Africa’. It is the largest block of land above 1,500 m in Africa (Clausnitzer and Dijkstra 2005), dissected by the Great Rift Valley and surrounded by lowlands along the periphery (Gordon and Carillet 2003). The mean annual rainfall ranges from 500 mm to 2,800 mm and the mean annual temperatures range from around 10° to above 30 °C. Because of these diverging abiotic parameters, the country is endowed with an amazingly diversity of plant, animal and microbial organisms (EBI 2015). According to Clausnitzer (2014), the rate of endemism in Ethiopia’s flora and fauna is exceptionally high as a result of vast highlands being isolated by the surrounding dry lowlands. Only the most eurytopic and mobile species (usually those of the lowlands) tend to be found in both Ethiopia and the rest of tropical Africa. In the same manner, Kravchenko et al. (2007) stated that the territory of Ethiopia hosts an extraordinarily diverse landscape including high mountains, lowlands, deserts and tropical rain forests that resulted in a hyperdiverse fauna and flora. Likewise, in consequence of its rich biodiversity, Ethiopia is acknowledged as one of the 20-mega-biodiverse countries in the world (Mittermeier et al. 2011; Tesfu et al. 2018).

Lepidoptera represent the second largest insect order, which consists of approximately 140 different families and 160,000 species that have been described and recognised worldwide, so far (Biodiversity Institute of Ontario 2006; Kristensen et al. 2007; Nieukerken et al. 2011). Lepidoptera comprise nearly 17% of all insect species, and some recent estimates suggest that the real number of Lepidoptera species would set up to 500,000 species (Brandao et al. 2009).

The aims of this paper are to give an updated comprehensive presentation of the actual knowledge of Ethiopian Lepidoptera and to provide some estimates for the expected biodiversity of this major insect order in the country.

Materials and methods

The present review is based on all pertinent published scientific papers. In addition, records from up to date and relevant online databases were also included, particularly, records from the Natural History Museum of London website (“NHMUK”: Beccaloni et al. 2003), the Barcode of Life Data Systems (“BOLD”: Ratnasingham and Hebert 2007), the African moth website (Goff 2008), LepiMap (Navarro 2007), the African Butterfly Database (Sáfián et al. 2009), the Afromoth website (De Prins and De Prins 2019) and the Afrotropical Butterflies and Skippers digital encyclopaedia (Williams 2018). In all cases, records were included only when sample identifications were made at specific (or subspecific) level, and the provenience from Ethiopia was clearly indicated. Data from entomological collections but not publicly accessible were not considered.

We followed the classification system and nomenclature (valid names and synonymies) used in De Prins and De Prins (2019) with some updates coming from more recent publications. For Rhopalocera, the Afrotropical Butterflies and Skippers digital encyclopaedia (Williams 2018) served as reference. These two outstanding references have also represented the fundamental database and resource for our compilation of the lepidopteran fauna of Ethiopia.

Lepidoptera exploration in Ethiopia: from early explorers to present

Many entomologists have contributed to our current knowledge of the Ethiopian Lepidoptera fauna. The following selection provides the most significant contributions made by past pioneers and current explorers.

Johann Christoph Friedrich Klug in 1829 was the first to mention Abyssinia, the former name of Ethiopia, in the description of a new Lepidoptera species, the butterfly Pontia eupompe (Klug, 1829) now Colotis danae ssp. eupompe (Nazari et al. 2011), indicating as locus typicus “in Arabia deserta, in Sinai monte, in Dongala et Habessinia”.

From the mid-nineteenth century, additional descriptions came from few authors such as Félix Edouard Guérin-Méneville (1849), Louis Reiche (1850), and Hippolyte Lucas (1852). However, the most significant advance in the nineteenth century was made by the French entomologist Achille Guenée, who published various contributions between 1852 and 1858. He described 31 new species belonging to the Noctuoidea and Geometroidea, based on material collected mainly by Georg Wilhelm Schimper in 1850. In all cases, the locus typicus was indicated as “Abyssinia” (Guénée 1852).

Other important contributions to the study of Ethiopian Lepidoptera were made subsquently, many of which have reported the description of new species from specimens collected in the country. For instance, George Hampson described 23 species from different families in the period between 1896 and 1930 (Hampson 1896, 1898, 1899, 1905, 1909, 1910, 1913, 1916, 1918, 1919, 1926, 1930). Edward Meyrick firstly reported Microlepidoptera from the country, with 40 new species, from the material collected during the expeditions carried out by Hugh Scott and Omer-Coper in 1926–1927 (Meyrick 1932). The most important contribution to the study of butteflies was made by Lionel Walter Rothschild and Karl Jordan, during the first decades of the twentieth century, with 34 new taxa (Rothschild 1902, 1926; Rothschild and Jordan 1900, 1903, 1905). Debauche (1937) reported 42 geometrid species from Ethiopia with eight new descriptions. Likewise, Emilio Berio published many papers dedicated to the Erebidae and Noctuidae of East Africa, describing from Ethiopia 12 and 37 species, respectively (Berio 1939a, 1940a, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1947, 1954, 1962, 1975, 1977), some of them from the localities of Adu-Abuna and Metema, at that time part of Eritrea, but now in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia (Berio 1937, 1939b, 1939c, 1940b, 1973, 1976). Pierre-Claude Rougeot has explored the country several times in 1970s and described 55 new species belonging to various families (Rougeot 1974, 1975, 1977, 1984, Plantrou and Rougeot 1979; Laporte and Rougeot 1981; Rougeot and Laporte 1983). The two French entomologists Bernard Laporte and Claude Herbulot in their publications described from Ethiopia 137 new noctuid (specifically, eight species of Erebidae, two species of Nolidae, and 127 Noctuidae) and 22 new geometrid taxa, respectively (Herbulot 1983, 1993, 2002; Laporte 1974, 1975, 1976, 1978; Rougeot 1977, 1984; Laporte and Rougeot 1981; Rougeot and Laporte 1983; Rougeot et al. 1991).

With the new millennium, the country has awakened a renewed interest from entomologists, which led to the description of 255 new taxa in 18 years. In particular, major contributions to Ethiopian Lepidoptera were made by Hermann H. Hacker, with various colleagues, for Erebidae, Nolidae and Noctuidae (178 new taxa); David Agassiz for Yponomeutidae (five new taxa); Jósef Razowski and Pasquale Trematerra for Tortricidae (34 new taxa described); Axel Hausmann, Andrea Sciarretta and Francesco Parisi for Geometridae (27 new taxa); Ulf Eitschberger and Tomas Melichar for Sphingidae, with eleven new taxa (Hacker and Fibiger 2007; Hacker and Zilli 2007; Haxaire and Melichar 2008; Hausmann et al. 2014, 2016; Hacker et al. 2008, 2012; Razowski and Trematerra 2010, 2012; Hacker and Mey 2010; Hacker 2011, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2019; Eitschberger and Ströhle 2011; Melichar and Řezáč 2015; Eitschberger and Melichar 2016 Melichar et al. 2016; Razowski et al. 2018; Agassiz 2019).

Many of these and other minor contributions resulted from dedicated expeditions, such as the “Joint Ethiopian-Russian Biological Expedition” lead by Vasiliy Kravchenko from Tel Aviv University, Israel; the “Ethiopian Insects Project”, between the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority (EWCA), the Bavarian State Collection of Zoology (ZSM) and the Museum Thomas Witt (MWM) in Munich, Germany; the projects carried out by the Italian entomologists of the University of Molise with EWCA and Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute (Kravchenko et al. 2007; Sciarretta et al. 2014; Hausmann et al. 2016).

Current state of knowledge on Ethiopian Lepidoptera

Based on the results of our current review, 2,438 Lepidoptera taxa (species or subspecies) are known to occur in Ethiopia hitherto, belonging to 48 families (Table 1; full list at: This number includes 170 taxa which are not reported by the scientific literature but have been extracted from the above-mentioned websites.

Table 1.

Ethiopian Lepidoptera families and number of taxa (species and subspecies) reported.

No. Family Total number of taxa Common name
1 Bedelliidae 1 Narrow-winged moths
2 Blastobasidae 2 Scavenger moths
3 Bombycidae 2 Silkworm moths
4 Brahmaeidae 2 Brahmin moths
5 Carposinidae 1 Fruitworm moths
6 Choreutidae 2 Metalmark moths
7 Cosmopterigidae 4 Cosmet moths
8 Cossidae 17 Carpenterworm moths
9 Crambidae 109 Grass moths
10 Depressariidae 2 Flat-bodied moths
11 Drepanidae 1 Hook-tips
12 Elachistidae 1 Grass miner moths
13 Epermeniidae 1 Fringe-tufted moths
14 Erebidae 523 Tiger moths
15 Eupterotidae 8 Snout moths
16 Euteliidae 10 Euteliid moths
17 Gelechiidae 10 Twirler moths
18 Geometridae 306 Geometer moths
19 Glyphipterigidae 1 Sedge moths
20 Gracillariidae 13 Leafminer moths
21 Hesperiidae 36 Skipper butterflies
22 Hyblaeidae 1 Teak moths
23 Lasiocampidae 38 Lappet moths
24 Limacodidae 15 Slug caterpillar moths
25 Lycaenidae 116 Gossamer-winged butterflies
26 Lyonetiidae 2 Lyonet moths
27 Metarbelidae 4 Wood-borer moths
28 Noctuidae 471 Owlet moths
29 Nolidae 85 Tuft moths
30 Notodontidae 28 Prominent moths
31 Nymphalidae 178 Brush-footed butterflies
32 Oecophoridae 1 Concealer boths
33 Papilionidae 17 Swallowtail butterflies
34 Pieridae 79 Yellows, Whites, & Sulphurs
35 Plutellidae 5 Diamondback moths
36 Psychidae 6 Bagworm moths
37 Pterophoridae 39 Plume moths
38 Pyralidae 31 Snout moths
38 Saturniidae 53 Emperor moths
40 Scythrididae 7 Flower moths
41 Sesiidae 6 Clearwing moths
42 Sphingidae 81 Hawk moths
43 Thyrididae 9 Picture-winged leaf moths
44 Tineidae 38 Fungus moths
45 Tortricidae 60 Leafroller moths
46 Uraniidae 3 Swallowtail moths
47 Yponomeutidae 6 Ermine moths
48 Zygaenidae 8 Burnet moths
Total 2438

In particular, 929 species or subspecies were described from type specimens collected in Ethiopia, 131 of them, mostly butterflies, at subspecific level (Table 2). It is interesting to note that endemic taxa number 664, approximately 27% of the total Lepidoptera. This high number can be explained by the particular physical and biogeographical history of the country and a broad range of different ecosystems with great diversity of habitats.

Figures 1–6. 

1 Acraea oscari Rothschild, 1902 2 Epiphora fournierae (Le Moult, 1945) 3 Pingasa pallidata (De Joannis, 1913) 4 Odontopera protecta Herbulot, 1983 5 Metarctia flavivena Hampson, 1901 6 Stoermeriana laportei (Rougeot, 1977). Photos credit: Alenuccio Palladino (1); Francesco Parisi (2); Dirk Stadie (3–6).

Table 2.

List of Lepidoptera taxa originally described from Ethiopia (only valid names are listed). An asterisk (*) denotes that the town is in Sudan, but the river originates in Ethiopia. The type locality is recorded with the corrected spelling or current locality name in square brackets. The endemic taxa from Ethiopia are indicated with E in the last column. Synonymies are not reported. De Prins and De Prins (2019) and Williams (2018) have been used as a basic reference for the preparation of the list.

Family Taxon Author Type Locality
1 Blastobasidae Blastobasis eridryas Meyrick, 1932 Mt Chillálo E
2 Brahmaeidae Dactyloceras richinii Berio, 1940 Adi Abuna [in Tigray, Ethiopia]
3 Carposinidae Carposina candace Meyrick, 1932 Jem-Jem Forest E
4 Choreutidae Choreutis argyrastra Meyrick, 1932 Mt Zukwala/Cuqala E
5 Telosphrantis aethiopica Meyrick, 1932 Mt Chillálo E
6 Cosmopterigidae Ascalenia secretifera Meyrick, 1932 Mt Chillálo E
7 Cosmopterix derrai Koster, 2016 14 km S of Debre Tabor, Alemsaga Forest E
8 Cosmopterix epismaragda Meyrick, 1932 Jem-Jem Forest E
9 Cossidae Aethalopteryx obscurascens (Gaede, 1930) Centr. Abyss., Maraquo
10 Afroarabiella strohlei Yakovlev & Witt, 2016 Turmi, Mango Lodge E
11 Azygophleps brehmi Yakovlev & Witt, 2016 Bale Mountains, Karcha near Rira E
12 Camellocossus abyssinica (Hampson, 1910) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
13 Camellocossus lalibela Yakovlev & Witt, 2017 Arba Minch E
14 Camellocossus strohlei Yakovlev & Witt, 2017 Arba Minch E
15 Macrocossus sidamo Rougeot, 1977 near Kébré-Mengist [Kebre Mengist] E
16 Oreocossus ungemachi Rougeot, 1977 Ioubdo, Birbir E
17 Strigocossus kushit Yakovlev, 2011 Ethiopia SE, Bale, 11 km SW Goba, Bale Mts E
18 Crambidae Adelpherupa aethiopicalis Maes, 2002 SW Abyssinia [Ethiopia], Djimma [Jimma] E
19 Agathodes dufayi Rougeot, 1977 Koffolé [Kofale] E
20 Alphacrambus cristatus Bassi, 1995 Maraqo E
21 Ancylolomia jacquelinae Rougeot, 1984 Arba Minch E
22 Ancylolomia shafferi Rougeot, 1977 Koffolé [Kofale] E
23 Ancylolomia shefferialis Rougeot, 1984 Bahar Dar E
24 Chilo luniferalis Hampson, 1896 Abyssinia [Ethiopia] E
25 Classeya aphrodite Błeszyński, 1964 Dire Dawa E
26 Crambus arnaudiae Rougeot, 1977 Koffolé [Kofale] E
27 Crambus bachi Bassi, 2012 Bahar Dar, Lake Tana E
28 Crambus bellinii Bassi, 2014 Bale Mts, Sanetti Plateau
29 Crambus boislamberti Rougeot, 1977 Dinsho Reserve E
30 Crambus dedalus Bassi, 2000 Karsan, Kollubi E
31 Crambus descarpentriesi (Rougeot, 1977) Koffolé [Koffale] E
32 Crambus jupiter Błeszyński, 1963 Ethiopia SW, Gamu-Gofa, Konso E
33 Crambus netuncus Bassi, 2012 Near Debra Libanos E
34 Crambus richteri Błeszyński, 1963 Kaffa, Ghimira E
35 Dembea venulosella Ragonot, 1888 Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
36 Euchromius donum Schouten, 1988 Haro-Ali, Gurra E
37 Euclasta sidamona Rougeot, 1977 Koffolé [Koffale] E
38 Euctenospila castalis Warren, 1892 Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
39 Leucinodes ethiopica Mally, Korycinska, Agassiz, Hall, Hodgetts & Nuss, 2015 Dire Dawa Region, Dire Dawa District, Dire Dawa
40 Lygropia nigricornis Hampson, 1898 Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
41 Noorda trimaculalis Amsel, 1965 Ethiopia SW, Gammu-Gofa, Konso E
42 Crambidae Noorda unipunctalis Amsel, 1963 Konso E
43 Pagyda pulvereiumbralis (Hampson, 1918) Diré Daouá [Dire Dawa]
44 Pediasia ferruginea Błeszyński, 1963 Kaffa, Gembi
45 Pediasia simiensis Błeszyński, 1962 Soddu Province, Wolamo [Walita] E
46 Prionapteryx selenalis (Hampson, 1919) Taddecha Mullka E
47 Prionotalis friesei Błeszyński, 1963 Ethiopia SW, Gamu-Gofa, Konso E
48 Tegostoma richteri Amsel, 1963 Awash E
49 Depressariidae Odites aethiopicus Lvovsky, 2001 Kaffa, Gembi
50 Elachistidae Elachista delocharis Meyrick, 1932 Jem-Jem Forest E
51 Erebidae Achaea monodi Laporte, 1975 near Kebré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
52 Afrasura rivulosa ethiopica Durante, 2009 Menegesha-Suba state Forest E
53 Afrasura indecisa orientalis Durante, 2009 Menegesha-Suba state Forest E
54 Afrasura terlinea Durante, 2009 Langano Lake E
55 Afrojavanica kostlani (Gaede, 1923) Adis-Abeba
56 Alpenus geminipuncta (Hampson, 1916) Abyssinia [Ethiopia] E
57 Amata alicia (Butler, 1876) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
58 Amata magrettii Berio, 1937 Metema [in Tigray, Ethiopia] E
59 Amata rufina (Oberthür, 1878) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
60 Amata shoa (Hampson, 1898) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
61 Amata velatipennis Walker, 1865 Marako
62 Amphicallia kostlani Strand, 1911 Gipfel des Sugyala E
63 Amsacta nigrisignata Gaede, 1923 Addis Ababa E
64 Amsactarctia radiosa (Pagenstecher, 1903) Darassum
65 Anomis sabulifera (Guenée, 1852) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
66 Antiophlebia bourgognei Laporte, 1975 Arba Minch E
67 Aroa quadriplagata Pagenstecher, 1903 Galata E
68 Asura xanthophaea Toulgoët, 1977 Ethiopia E
69 Beriodesma smithii (Holland, 1897) River Darde
70 Brunia birketsmithi (Toulgoët, 1977) Kébré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
71 Brunia dorsti (Toulgoët, 1977) Kébré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
72 Callophisma viettei Laporte, 1975 Arba Minch E
73 Carcinarctia rougeoti Toulgoët, 1977 Bale Reserve, Dinsho E
74 Casama impura (Hering, 1926) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
75 Cautatha abyssinia Hacker, Fiebig & Stadie, 2019 Reg. South Nations, Bonga Guesthouse
76 Cautatha bifasciata Hacker, Fiebig & Stadie, 2019 Reg. South Nations, road Shishinda-Bonga, 6 km, w Wushwush E
77 Cerocala confusa Warren, 1913 Abyssinia [Ethiopia] E
78 Clytie thibauti Laporte, 1991 Kibre Mengist E
79 Corgatha hyperxantha Hacker, Fiebig & Stadie, 2019 Reg. South Nations, Bonga Guesthouse E
80 Corgatha minutulana Hacker, 2019 Southern Prov., 6 km ENE Weyto, Segen river
81 Cortyta canescens septentrionalis Hacker, 2016 12 km W of Jinka, near border of Mago National Park
82 Crambiforma leucostrepta Hampson, 1926 Harrar E
83 Crypsotidia digitata Kühne, 2005 Harar E
84 Crypsotidia gigantea Kühne, 2005 Harar
85 Ctenusa curvilinea Hampson, 1913 Taddecha Mullka
86 Cyana abyssinica Karisch, 2003 Akaki River, Addis Ababa E
87 Erebidae Cyana ethiopica Karisch, 2013 near Kebré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
88 Dasychira grisea Pagenstecher, 1903 Bone E
89 Dasychira plesia Collenette, 1938 Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
90 Digama meridionalis deliae Berio, 1939 Adu-Abuna [in Tigray, Ethiopia] E
91 Donuctenusa fiorii Berio, 1940 Ogaden, Uarder [Warder] E
92 Enargeiosia elegans (Butler, 1877) Atbara*
93 Eublemma accedens aethiopica Hacker, 2019 Ethiopia, 3 km N Turmi, Mango Camping Site
94 Eublemma aethiopiana Hacker, 2019 Jinka, Mago Nat. Park, Magoriverside
95 Eublemma baccatrix Hacker, 2019 Southern Prov., 2.6 km EE Wondo Genet
96 Eublemma collacteana Hacker, 2019 12 km W Jimma, border Mago Nat. Park
97 Eublemma costivinata Berio, 1945 Borana Nagelli [Borena Nagelle] E
98 Eublemma diredaoua Hacker, 2019 Dire Daoua, Abyssinia E
99 Eublemma ferruginata Hacker, 2019 20 ESE Sashamane, Wendo Genet
100 Eublemma heteropaura Hacker, 2019 Oromia, 7 km NW Yabelo
101 Eublemma joergmuelleri Hacker & Schrier, 2019 Ethiopia, Awash N.P., Headquarter E
102 Eublemma perturbata Hacker, 2019 Oromia prov., 6.5 km ne Shebe
103 Eublemma plectoversa Hacker, 2019 8 km N Turmi
104 Eublemma schreieri Hacker, 2019 Oromia, 1km W vill. Aluweya
105 Eublemma sidamonia Hacker, Fiebig & Stadie, 2019 Sidamo, Yabello, vic. 6km SO near Deritu village E
106 Eublemma siticulina Hacker, 2019 Dire Daoua, Abyssinia E
107 Eublemma uhlenhuthi Wiltshire, 1988 Abyssinia, Dire Daoua [dire-dawa]
108 Euproctis chrysophaea (Walker, 1865) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
109 Eyralpenus scioana (Oberthür, 1880) Scioa [Shoa]
110 Galtara doriae (Oberthür, 1880) Mahal Uonz, between Harrar and Addis Abeba [Awash River]
111 Kenyarctia melanogastra (Holland, 1897) Gof [Gofa]
112 Hypena abyssinialis Guenée, 1854 Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
113 Hypena padelekorum Lödl, 1995 Djem-Djem [Jem Jem] Forest E
114 Hypena philippi Laporte, 1991 Arba Minch E
115 Hyposada zavattarii Berio, 1944 Gondaraba
116 Hypotacha fiorii Berio, 1943 Diredaua [Dire Dawa]
117 Hypotacha glaucata (Holland, 1897) Sjeikh Husein [Shek Hussein]
118 Ischnarctia cinerea (Pagenstecher, 1903) Gogoru
119 Laelia dabano Collenette, 1934 Dabano River
120 Lithacodia awassensis Berio, 1984 Awassa Lake E
121 Lithacodia persubtilis Berio, 1984 Kebré-Mengist E
122 Marcipa rougeoti Pelletier, 1975 Kebré-Mengist E
123 Metachrostis debivar (Berio, 1947) Ogaden, Ualual [Walwal] E
124 Metachrostis phaeographa Hacker, 2011 12 km W of Jinka, border Mago National Park
125 Metarctia carmel Kiriakoff, 1957 SW Abyssinia [Ethiopia], Kambatta E
126 Erebidae Metarctia gada Rougeot, 1977 Dinsho Reserve, Réserve de Balé E
127 Metarctia haematricha Hampson, 1905 Kutai Metha
128 Metarctia kumasina Strand, 1920 Zegi Tsana [Zegie Tana]
129 Metarctia negusi Kiriakoff, 1957 Abyssinia [Ethiopia] E
130 Metarctia noctis Druce, 1910 Diré Daouá [Dire Dawa] E
131 Metarctia saalfeldi Kiriakoff, 1960 Villagio E
132 Metarctia unicolor (Oberthür, 1880) Oromo Country, Fin-Fekéré
133 Micralarctia punctulatum purus (Butler, 1878) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
134 Oediblemma peregrina Hacker, Fiebig & Stadie, 2019 Reg. South Nations, Sheiko Forest Road Teppi Mizan Teferi E
135 Ophiusa dianaris (Guenée, 1852) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
136 Pantydia dufayi Laporte, 1975 Near Koffolé [Koffalé]
137 Paramarbla abyssinica Collenette, 1956 Birbir, Joubdo [Yubdo] E
138 Paraonagylla zavattarii Berio, 1939 Neghelli [Nagelle] E
139 Pericyma schreieri Hacker, 2016 Gamu-Gofa Province, 3 km N of Turmi
140 Phytometra angensteini Hacker, 2019 Arba Minch E
141 Plecopterodes melliflua (Holland, 1897) Sjeikh Husein [Shek Hussein]
142 Plecopterodes molybdena Berio, 1954 Gorgorà, Lake Tana E
143 Podomachla antinorii (Oberthür, 1880) Mahal Uonz [Awash River]
144 Polymona rufifemur ellisoni Collenette, 1938 Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
145 Proluta ethiopica (Hacker, 2011) Arba Minch Region, Omo Province, Gemu Gofa
146 Pseudomicrodes varia Berio, 1944 Elolo
147 Pteredoa atripalpia Hampson, 1910 Atbara River
148 Rhabdophera exarata (Mabille, 1890) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
149 Ruanda nuda (Holland, 1897) River Darde
150 Seydelia geometrica (Oberthür, 1883) Scioa [Shoa]
151 Spilosoma mediopunctata (Pagenstecher, 1903) Arbarone
152 Spilosoma quadrimacula Toulgoët, 1977 Lalokéli E
153 Stenilema aurantiaca Hampson, 1909 Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
154 Stenilema hailesellassiei (Birket-Smith, 1965) Addis Ababa, University College Campus E
155 Stracena aegrota Le Cerf, 1922 Harar E
156 Stracilla translucida (Oberthür, 1880) Scioa [Shoa], Mahal Uonz
157 Syngatha eremita Hacker, Fiebig & Stadie, 2019 Reg. South Nations, Bonga Guesthouse E
158 Syngatha parascotoides Hacker, 2019 12 km W Jinka, border Mago National Park
159 Syngatha simplicicata Hacker, Fiebig & Stadie, 2019 Reg. South Nations, Sheiko Forest Road Teppi Mizan Teferi E
160 Tegiapa ambiguosa Hacker, Fiebig & Stadie, 2019 Reg. South Nations, road Shishinda-Bonga, 6 km W Wushwush
161 Tegiapa obliqua Hacker, Fiebig & Stadie, 2019 Sidamo, Yabello vic., 10km W road to Konso
162 Tegiapa schreieri Hacker, 2019 Oromia Prov., 6 km ESE Jimma
163 Teracotona abyssinica (Rothschild, 1933) Central Abyssinia [Ethiopia], Maraco [Marako]
164 Teracotona neumanni Rothschild, 1933 SW Abyssinia [Ethiopia], Kambatta E
165 Erebidae Teracotona postalbida (Gaede, 1926) Abyssinia [Ethiopia] E
166 Teracotona clara rubiginea (Toulgoët, 1977) Fisha Genet E
167 Teracotona seminigra (Hampson, 1905) Zegi Tsana [Tana] E
168 Thyretes negus Oberthür, 1878 Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
169 Tigreana nathaliannae Laporte, 1991 Wollo, Ataye E
170 Tigreana sandrae Laporte, 1991 Wollo Ataye E
171 Trigonodes exportata Guenée, 1852 Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
172 Tytroca alabuensis alabuensis Wiltshire, 1970 Alabu
173 Tytroca balnearia mutabilis Hacker, 2016 15 km N of Arba Minch, 2 km after junction to Chencha E
174 Tytroca heterophysa Hacker, 2016 Omo Region, Gemu Gofa Province, Arba Minch E
175 Ulotrichopus phaeoleucus griseus Kühne, 2005 Addis Ababa
176 Utetheisa amhara Jordan, 1939 Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
177 Zekelita heteroleuca Hacker, 2016 Southern Province, 11.2 km W of Bonga E
178 Zekelita lehmanni magnificaria Hacker, 2016 10.5 km W of Weyto E
179 Zekelita nilotica Hacker, 2016 30 km SE of Bahir Dar, Tisisat above Blue Nile falls E
180 Eupterotidae Phiala abyssinica Aurivillius, 1904 Zegi Tsana [Tana] E
181 Phiala bergeri Rougeot, 1975 Bale E
182 Rhodopteriana abyssinica (Rothschild, 1917) Harrar [Harar]
183 Rhodopteriana sidamoensis Darge, 2013 Sidamo Province, near Mega E
184 Euteliidae Eutelia favillatrix (Guenée, 1852) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
185 Stenosticta schreieri Hacker, 2010 3 km N Turmi, Mango Camping Site E
186 Gelechiidae Aphanostola maxima Bidzilya & Mey, 2016 Lake Tana, Bahir Dar E
187 Chrysoesthia parilis (Vári, 1963) Little Akaki River, near Addis Ababa E
188 Stegasta sattleri Bidzilya & Mey, 2011 Addis Ababa
189 Stomopteryx ochrosema Meyrick, 1932 Addis Alam [Alem], ca. 20 miles W. of Addis Ababa E
190 Chiasmia abyssinica Krüger, 2001 Harrar [Harar] E
191 Chiasmia procidata (Guenée, 1858) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
192 Chiasmia streniata (Guenée, 1858) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
193 Chiasmia trinotatula Krüger, 2001 Kabarutar, 56 miles W of Lake Tana E
194 Cleora oculata sidamo Herbulot, 1977 Kébré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
195 Cleora pavlitzkiae etesiae Fletcher, 1967 Harar
196 Coenina dentataria Swinhoe, 1904 Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
197 Comibaena theodori Hausmann & Parisi, 2014 Kaffa Province, 10 km N of Bonga E
198 Drepanogynis nigerrima (Swinhoe, 1904) Abyssinia [Ethiopia] E
199 Epigynopteryx flavedinaria (Guenée, 1857) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
200 Epigynopteryx rougeoti Herbulot, 1977 Dinsho Marshes E
201 Epigynopteryx scotti Fletcher, 1959 Ethiopia N, Simien, near Mindigabsa E
202 Erastria marginata (Swinhoe, 1904) Abyssinia [Ethiopia] E
203 Eupithecia angulata Fletcher, 1951 Harar E
204 Eupithecia dinshoensis Herbulot, 1983 Dinsho Col E
205 Eupithecia incommoda Herbulot, 1983 Dinsho Reserve E
206 Eupithecia inquinata Fletcher, 1950 Lekamti [Naqamte]
207 Geometridae Eupithecia ochralba Herbulot, 1983 Dinsho Reserve E
208 Eupithecia pseudoabbreviata Fletcher, 1951 Harar E
209 Eupithecia rougeoti Herbulot, 1983 Dinsho Reserve E
210 Eupithecia urbanata Fletcher, 1956 Harar E
211 Geodena brunneomarginata Karisch, 2003 Shoa, 50 km W of Adis Ababa E
212 Hemistola aetherea Debauche, 1937 Addis Ababa E
213 Henicovalva negus Krüger, 2017 Dire Daoua [Dawa] E
214 Heterostegane serrata (Fletcher, 1958) Diré Daouá [Dire Dawa]
215 Hydrelia candace Prout, 1929 Addis Ababa E
216 Hypochrosis chiarinii (Oberthür, 1883) Scioa [Shoa]
217 Idaea glomerata (Prout, 1937) Abyssinia [Ethiopia] E
218 Lomographa indularia (Guenée, 1858) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
219 Mimoclystia pudicata cecchii (Oberthür, 1883) Scioa [Shoa], Let-Marefia [Jet Marafia] E
220 Nothofidonia xenoleuca Prout, 1928 Wolisso, between Hauash [Awash] and Omo E
221 Odontopera briela (Debauche, 1937) Mt Chillálo [Chilalo] E
222 Odontopera integraria Guenée, 1858 Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
223 Odontopera protecta Herbulot, 1983 Dinsho Reserve E
224 Omphacodes pulchrifimbria pulchritacta Prout, 1923 Abyssinia [Ethiopia] Central Moraqui [Marako]
225 Oreometra ras Herbulot, 1983 near Mount Batu E
226 Piercia zukwalensis Debauche, 1937 Mt Zukwala/Cuqala
227 Pingasa abyssiniaria (Guenée, 1858) Harar
228 Platypepla bifida Herbulot, 1984 near Kébré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
229 Platypepla uhlenhuthi Krüger, 2001 Diré Daouá [Dire Dawa] E
230 Prasinocyma aquamarina Hausmann, Sciarretta & Parisi, 2016 Bale Mts, 10 km S Rira E
231 Prasinocyma aetheraea (Debauche, 1937) Addis Ababa E
232 Prasinocyma albivenata Herbulot, 1983 Dinsho Marsh E
233 Prasinocyma amharensis Hausmann, Sciarretta & Parisi, 2016 SW Debre Sina & Sembo, Umg. Debre Sina E
234 Prasinocyma angolica pseudopedicata Hausmann, Sciarretta & Parisi, 2016 7 km NW Yabello E
235 Prasinocyma angulifera Hausmann, Sciarretta & Parisi, 2016 southern Bale Mts, Harenna Forest E
236 Prasinocyma batesi distans Hausmann, Sciarretta & Parisi, 2016 Addis Ababa E
237 Prasinocyma baumgaertneri Hausmann, Sciarretta & Parisi, 2016 Harenna Forest E
238 Prasinocyma beryllaria Hausmann, Sciarretta & Parisi, 2016 13 km W Yabello Motel E
239 Prasinocyma bongaensis Hausmann, Sciarretta & Parisi, 2016 Bonga, 12 km E E
240 Prasinocyma discipuncta Hausmann, Sciaretta & Parisi, 2016 16 km SW Kibre Mengist E
241 Prasinocyma fallax Hausmann, Sciarretta & Parisi, 2016 SW. Debre Sina & Sembo, Umg. Debre Sina E
242 Prasinocyma fusca Hausmann, Sciarretta & Parisi, 2016 Harenna Forest E
243 Prasinocyma gajdacsi Prout, 1930 Adis Abeba [Addis Ababa] E
244 Prasinocyma gemmifera Hausmann, Sciaretta & Parisi, 2016 Wushwush, 7.4 km w E
245 Geometridae Prasinocyma germinaria (Guenée, 1857) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
246 Prasinocyma getachewi Hausmann, Sciarretta & Parisi, 2016 Arba Minch E
247 Prasinocyma hailei Debauche, 1937 Addis Ababa E
248 Prasinocyma immaculata thiaucourti Herbulot, 1993 Debre Zeit E
249 Prasinocyma leveneorum Hausmann, Sciarretta & Parisi, 2016 Harenna Forest, Karcha clearing E
250 Prasinocyma lutulenta Hausmann, Sciarretta & Parisi, 2016 Arba Minch E
251 Prasinocyma magica Hausmann, Sciarretta & Parisi, 2016 Mago National park E
252 Prasinocyma monikae Hausmann, Sciarretta & Parisi, 2016 13 km W Yabello, Motel E
253 Prasinocyma pedicata aethiopica Hausmann, Sciarretta & Parisi, 2016 16 km SW Kibre Mengist E
254 Prasinocyma robusta Hausmann, Sciarretta & Parisi, 2016 13 km W Yabello, Motel E
255 Prasinocyma septentrionalis Hausmann, Sciarretta & Parisi, 2016 Arba Minch E
256 Prasinocyma shoa shoa Herbulot, 1993 Debre Zeit E
257 Prasinocyma shoa yabellensis Hausmann, Sciarretta & Parisi, 2016 13 km W Yabello, Motel E
258 Prasinocyma stefani Hausmann, Sciarretta & Parisi, 2016 Bonga, 12 km E E
259 Prasinocyma tranquilla Prout, 1917 NW of Harar, Diredaua [Dire Dawa] E
260 Prasinocyma trematerrai simienensis Hausmann, Sciarretta & Parisi, 2016 Semien Mountains, chennek Camp E
261 Prasinocyma trematerrai trematerrai Hausmann, Sciarretta & Parisi, 2016 Dinsho E
262 Problepsis fiebigi Stadie & Stadie, 2016 Omo Region, Province of Gemu Gofa, Arba Minch E
263 Problepsis neumanni Prout, 1932 Djiren, Djimma [Jimma] E
264 Problepsis sihvoneni Stadie & Stadie, 2016 Sidamo, 13 km W of Yabello, Motel E
265 Protosteira decolorata Herbulot, 1984 Semyen, Sankaber E
266 Rhodometra labdoides Herbulot, 1997 Choa [Shoa], Debré Zeit E
267 Rhodometra plectaria (Guenée, 1857) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
268 Rougeotiella pseudonoctua Herbulot, 1983 Kébré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
269 Scopula erymna Prout, 1928 Gurra, Dagaje E
270 Scopula scotti Debauche, 1937 Addis Ababa
271 Scopula silonaria (Guenée, 1858) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
272 Scopula simplificata Prout, 1928 NE Africa, Ganale River E
273 Sesquialtera lonchota Prout, 1931 Diré Daouá [Dire Dawa], NW of Harrar E
274 Somatina pythiaria (Guenée, 1857) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
275 Tephronia aethiopica Herbulot, 1983 Shoa, Menagesha Forest E
276 Traminda neptunaria (Guenée, 1857) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
277 Trimetopia aetheraria Guenée, 1858 Abyssinia [Ethiopia] E
278 Xanthisthisa copta Herbulot, 1977 Boré Forest E
279 Xanthisthisa terna Herbulot, 1984 Shoa, Menagesha Forest E
280 Xanthorhoe abyssinica Herbulot, 1983 Chensha E
281 Xanthorhoe alta Debauche, 1937 Mt Chillálo, Albaso E
282 Geometridae Xanthorhoe cadra (Debauche, 1937) Mt Chillálo, from forest of Kosso-trees E
283 Xanthorhoe cuneosignata Debauche, 1937 Mt Chillálo, Albaso E
284 Xanthorhoe excelsissima Herbulot, 1977 Mt Batu E
285 Xenimpia sabae amarei Hausmann, 2006 Arba Minch, Region of Omo, Gemu Gofa, E
286 Xylopteryx emunctaria (Guenée, 1858) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
287 Xylopteryx gada Herbulot, 2000 Balé, Harena Forest E
288 Xylopteryx raphaelaria (Oberthür, 1880) Scioa [Shoa] E
289 Zamarada excavata pollex Fletcher, 1974 Jlubador [Ilubabor] Gore E
290 Zamarada hyalinaria (Guenée, 1857) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
291 Zamarada melasma Fletcher, 1974 Dire Daoua [Dire Dawa]
292 Zamarada secutaria (Guenée, 1857) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
293 Zamarada shoa Herbulot, 2002 Shoa, 50 km W of Addis Ababa E
294 Zamarada torrida Fletcher, 1974 Dire Daoua [Dire Dawa]
295 Glyphipterigidae Ussara semicoronis Meyrick, 1932 Jem-Jem Forest E
296 Gracillariidae Acrocercops heteroloba Meyrick, 1932 Jem-Jem Forest E
297 Acrocercops orianassa Meyrick, 1932 Mt Zukwala/Cuqala
298 Caloptilia macropleura (Meyrick, 1932) Jem Jem Forest
299 Metacercops hexactis (Meyrick, 1932) Jem-Jem Forest E
300 Metriochroa carissae Vári, 1963 Addis Ababa, Little Akaki River E
301 Metriochroa scotinopa Vári, 1963 Dabra Zeit [Debre Zeit] E
302 Gracillariidae Porphyrosela homotropha Vári, 1963 Addis Ababa, Little Akaki River E
303 Stomphastis heringi Vári, 1963 Near Addis Ababa, Little Akaki River E
304 Stomphastis horrens (Meyrick, 1932) Jem-Jem Forest E
305 Hesperiidae Abantis meneliki Berger, 1979 Harrar
306 Apallaga menageshae Libert, 2014 Mt Menagesha, NW Addis Abeba
307 Coeliades chalybe immaculata Carpenter, 1935 Alanga River E
308 Coeliades menelik menelik (Ungemach, 1932) Lilmo, dans la pays de Sayo
309 Eretis mixta Evans, 1937 Dire Daouna [Dire Dawa]
310 Metisella formosus mittoni Carcasson, 1961 Mega E
311 Sarangesa lucidella helena Evans, 1947 Harar E
312 Lasiocampidae Beralade perobliqua monostrigata Berio, 1940 Adi-Abuna [in Tigray, Ethiopia] E
313 Bombycopsis abyssinica Joannou & Krüger, 2009 Addis Abeba E
314 Mallocampa toulgoeti Rougeot, 1977 Kébré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
315 Odontocheilopteryx eothina Tams, 1931 Djoubdo [Yubdo], Birbir E
316 Odontocheilopteryx lajonquieri Rougeot, 1977 near Kébré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
317 Pallastica hararia Zolotuhin & Gurkovich, 2009 Harar E
318 Sena donaldsoni rougeoti Lajonquière, 1977 Arba Minch E
319 Sena scotti (Tams, 1931) Djem-Djem [Jem-Jem] Forest
320 Stoermeriana abbayensis (Rougeot, 1984) Bahar-Dar, marais du Nil Bleu, Abbay E
321 Stoermeriana chavailloni (Rougeot, 1984) Melka-Kontouré E
322 Stoermeriana das (Hering, 1928) Eli E
323 Stoermeriana laportei (Rougeot, 1977) Kébré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
324 Stoermeriana murinuscolor (Rougeot, 1984) Shoa, Menagesha Forest E
325 Stoermeriana saanayetae (Rougeot, 1984) Awassa Lake E
326 Stoermeriana tamsi (Rougeot, 1977) Dinsho Marshes, Balé E
327 Stoermeriana viettei (Rougeot, 1977) Dinsho Marshes E
328 Limacodidae Crothaema flava Berio, 1940 Adi-Abuna [in Tigray, Ethiopia] E
329 Hamartia johanni Rougeot, 1977 Kébré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
330 Hamartia medora moulini Rougeot, 1977 Kébré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
331 Jordaniana lactea (Pagenstecher, 1903) Ganale
332 Lycaenidae Anthene amarah (Guérin-Méneville, 1849) Dire Dawa
333 Anthene butleri butleri (Oberthür, 1880) Mantek; Mahal-Uonz
334 Anthene chojnackii Libert, 2010 10 km NW of Neghelli E
335 Anthene confusa Libert, 2010 Touloudimtou [Tullu Dimtu]
336 Anthene contrastata (Ungemach, 1932) Bedelle E
337 Anthene definita nigrocaudata (Pagenstecher, 1902) Ginir E
338 Anthene dulcis (Pagenstecher, 1902) Gambe beim Abasse-See
339 Anthene hodsoni (Talbot, 1935) Kibish River
340 Anthene opalina janna Gabriel, 1949 Fich-Babile Road
341 Anthene opalina opalina Stempffer, 1946 Callafo[Kalafo], Webi Shebeli, Ogaden
342 Anthene pitmani aethiopana Libert, 2010 Ghibe River, Addis Abeba-Jimma road
343 Anthene princeps (Butler, 1876) Atbara*
344 Anthene saddacus (Talbot, 1935) Ethiopia E
345 Anthene suquala (Pagenstecher, 1902) Suquala
346 Axiocerses maureli Dufrane, 1954 Harrar E
347 Azanus jesous (Guérin-Méneville, 1849) Abyssinie [Ethiopia]
348 Cacyreus ethiopicus (Tite, 1961) 25 km north of Quiha E
349 Cacyreus fracta ghimirra Talbot, 1935 Shoa Ghimirra province E
350 Chilades elicola (Strand, 1911) Eli, Ethiopia
351 Deudorix lorisona baronica Ungemach, 1932 Baro River E
352 Deudorix ungemachi Libert, 2004 Ethiopia E
353 Eicochrysops antoto (Strand, 1911) Umgebung unterhalb Antotos [Entoto] E
354 Eicochrysops meryamae Rougeot, 1983 Province de Gondar, environs de Debarek E
355 Eicochrysops messapus sebagadis (Guérin-Méneville, 1849) Abyssinie [Ethiopia]
356 Euchrysops abyssinicus (Aurivillius, 1922) Tchafianani; Debasso E
357 Euchrysops cyclopteris (Butler, 1876) Atbara*
358 Euchrysops mauensis Abyssinia [Ethiopia]e Storace, 1950 Bahrdàr [Bahar Dar] sulle rive meridionali del Lago Tana E
359 Euchrysops nandensis (Neave, 1904) Lake Tana
360 Hypolycaena ogadenensis Stempffer, 1946 Dagahbur, Ogaden E
361 Iolaus crawshayi maureli Dufrane, 1954 Harrar [Harar]
362 Iolaus piaggiae Oberthür, 1883 Kolla di Giagaguè-Agher E
363 Lachnocnema abyssinica Libert, 1996 Dire Daouna [Dawa]
364 Lepidochrysops abyssiniensis abyssiniensis (Strand, 1911) Eli E
365 Lepidochrysops abyssiniensis oculus (Ungemach, 1932) Ouama E
366 Lepidochrysops guichardi Gabriel, 1949 10 miles West of Addis Ababa E
367 Lepidochrysops lunulifer (Ungemach, 1932) Didessa E
368 Lepidochrysops negus (Felder & Felder, 1865) Africa septentrionali-orientalis: Bogo
369 Lepidochrysops pterou lilacina (Ungemach, 1932) Didessa E
370 Lycaenidae Lepidochrysops subvariegata Talbot, 1935 Dirre Dawa E
371 Leptomyrina boschi Strand, 1911 Abyssinie [Ethiopia]n E
372 Lycaena phlaeas pseudophlaeas (Lucas, 1866) Abyssinie [Ethiopia] E
373 Myrina silenus nzoiae Stoneham, 1937 Western Kenya to Ethiopia and Eritrea
374 Pentila pauli ras Talbot, 1935 S.W. Abyssinia [Ethiopia], Pokodi [Bokoji] E
375 Stugeta bowkeri ethiopica (Stempffer & Bennett, 1958) Harrar [Harar] E
376 Tarucus ungemachi Stempffer, 1942 Rivière Baro Abyssinie [Ethiopia] occidentale
377 Thermoniphas colorata (Ungemach, 1932) Youbdo
378 Tuxentius cretosus (Butler, 1876) Atbara*
379 Tuxentius kaffana (Talbot, 1935) Nado’s Province, Yeki; Mocha District, Gamadura E
380 Uranothauma antinorii (Oberthür, 1883) Torrente di Sciotalit
381 Uranothauma nubifer distinctesignatus (Strand, 1911) [Ethiopia] E
382 Zintha hintza resplendens (Butler, 1876) Atbara* E
383 Metarbelidae Aethiopina semicirculata Gaede, 1929 Abyssinia [Ethiopia] E
384 Salagena fetlaworkae Rougeot, 1977 near Koffolé [Koffale] E
385 Teragra lemairei Rougeot, 1977 Dinsho Marches E
386 Teragra villiersi Rougeot, 1977 near Koffolé [Koffale] E
387 Noctuidae Abrostola obliqua Dufay, 1958 Abyssinia [Ethiopia] E
388 Abrostola rougeoti Rougeot, 1977 near Koffolé [Koffale] E
389 Acontia albatrigona Hacker, Legrain & Fibiger, 2008 Arba Minch Region, Omo, Province Gemu, Gofa
390 Acontia amarei Hacker, Legrain & Fibiger, 2010 Gamu-Gofa Province, 10.5 km W of Weyto E
391 Acontia amhara Hacker, Legrain & Fibiger, 2008 Gamu-Gofa Province, 8 km N of Turmi E
392 Acontia proesei Hacker, Legrain & Fibiger, 2008 Valley of the river Tekezé, 30 km N of Gashena E
393 Acontia robertbecki Hacker, Legrain & Fibiger, 2010 Arba Minch Region, Gemu Gofa Province E
394 Acontia ruficincta Hampson, 1910 Atbara* E
395 Acontia secta Guenée, 1852 Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
396 Acontia uhlenhuthi Hacker, Legrain & Fibiger, 2008 Diré Daouá [Dire Dawa] E
397 Acontiola boursini (Berio, 1940) Lekemti [Naqamte]
398 Acrapex abbayei Laporte, 1984 Dinsho Reserve E
399 Acrapex apexangula Laporte, 1984 near Koffolé [Koffale] E
400 Acrapex ausseili Laporte, 1984 Fisha Genet E
401 Acrapex franeyae Laporte, 1984 Dinsho Reserve E
402 Acrapex genrei Laporte, 1984 Dinsho Reserve E
403 Acrapex girardi Laporte, 1984 Dinsho Reserve E
404 Acrapex guiffrayorum Laporte, 1984 Dinsho Reserve E
405 Acrapex mastawatae Laporte, 1984 Arba Minch E
406 Acrapex matilei Laporte, 1984 Dinsho Reserve E
407 Acrapex satanas Laporte, 1984 Dinsho Reserve E
408 Acrapex soyema Le Ru, 2017 Gibe, Soyema Bridge E
409 Acrapex ulmii Laporte, 1991 Koffole [Koffale] E
410 Acrapex zaouditou Laporte, 1991 Koffole [Koffale] E
411 Aedia albirena (Hampson, 1926) Taddecha Mullha
412 Noctuidae Aedia konsonata Hacker, 2016 Konso E
413 Aedia marmoreata Hacker, 2016 12 km W of Jinka
414 Aegocera ferrugo Jordan, 1926 Hora Daka E
415 Agrotis baleense Laporte, 1977 Dinsho, Bale Reserve
416 Agrotis cinchonina Guenée, 1852 Abyssinia [Ethiopia] E
417 Agrotis debivari (Berio, 1962) Africa Orientale Italiana, Debivar E
418 Agrotis separata Guenée, 1852 Abyssinia [Ethiopia] E
419 Amazonides berioi (Laporte, 1984) Lekemti [Naqamte] E
420 Amazonides berliozi Laporte, 1974 Dinsho Col E
421 Amazonides dubiomeodes Laporte, 1977 Kébré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
422 Amazonides ezanai (Laporte, 1984) Kébré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
423 Amazonides fumigera Laporte, 1977 Dinsho Marshes E
424 Amazonides koffoleense Laporte, 1977 Koffolé [Koffale] E
425 Amazonides laheuderiae Laporte, 1984 Abba Hoye-Gara E
426 Amazonides pseudoberliozi Rougeot & Laporte, 1983 Simyen, Sankaber E
427 Amazonides putrefacta (Guenée, 1852) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
428 Amazonides ungemachi (Laporte, 1984) Ioubdo, Birbir, Nole Kabe E
429 Amazonides zarajakobi Laporte, 1984 Dinsho Marshes E
430 Amphia hepialoides Guenée, 1852 Abyssinia [Ethiopia]antio E
431 Aporophoba subaustralis Berio, 1977 Addis Ababa E
432 Apospasta albirenalis Laporte, 1974 Mt Batu E
433 Apospasta diffusa Laporte, 1974 Dinsho Col E
434 Apospasta erici Laporte, 1984 Dinsho Reserve E
435 Apospasta incongrua Laporte, 1974 Dinsho Col E
436 Apospasta maryamae Laporte, 1974 Dinsho Marshes E
437 Apospasta niger Laporte, 1974 Dinsho Marshes E
438 Apospasta rougeoti Laporte, 1991 Boré Forest
439 Apospasta rufa Laporte, 1991 Choa [Shoa], Menageshah [Menegasha] Forest E
440 Apospasta sabulosa Fletcher, 1959 Simien, Lori E
441 Apospasta thomasi Laporte, 1991 Addis Ababa E
442 Ariathisa abyssinia (Guenée, 1852) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
443 Aspidifrontia ungemachi (Laporte, 1978) Metti E
444 Athetis aeschrioides Berio, 1940 Adi-Abuni [in Tigray, Ethiopia]
445 Athetis carayoni Laporte, 1977 Dinsho col E
446 Athetis viettei Laporte, 1991 Choa [Shoa], Melka-Kontoure [Melka Konture] E
447 Axylia aregashae Laporte, 1984 near Kébré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
448 Axylia bryi Laporte, 1984 Dinsho Marshes E
449 Axylia destefanii Berio, 1944 El-Dire
450 Axylia gabriellae Laporte, 1975 Boré Forest E
451 Axylia marthae Laporte, 1984 near Koffolé [Koffale] E
452 Axylia orbicularis Laporte, 1984 near Kébré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
453 Axylia sanyetiensis Laporte, 1984 near Mt Batu E
454 Axylia vespertina Laporte, 1984 near Kébré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
455 Batuana abbahoyegarana Rougeot, 1983 Abba Hoye-Gara, Wollo E
456 Batuana exspectata Laporte & Rougeot, 1981 Gojam, Mt Choke E
457 Batuana lobeliarum Laporte, 1976 near Dinsho E
458 Batuana rougeoti Laporte, 1976 near Mt Batu E
459 Noctuidae Berionycta beckroberti Kiss, 2017 15 km E of Yabello E
460 Berionycta behouneki Kiss, 2017 13 km W of Yabello E
461 Berionycta berioi Kiss, 2017 12 km NNE of Arba Minch E
462 Berionycta nigra Kiss, 2017 15 km E of Yabello E
463 Berionycta orbicularis Kiss, 2017 15 km E of Yabello E
464 Berionycta ponticamima Kiss, 2017 15 km E of Yabello E
465 Capillamentum gelleyi Laporte, 1984 Addis Ababa E
466 Caradrina atriluna Guenée, 1852 Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
467 Caradrina torpens Guenée, 1852 Abyssinia [Ethiopia] E
468 Carcharoda erlangeri Rothschild, 1924 Waute Merehan [Mreham] E
469 Cirrodes rosaceus Rothschild, 1924 Waute Merehan [Mreham] E
470 Claudaxylia dinshoense Laporte, 1984 Dinsho Reserve E
471 Compsotata corneliae Behounek & Beck, 2012 Bale Mountains, Province of Bale, Hangasso E
472 Conservula ludocaroli (Laporte, 1991) Debre Zeit E
473 Conservula scriptura (Rougeot & Laporte, 1983) Simyen, Sankaber E
474 Cucullia simoneaui Laporte, 1976 Bale Reserve, Dinsho E
475 Cucullia tedjicolora Laporte, 1977 Kébré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
476 Eucladodes achrorophilus Laporte, 1976 Near Mt Batu E
477 Eucladodes baleensis Laporte, 1976 Bale Reserve E
478 Euplexia imperator Laporte, 1984 Dinsho Marshes E
479 Euplexia mercieri Laporte, 1984 Arussi, near Koffolé [Koffale] E
480 Euplexia pinoni Laporte, 1984 Kébré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
481 Euplexia shoana Laporte, 1984 Shoa, near Hosana E
482 Euxoa dodolaense Laporte, 1984 Road to Dodola E
483 Euxoa montigenarum Rougeot & Laporte, 1983 Simyen, Sankaber E
484 Euxoa semyenensis Laporte, 1991 Sankaber E
485 Euxoa waliarum Rougeot & Laporte, 1983 Simyen, Sankaber E
486 Feliniopsis duponti Laporte, 1974 near Kebré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist]
487 Feliniopsis germainae Laporte, 1975 near Kebré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
488 Feliniopsis insolita Hacker & Fibiger, 2007 Addis Ababa, Sholla E
489 Feliniopsis jinka Hacker, 2010 Gamu-Gofa Province, 10 km W of Jinka
490 Feraxinia jemjemensis (Laporte, 1984) Kébré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
491 Heliophobus africana Berio, 1977 Addis Ababa E
492 Heliothis saskai (Berio, 1975) Addis Ababa E
493 Hemituerta mahdi (Pagenstecher, 1903) Hanadscho [Dinsho district]
494 Heraclia viettei Kiriakoff, 1973 Nole Kaba E
495 Hermonassoides abyssinica (Berio, 1975) Addis Ababa E
496 Hermonassoides dinshoensis (Laporte, 1977) Dinsho Marshes E
497 Hermonassoides marmorata (Laporte, 1977) Fisha Genet E
498 Hermonassoides mauricei (Laporte, 1975) Koffale
499 Hermonassoides mendeboense (Laporte, 1984) Dinsho E
500 Hermonassoides minosi (Laporte, 1991) Managesha Forest E
501 Hermonassoides scipioni (Laporte, 1977) Dinsho, Bale Reserve E
502 Hiccoda clarae Berio, 1947 Ogaden, Uarder [Warder] E
503 Hyperfrontia direae Berio, 1962 Dire-Daoua [Dire Dawa] E
504 Hyperfrontia limbata Berio, 1962 El-Dire E
505 Koffoleania michaellae Laporte, 1977 near Koffolé [Koffale] E
506 Leucania aedesiusi Rougeot & Laporte, 1983 Simyen, Sankaber E
507 Leucania argyrina Laporte, 1984 Bahar Dar E
508 Noctuidae Leucania claudicans Guenée, 1852 Abyssinia [Ethiopia] E
509 Leucania cyprium (Laporte, 1984) Dinsho Marshes E
510 Leucania fasilidasi (Laporte, 1984) Dinsho Marshes E
511 Leumicamia oreias (Fletcher, 1959) Simien, above Lori E
512 Leumicamia palustris Laporte, 1976 Dinsho Marshes E
513 Leumicamia venustissima (Laporte, 1974) Bale Reserve E
514 Lophotarsia girmai Laporte, 1975 Arba Minch E
515 Lophotarsia leucoplagoides (Berio, 1941) El-Dire E
516 Lophotarsia theresae Beck & Behounek, 2013 Bale Mountains National Park, region Oromia/Sidamo, Province of Bale, 4 km W of Sura E
517 Maghadena ingridae Laporte, 1977 Dinsho Reserve, Balé E
518 Maliattha eburnea Hacker, 2016 Oroma Province, 6 km ESE of Jimma
519 Matopo berhanoui Laporte, 1984 Melka-Kontouré [Konture] E
520 Mentaxya bruneli Laporte, 1975 near Kebré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
521 Mentaxya fouqueae Laporte, 1974 Boré Forest
522 Mentaxya inconstans Laporte, 1984 Dinsho Marshes E
523 Mentaxya lacteifrons Laporte, 1984 Kébré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
524 Michelliana afroalpina Laporte, 1976 near Mt Batu E
525 Micraxylia antemedialis Laporte, 1975 near Kebré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
526 Micraxylia hypericoides Berio, 1962 Oromo e Sidamo, Neghelli [Neghelle] E
527 Micraxylia lividoradiata (Berio, 1940) Adi-Abuna [in Tigray, Ethiopia] E
528 Mythimna altiphila Hreblay & Legrain, 1996 Addis Abeba [Ababa]
529 Mythimna amlaki Laporte, 1984 Near Mt Batu E
530 Mythimna bisetulata (Berio, 1940) Adi-Abuna [in Tigray, Ethiopia] E
531 Mythimna germanae Laporte, 1991 Melka Kontouré E
532 Neostichtis teruworkae Laporte, 1984 Near Hosana E
533 Nocthadena griseoviridis Laporte, 1976 Near Mt Batu E
534 Numeniastes selenis Fletcher, 1963 Harar
535 Nyodes biardi Laporte, 1984 Shashemane E
536 Ochropleura sidamona Laporte, 1977 Fisha-Genet
537 Odontestra richinii Berio, 1940 Adi-Abuna [in Tigray, Ethiopia] E
538 Odontestra variegata Berio, 1940 Adi-Abuna [in Tigray, Ethiopia]
539 Odontestra vitta Berio, 1975 Addis Ababa E
540 Oligia adactricula Guenée, 1852 Abyssinie [Ethiopia] E
541 Oligia arbaminchensis Laporte, 1991 Arba Minch E
542 Oligia genettae Laporte, 1991 Kebre-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
543 Omphalestra nellyae (Berio, 1939) Adua [in Ethiopia] E
544 Ozarba alberti phaeoxantha Hacker, 2016 Dire Dawa
545 Ozarba didymochra Hacker, 2016 Gamu-Gofa Province, 8 km E of Weyto E
546 Ozarba fuscundosa Hacker, 2016 Oromia, 3 km NNE of Finchawa
547 Ozarba grisescens Berio, 1947 Harrar [Harar], Dire Daua [Dire Dawa]
548 Ozarba latizonata Hacker, 2016 Gamu-Gofa Province, 8 km E of Weyto
549 Ozarba naumanni Hacker, 2016 Gamo Gofa Province, Konso E
550 Noctuidae Ozarba permutata Hacker, 2016 20 km ESE of Sashemene, Wondo Genet
551 Ozarba rubrofusca Berio, 1947 Ogaden, Uarder [Werder] E
552 Ozarba tenuis Hacker, 2016 Province of Gamo Gofa, 8 km N of Turmi E
553 Ozarba uhlenhuthi Hacker, 2016 Dire Dawa E
554 Phyllophila corgatha Berio, 1984 Arba Minch E
555 Phyllophila richinii Berio, 1940 Adi-Abuna [in Tigray, Ethiopia] E
556 Pseudozarba nilotica Hacker, 2016 30 km SE of Bahir Dar, Tisisat above Blue Nile Falls E
557 Pusillathetis fiorii Berio, 1976 Uarder [Warder in Ogaden]
558 Ramesodes oblonga Berio, 1976 Adi Abuna [in Tigray, Ethiopia]
559 Rhodochlaena dinshoense Laporte, 1974 Dinsho Marshes E
560 Rougeotia abyssinica (Hampson, 1918) Kutai Mecha E
561 Rougeotia aethiopica Laporte, 1974 Dinsho swamp E
562 Rougeotia ludovici Laporte, 1974 Bale Reserve E
563 Rougeotia ludovicoides Laporte, 1977 Dinsho Marshes E
564 Rougeotia obscura Laporte, 1974 Dinsho Col E
565 Rougeotia roseogrisea Laporte, 1974 Near Mt Batu E
566 Rougeotia rougeoti Laporte, 1984 Mt Batu Forest E
567 Schinia ennatae (Laporte, 1984) Addis Ababa E
568 Schinia magdalenae (Laporte, 1976) Bale Reserve, Dinsho E
569 Schinia ungemachi (Berio, 1945) Oromo Sidamo, Uollega [Wollega] E
570 Schinia xanthiata (Berio, 1940) Adi-Abuna [in Tigray, Ethiopia] E
571 Sciomesa boulardi (Laporte, 1984) near Koffolé [Koffale] E
572 Sciomesa excelsa (Laporte, 1976) Near Mt Batu E
573 Sciomesa franciscae Laporte, 1991 Choa, Hosana E
574 Sciomesa secata Berio, 1977 Addis Ababa E
575 Sesamia enanouae Laporte, 1991 Gojam, Bahr-Dar, marais du Nil Bleu E
576 Sesamia roumeti Laporte, 1991 Gojam, Bahr-Dar E
577 Solgaitiana petrosi Laporte, 1984 Kébré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
578 Spodoptera excelsa Rougeot & Laporte, 1983 Simyen, Sankaber E
579 Subnoctua arbaminchensis Laporte, 1984 Arba Minch E
580 Thiacidas robertbecki Hacker & Zilli, 2007 Awassa, Awassa Lake, Bale Region E
581 Tholeropsis decimata Berio, 1977 Addis Ababa E
582 Tholeropsis uncinata Berio, 1977 Addis Ababa E
583 Thysanoplusia asapheia (Dufay, 1977) near Koffolé [Koffale]
584 Thysanoplusia dolera Dufay, 1977 near Koffolé [Koffale] E
585 Timora flavocarnea Hampson, 1903 Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
586 Timora zavattarii Berio, 1944 El-Dire E
587 Tracheplexia annabellae Laporte, 1991 Menagesha Forest E
588 Tracheplexia colettae Laporte, 1991 Gemu-Gofa, Arba-Minch E
589 Tracheplexia leguerni Laporte, 1984 Fort Wosha E
590 Tracheplexia petryvesi Laporte, 1991 Menagesha Forest E
591 Tracheplexia richinii Berio, 1973 Adiu Abuna [in Tigray, Ethiopia]
592 Tycomarptes adami Laporte, 1974 Dinsho Col E
593 Tycomarptes aethiopica Laporte, 1974 Mt Batu E
594 Tycomarptes berioi Laporte, 1974 Boré Forest E
595 Tycomarptes bipuncta Laporte, 1974 Boré Forest E
596 Tycomarptes bipunctatoides Laporte, 1974 near Koffolé [Koffale] E
597 Noctuidae Tycomarptes gelladarum Rougeot & Laporte, 1983 Simyen, Sankaber E
598 Tycomarptes inferior (Guenée, 1852) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
599 Tycomarptes journiaci Laporte, 1977 Near Mt Batu E
600 Tycomarptes limoni Laporte, 1974 near Koffolé [Koffale] E
601 Tycomarptes semyensis Rougeot & Laporte, 1983 Simyen, Sankaber E
602 Tycomarptes thibauti Laporte, 1974 Boré Forest E
603 Vietteania chojnackii (Laporte, 1984) Dinsho Marshes E
604 Nolidae Arcyophora zanderi Felder & Rogenhofer, 1875 Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
605 Bryophilopsis martinae Laporte, 1991 Gemu-Gofa, Konso E
606 Characoma adiabunensis Berio, 1940 Adi-Abuna [in Tigray, Ethiopia] E
607 Earias richinii Berio, 1940 Adi-Abuni [in Tigray, Ethiopia]
608 Eligma neumanni Rothschild, 1924 Blue Nile, Abera Koritscha, Uata Dera E
609 Escarpamenta damarana abyssinica Hacker, 2013 6 km E of Weyto, Weyto River E
610 Evonima littoralis abyssinica Hacker, 2012 Southern Province, Jinka, Mago National Park, 350 m SW of Headquarter, E
611 Gigantoceras villiersi Laporte, 1975 Arba Minch E
612 Meganola cerographa Hacker, 2012 Oromia District, 6.5 km N of Bonga E
613 Meganola coffeana Hacker, 2012 Oromia Province, 6.5 km NE of Shebe
614 Meganola ethiopica Hacker, 2012 Addis Ababa E
615 Meganola harenna Hacker, 2014 Harenna Forest, Karcha Camp Ground E
616 Meganola leucometabola Hacker, 2012 Oromia Province, 6.5 km N of Bonga
617 Meganola longisigna Hacker, 2012 Oromia Region, 1km W. of village Aluweya
618 Meganola lupii Hacker & Hausmann, 2012 Oromia Province, 13 km S. of Agere Maryam E
619 Meganola pachygrapha Hacker, 2012 Oromia Province, 6.5 km N of Bonga
620 Meganola poliovittata Hacker, 2012 Oromia Province, 6 km ESE of Jimma E
621 Meganola pyrrhomorpha Hacker, 2012 Oromia Province, 6.5 km N of Bonga E
622 Meganola simillima Hacker, 2012 Oromia District, 13 km S of Agere Maryam E
623 Meganola stadiensis Hacker, 2014 Harenna Forest, Karcha Camp Ground E
624 Meganola stigmatolalis Hacker, 2012 Southern Province, 23 km WSW of Welkite, Gibe River
625 Meganola unilineata Hacker, 2012 Southern Province, 11.2 km W of Bonga E
626 Neaxestis mesogonia Hampson, 1905 Atbara R.
627 Nola abyssinica Hacker, 2012 Oromia Province, 13 km S of Agere Maryam
628 Nola afrotaeniata Hacker, 2012 12 km W Jinka, border Mago National Park
629 Nola amhara Hacker, 2012 Addis Ababa
630 Nola angensteini Hacker, 2012 Afar Region, NE of Mile Serdo Wildlife Refuge, Tendaho
631 Nolidae Nola balealpina Hacker, 2012 Oromia Province, Bale Mountains National Park, Disho E
632 Nola calochromata Hacker, 2014 Harenna Forest, Harenna Forest Road E
633 Nola destituta Hacker, 2012 Oromia Province, 8 km W of Nazret E
634 Nola jarzabekae Hacker, 2012 Oromia Province, Abiyata-Shala-Hayak National Park E
635 Nola omphalota euroetes Hacker, 2012 Oromia Province, 6 km ESE of Jimma
636 Nola socotrensis vansoni Hacker, 2012 12 km W Jinka, border Mago NP
637 Nola sphaeromorpha Hacker, 2012 Oromia Province, 13 km S of Agere Maryam, E
638 Nolidia platygrapha Hacker, 2012 Amhara Region, W of Mirab, Gojam Zone, 15 km NW of Bahar Dar E
639 Notodontidae Afroplitis quadratus (Viette, 1954) River Baro E
640 Antheua birbirana Viette, 1954 middle course of Birbir, Youbdo E
641 Antheua gaedei Kiriakoff, 1962 Addis Ababa E
642 Antheua trivitta (Hampson, 1910) Abyssinia [Ethiopia] E
643 Antistaura decorata Kiriakoff, 1965 Derdaua, North-East of Harrar E
644 Boscawenia nora (Pagenstecher, 1903) Ganale E
645 Desmeocraera kiriakoffi Thiaucourt, 1977 near Kébré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
646 Eutimia smithii Holland, 1897 Dombalok E
647 Polelassothys callista abyssinica Viette, 1954 Moy. Dedissa [Didessa] E
648 Psalisodes saalfeldi Kiriakoff, 1979 Al Abed E
649 Scalmicauda azebae Thiaucourt, 1977 near Kébré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
650 Thaumetopoea apologetica abyssinica Strand, 1911 Addis Ababa
651 Tricholoba rougeoti Thiaucourt, 1977 Arba Minch E
652 Nymphalidae Acraea aganice orientalis (Ungemach, 1932) Bouré
653 Acraea alcinoe nado (Ungemach, 1932) Bouré E
654 Acraea chilo chilo Godman, 1880 Kalamet, Sebka Valley
655 Acraea doubledayi Guérin-Méneville, 1849 Abyssinie [Ethiopia]
656 Acraea epaea homochroa (Rothschild & Jordan, 1905) Banka, Malo E
657 Acraea kakana Eltringham, 1911 Adie Kaka, Kafa E
658 Acraea oscari Rothschild, 1902 Banka, Malo E
659 Acraea poggei ras (Ungemach, 1932) Oullaga [Wollega] E
660 Acraea zetes sidamona Rothschild & Jordan, 1905 Alata, Sidamo E
661 Acraea zoumi Pierre, 1995 Ethiopia E
662 Amauris echeria steckeri Kheil, 1890 Abessynia
663 Amauris hecate stictica Rothschild & Jordan, 1903 Anderatscha E
664 Amauris niavius aethiops Rothschild & Jordan, 1903 Anderatscha
665 Amauris ochlea darius Rothschild & Jordan, 1903 Anderatscha
666 Antanartia abyssinica (C. & R. Felder, [1867]) Ethiopia E
667 Antanartia schaeneia diluta Rothschild & Jordan, 1903 Kaffa E
668 Argynnis hyperbius neumanni Rothschild, 1902 Kaffa E
669 Aterica galene incisa Rothschild & Jordan, 1903 between Kankati and Djibbe, Djimma [Jimma] E
670 Nymphalidae Bicyclus pavonis (Butler, 1876) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
671 Bicyclus safitza aethiops (Rothschild & Jordan, 1905) Lake Abassi E
672 Charaxes etesipe abyssinicus Rothschild, 1900 Sciotalit, Sxioa [Shoa] E
673 Charaxes eurinome birbirica (Ungemach, 1932) Youbdo
674 Charaxes figini van Someren, 1969 Eritaea, Setit, El Eghin [Ethiopia]
675 Charaxes galawadiwosi Plantrou & Rougeot, 1979 Arba-Minch E
676 Charaxes hansali hansali Van Someren, 1971 Africa septentrionali-orientalis: Bogos
677 Charaxes jahlusa ganalensis Carpenter, 1937 Salakle, Ganale river”
678 Charaxes junius junius Oberthür, 1883 Scioa [Shoa] E
679 Charaxes junius somalicus Rothschild, 1900 Harrar Highlands, Somaliland
680 Charaxes kirki daria Rothschild, 1903 Jabalo E
681 Charaxes lactetinctus ungemachi Le Cerf, 1927 Youbdo (Birir)
682 Charaxes larseni Rydon, 1982 Jambo area, Nanji Hill E
683 Charaxes numenes neumanni Rothschild, 1902 Wori to Gamitscha, Kaffa E
684 Charaxes pelias pagenstecheri Poulton, 1926 S Ethiopia
685 Charaxes phoebus Butler, 1866 Abyssinia [Ethiopia] E
686 Charaxes rectans Rothschild & Jordan, 1903 Upper Urga, Kollu, Schoa [Shoa]
687 Charaxes saturnus pagenstecheri Poulton, 1926 S. Abyssinia [Ethiopia] E
688 Charaxes sidamo Plantrou & Rougeot, 1979 Kébré-Mengist [Kibre Mengist] E
689 Charaxes tiridates marginatus Rothschild & Jordan, 1903 Scheko E
690 Eronia cleodora cleodora Hübner, [1823] Ethiopia
691 Eronia leda (Boisduval, 1847) Marako
692 Euphaedra caerulescens submarginalis Hecq, 1997 [Ethiopia?] E
693 Euphaedra castanoides deficiens Hecq, 1997 West, Didessa River E
694 Euphaedra medon abouna Ungemach, 1932 Youbdo E
695 Euphaedra neumanni Rothschild, 1902 Scheko [Sheko]
696 Euphaedra sarita abyssinica Rothschild, 1902 Kankati forest, Djimma E
697 Eurytela hiarbas abyssinica Rothschild & Jordan, 1903 Banka E
698 Euxanthe eurinome birbirica Ungemach, 1932 Youbdo
699 Hypolimnas salmacis platydema Rothschild & Jordan, 1903 Scheko E
700 Junonia terea fumata (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903) Gillet Mountains
701 Lasiommata maderakal (Guérin-Méneville, 1849) Abyssinie [Ethiopia]
702 Melitaea abyssinica Oberthür, 1909 Abyssinie [Ethiopia] E
703 Neptis nemetes obtusa Rothschild & Jordan, 1903 Scheko E
704 Phalanta eurytis microps (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903) Walenso [Woliso], Gillet Mts E
705 Phalanta phalantha aethiopica (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903) Gillet Mts
706 Pseudacraea boisduvalii sayonis Ungemach, 1932 Oumbi E
707 Pseudacraea eurytus mimoras Ungemach, 1932 Oumbi E
708 Pseudacraea lucretia walensensis (Sharpe, 1896) Waenso [Woliso] E
709 Sevenia boisduvali kaffana (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903) Godjeb to Bonga, Kaffa E
710 Nymphalidae Telchinia aurivillii schecana Rothschild & Jordan, 1905 Scheko [Sheiko] E
711 Telchinia bonasia banka Eltringham, 1912 Banka, Malo
712 Telchinia guichardi Gabriel, 1949 Lekempti E
713 Telchinia jodutta aethiops Rothschild & Jordan, 1905 Dereta Mts E
714 Telchinia necoda Hewitson, 1861
Abyssinia [Ethiopia] E
715 Telchinia peneleos gelonica (Rothschild & Jordan, 1905) Upper Gelo River E
716 Telchinia perenna kaffana (Rothschild, 1902) Kaffa E
717 Telchinia pharsalus rhodina Rothschild, 1902 Kaffa E
718 Telchinia rangatana maji Carpenter, 1935 Maji Province E
719 Telchinia safie antinorii (Oberthür, 1880) Mahal-Uonz E
720 Telchinia safie safie (C. & R. Felder, 1865) Abyssinia [Ethiopia] Meridionalis E
721 Telchinia ungemachi (Le Cerf, 1927) Youbdo (Birbi) E
722 Tirumala formosa neumanni (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903) Kaffa E
723 Vanessa abyssinica abyssinica Vane-Wright & Hughes, 2007 Ethiopia
724 Ypthima impura paupera Ungemach, 1932 Soubé-Boro
725 Ypthima simplicia Butler, 1876 Atbara*
726 Papilionidae Graphium almansor birbiri (Ungemach, 1932) Baro E
727 Graphium angolanus baronis (Ungemach, 1932) Baro
728 Papilio arnoldiana Vane-Wright, 1995 S.W. Abyssinia [Ethiopia], Grine E
729 Papilio dardanus antinorii Oberthür, 1883 Abissinia, Feleklek and Sciotalit E
730 Papilio echerioides leucospilus Rothschild, 1902 Gara Mulata near Harar” E
731 Papilio echerioides oscari Rothschild, 1902 Kaffa and Djima [Jimma] E
732 Papilio microps Storace, 1951 Shoa, Abyssinia [Ethiopia] centrale
733 Papilio nireus pseudonireus Felder & Felder, 1865 Africa Septentrionali Oriental, Bogos
734 Papilio rex abyssinicana Vane-wright, 1995 S. W. Abyssinia [Ethiopia], Ganji River E
735 Papilio wilsoni Rothschild, 1926 Nubar Hills, Taldi E
736 Pieridae Appias sylvia abyssinica Talbot, 1932 Joubda (Birbir) E
737 Belenois gidica abyssinica (Lucas, 1852) Abyssinie [Ethiopia] E
738 Belenois gidica hypoxantha (Ungemach, 1932) Gambela E
739 Belenois raffrayi (Oberthür, 1878) Lac de Tzana [Lake Tana]
740 Belenois subeida hailo (Ungemach, 1932) Nolé Kaba [in Wollega] E
741 Belenois thysa tricolor Talbot, 1943 Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
742 Belenois zochalia gada (Ungemach, 1932) Nole-Kaba [in Wollega] E
743 Colias electo meneliki Berger, 1940 Gondar
744 Colias erate marnoana Rogenhofer, 1884 Ethiopia
745 Colotis antevippe zera (Lucas, 1852) Abyssinie [Ethiopia]
746 Colotis celimene celimene (Lucas, 1852) Abyssinie [Ethiopia]
747 Colotis danae eupompe (Klug, 1829) in Arabia deserta, in Sinai monte, in Dongala et Habessinia
748 Colotis euippe exole (Reiche, 1850) Abyssinie [Ethiopia]
749 Colotis hetaera aspasia (Ungemach, 1932) Baro
750 Colotis phisadia ocellatus (Butler, 1886) Somali-land [False locality] E
751 Colotis ungemachi (Le Cerf, 1922) N Ethiopia E
752 Dixeia charina septentrionalis (Bernardi, 1958) Djemdjem E
753 Pieridae Eronia leda pupillata Strand, 1911 Marako E
754 Euchloe belemia abyssinica Riley, 1928 Mt. Chillalo E
755 Eurema desjardinsii regularis (Butler, 1876) Atbara*
756 Leptosia alcesta pseudonuptilla Bernardi, 1959 Haute-Orguessa
757 Mylothris erlangeri Pagenstecher, 1902 Gewidscha E
758 Mylothris mortoni balkis Ungemach, 1932 Alenga E
759 Mylothris mortoni mortoni Blachier, 1912 Kaffa, dans l’Abyssinie [Ethiopia] meridionale” E
760 Mylothris rueppellii (Koch, 1865) Abessynica
761 Mylothris sagala swaynei Butler, 1899 Harar Highlands E
762 Mylothris yulei amhara Ungemach, 1932 Alenga E
763 Pieris brassicoides Guérin-Méneville, 1849 Abyssinie [Ethiopia]
764 Pontia daplidice aethiops (De Joannis & Verity, 1913) Abyssinie [Ethiopia] E
765 Plutellidae Lepocnemis metapelista Meyrick, 1932 Jem-Jem Forest E
766 Plutella dryoxyla Meyrick, 1932 Mt Chillálo E
767 Plutella oxylopha Meyrick, 1932 Mt Chillálo E
768 Plutella stichocentra Meyrick, 1932 Mt Chillálo E
769 Psychidae Acanthopsyche chrysora Bourgogne, 1980 Arba Minch E
770 Oiketicoides aethiopica Bourgogne, 1991 Wollo, Lalibela E
771 Taleporia aethiopica Strand, 1911 Mahenge E
772 Pterophoridae Cosmoclostis gorbunovi Ustjuzhanin & Kovtunovich, 2011 West Shewa, 2 km S of Ambo E
773 Hellinsia aethiopicus (Amsel, 1963) Gembi
774 Hellinsia ambo Ustjuzhanin & Kovtunovich, 2011 West Shewa, 2 km S of Ambo
775 Hellinsia bigoti (Rougeot, 1983) Simyen, Sankaber E
776 Hellinsia negus (Gibeaux, 1994) Wondo-Genet E
777 Merrifieldia lonnvei Gielis, 2011 Amhara Region, S of Debub, Gondar zone, 8 km NW of Addis Zemen, Highway 3 E
778 Paracapperia esuriens Meyrick, 1932 Jem Jem Forest
779 Platyptilia daemonica Meyrick, 1932 Jem Jem Forest E
780 Platyptilia gondarensis Gibeaux, 1994 Gondar Province
781 Platyptilia implacata Meyrick, 1932 Jem Jem Forest E
782 Pterophorus lindneri (Amsel, 1963) Gore E
783 Stenoptilia aethiopica Gibeaux, 1994 Sidamo, Wondo-Genet
784 Stenoptilia amharae Gielis, 2011 Amhara Region, Semien North, Gondar zone, 17 km NEE of Debark, Simien Mts National Park E
785 Stenoptilia rougeoti Gibeaux, 1994 Bale, marais de Dinsho E
786 Stenoptilia tyropiesta Meyrick, 1932 Mt Chillálo E
787 Pyralidae Aglossodes dureti (Rougeot, 1977) Arba Minch E
788 Aglossodes navattae Rougeot, 1977 Arba Minch E
789 Bostra excelsa Rougeot, 1984 near Mt Batu E
790 Bostra pseudoexcelsa Rougeot, 1984 Arba Minch E
791 Dembea venulosella Ragonot, 1888 Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
792 Ematheudes pollex Shaffer, 1998 Kosogay Wagra E
793 Emmalocera erythrinella (Ragonot, 1888) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
794 Endotricha ellisoni Whalley, 1963 Harar
795 Harraria rufipicta Hampson, 1930 Harrar [Harar] E
796 Loryma albilinealis Hampson, 1917 Diré Daouá [Dire Dawa] E
797 Pyralidae Megarthridia christyi Rougeot, 1984 Arba Minch E
798 Nussia rougeoti Leraut, 2015 Koffolé [Koffale]
799 Saturniidae Aurivillius cadioui Bouyer, 2008 100 kn E of Addis Ababa E
800 Bunaeopsis birbiri Bouvier, 1929 Joubdo (Birbir) E
801 Bunaeopsis oubie (Guérin-Méneville, 1849) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
802 Eosia digennaroi Bouyer, 2008 Bale, S of Omar
803 Epiphora antinorii (Oberthür, 1880) Scioa [Shoa], Mahal Uonz [Awash River]
804 Epiphora bauhiniae atbarina (Butler, 1877) Atbara*
805 Epiphora fourneri Rougeot, 1974 Road Koffolé-Arussi [Koffale- Arsi]
806 Gonimbrasia belina abayana Rougeot, 1977 Arba Minch E
807 Gonimbrasia belina felderi Rothschild, 1895 Bogos E
808 Gonimbrasia ellisoni Lemaire, 1962 Harar E
809 Gonimbrasia fletcheri Rougeot, 1960 Ethiopia E
810 Gonimbrasia fucata Rougeot, 1978 Ethiopia E
811 Goodia smithii (Holland, 1897) East Africa [Ethiopia] E
812 Gynanisa arba Darge, 2008 Arba Minch E
813 Heniocha digennaroi Bouyer, 2008 Sidamo, Neguele Borana E
814 Holocerina digennariana Darge, 2008 Shashemene (Arsi) E
815 Ludia hansali Felder, 1874 Bogos
816 Ludia pupillata Strand, 1911 Antottos E
817 Micragone leonardi Bouyer, 2008 Sidamo, Dilla E
818 Nudaurelia fasciata Gaede, 1927 [Ethiopia] E
819 Nudaurelia ungemachti Bouvier, 1926 Djemdejm [Jem Jem] E
820 Pseudobunaea heyeri citrinarius Gaede, 1927 Harrar [Harar]
821 Pseudobunaea megana Darge, 2012 Sidamo Province, near Mega E
822 Urota melichari Bouyer, 2008 Sidamo Province, 15 km S of Negele E
823 Scythrididae Scythris ethiopica Bengtsson, 2014 Lake Tana, Bahir Dar E
824 Sesiidae Agriomelissa aethiopica (Le Cerf, 1917) Abyssinia [Ethiopia] E
825 Jerbeia darkovi Gorbunov, 2018 Oromia, 21.8 km NW (289.5°) of Dembi Dolo E
826 Melittia abyssiniensis Hampson, 1919 Harar E
827 Melittia ambo Gorbunov, 2015 West Shewa, 3 km S of Ambo E
828 Sphingidae Ceridia heuglini (Felder C. & Felder R., 1874) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
829 Ceridia quirini Sulak, Naumann & Witt, 2016 Oromia Region, road between Deritu and Dubuluk, near Deritu E
830 Chaerocina ellisoni Hayes, 1963 Harar E
831 Covelliana berioi Eitschberger & Melichar, 2016 near Debark Gondar E
832 Covelliana robertbecki Eitschberger & Melichar, 2016 Ethiopia Central, Oromia, southern Bale Mts, Harenna Forest E
833 Dovania dargei Pierre, 2000 Metu E
834 Dovania neumanni Jordan, 1926 SW Abyssinia [Ethiopia], Dhimma [Jimma] E
835 Falcatula tamsi Carcasson, 1968 Harrar [Harar] E
836 Leucophlebia neumanni Rothschild, 1902 Gelo River to Akobo River
837 Lophostethus dumolinii riedeli Eitschberger & Ströhle, 2011 Arba Minch E
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853 Lamprochrysa amata (Druce, 1910) Diré Daouá [Dire Dawa] E
854 Tineidae Afrocelestis minuta (Gozmány, 1965) Gamu-Gofa, Konso
855 Ateliotum convicta (Meyrick, 1932) Jem Jem Forest E
856 Ceratophaga luridula (Meyrick, 1932) Mt Chillálo, moorland E
857 Ceratophaga nephelotorna (Meyrick, 1932) Jem-Jem Forest E
858 Criticonoma spinulosa Gozmány, 1965 Gamu-Gofa, Konso E
859 Crypsithyris stenovalva (Gozmány, 1965) Gamu-Gofa, Konso E
860 Dryadaula glycinoma (Meyrick, 1932) Jem-Jem Forest E
861 Ectabola pygmina (Gozmány, 1965) Marako
862 Edosa torrifacta (Gozmány, 1965) Harrar [Harar] E
863 Hapsifera gypsophaea Gozmány, 1965 Gamu-Gofa, Konso E
864 Hapsifera pachypsaltis Gozmány, 1965 Kaffa, Ghimira
865 Hapsifera richteri Gozmány, 1965 Ethiopia SW, Gamu-Gofa, Konso E
866 Leptozancla zelotica (Meyrick, 1932) Jem-Jem Forest E
867 Monopis addenda Gozmány, 1965 Kaffa, Gembi [Gimbi]
868 Monopis leopardina Gozmány, 1965 Kaffa, Abaro E
869 Monopis triplacopa Meyrick, 1932 Jem-Jem Forest, 45 miles W. of Addis-Ababa, E
870 Perissomastix lucifer Gozmány, 1965 Muger Valley E
871 Scalmatica separata Gozmány, 1965 Konso, Gamu-Gofa E
872 Silosca mariae Gozmány, 1965 Djerrer Valley
873 Tinissa spaniastra Meyrick, 1932 Jem-Jem Forest, , 45 miles from Addis Ababa
874 Tortricidae Acleris baleina Razowski & Trematerra, 2010 Bale Mountains, Sanetti Plateau E
875 Acleris harenna Razowski & Trematerra, 2010 Bale Mountains, Harenna Forest, Karcha Camp E
876 Ancylis colaccii Razowski & Trematerra, 2012 Wellega Zone, Didessa River E
877 Bubonoxena alatheta Razowski & Trematerra, 2010 Bale Mountains, Harenna Forest, Karcha Camp E
878 Choristoneura palladinoi Razowski & Trematerra, 2010 Bale Mountains, Harenna Forest E
879 Coccothera carolae Razowski & Trematerra, 2010 Bale Mountains, Harenna Forest
880 Tortricidae Coccothera triorbis Razowski & Trematerra, 2010 Bale Mountains, Harenna Forest E
881 Coniostola separata Razowski & Trematerra, 2010 Bale Mountains, Harenna Forest, Karcha Camp E
882 Cosmetra anepenthes (Razowski & Trematerra, 2010) Bale Mountains, Harenna Forest, Karcha Camp E
883 Cosmetra latiloba (Razowski & Trematerra, 2010) Bale Mountains, Harenna Forest, Karcha Camp E
884 Cydia calliglypta (Meyrick, 1932) Jem-Jem Forest, edge of forest E
885 Cydia dinshoi Razowski & Trematerra, 2010 Bale Mountains, Dinsho Lodge E
886 Cydia lathetica Razowski & Trematerra, 2010 Bale Mountains, Dinsho Lodge E
887 Cydia tytthaspis Razowski & Trematerra, 2010 Bale Mountains, Harenna Forest, Karcha Camp E
888 Eccopsis aegidia (Meyrick, 1932) Jem-Jem Forest
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894 Epichoristodes spilonoma (Meyrick, 1932) Jem Jem Forest
895 Eucosma vulpecularis Meyrick, 1932 Jem-Jem Forest E
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902 Megaherpystis subae Razowski & Trematerra, 2018 Oromia, Suba Forest E
903 Megalota lygaria Razowski & Trematerra, 2010 Bale Mountains, Harenna Forest E
904 Metamesia physetopa (Meyrick, 1932) Jem-Jem Forest and Mt Chillálo
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906 Olethreutes didessae Razowski & Trematerra, 2012 Wellega zone, Didessa River E
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911 Plutographa xanthala Razowski & Trematerra, 2010 Bale Mountains, Dinsho Lodge E
912 Procrica dinshona Razowski & Trematerra, 2010 Bale Mountains, Dinsho Lodge
913 Procrica ophiograpta (Meyrick, 1932) em-Jem Forest and Mt Chillálo
914 Procrica parisii Razowski & Trematerra, 2010 Bale Mountains, Dinsho Lodge E
915 Russograptis albulata Razowski & Trematerra, 2010 Bale Mountains, Harenna Forest E
916 Thaumatographa amarana Razowski & Trematerra, 2018 Amhara, Zegie Peninsula E
917 Thaumatovalva spinai Razowski & Trematerra, 2010 Omo Valley, Dowro Zone, Tarcha
918 Tortrix diametrica Meyrick, 1932 Jem-Jem Forest E
919 Trachybyrsis chionochlaena Meyrick, 1932 Mt Chillálo E
920 Uraniidae Arussiana herbuloti Rougeot, 1977 near Koffolé [Koffale]
921 Yponomeutidae Yponomeuta ocypora (Meyrick, 1932) Jem-Jem Forest E
922 Yponomeuta ioni Agassiz, 2019 E
923 Yponomeuta ocypora Meyrick, 1932
924 Yponomeuta oromiensis Agazzia, 2019 E
925 Zygaenidae Alteramenelikia jordani (Alberti, 1954) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
926 Astyloneura bicoloria Röber, 1929 Abyssinia [Ethiopia] E
927 Epiorna abessynica (Koch, 1865) Abyssinia [Ethiopia]
928 Saliunca anhyalina Alberti, 1957 Abyssinia [Ethiopia] E
929 Saliunca homochroa (Holland, 1897) Darde River

Given these numbers, knowledge on the Ethiopian butterflies and moths appear to be particularly unsatisfactory, when compared to their (estimated) potential total numbers with other countries. For instance, the two most diverse European Mediterranean countries, i.e., France and Italy, with a combined land surface comparable to Ethiopia, have ca. 5,109 and 5,086 species of Lepidoptera, respectively (Stoch 2003; Wikipedia 2011).

To better evaluate the level of knowledge of the lepidopteran fauna in Ethiopia, and to roughly estimate the real biodiversity, we can compare it with neighboring Kenya, which for several aspects can be considered similar to Ethiopia, but probably it has been better investigated. So far, from Kenya approximately 4,815 lepidopteran taxa were reported, belonging to 63 families (Sáfián et al. 2009; De Prins and De Prins 2019). The currently known number of species in Kenya is almost twice that of Ethiopia, and 15 families are not recorded at all in the latter country. Is it really due to difference in faunal richness between the two coutries or because of the different level of investigation? A better idea can come from the differences observed within the single families. When considering most groups of the ‘Microlepidoptera’, very few investigations were made in Ethiopia and the difference in species numbers between the two countries is huge. Considering only the most species-rich families of Microlepidoptera, the percentage of species present in Ethiopia, compared to the species numbers in Kenya, is 10% for Scytrididae, 13% for Gelechiidae, 17% for Thyrididae, 31% for Tortricidae, 34% for Pyralidae, 45% for Crambidae, 46% of Pterophoridae, up to 76% for Tineidae. However, if we look at the ‘larger moths’ (Macroheterocera) and butterflies, which are better investigated in both countries, the difference is decreasing from 40% for Saturniidae, 41% for Geometridae, 50% for Lycaenidae, 53% for Sphingidae, 55% for Erebidae up to 77% for Papilionidae, 79% for Noctuidae, 91% for Nymphalidae, peaking to 132% in Pieridae, where Ethiopia shows a higher number of species than Kenya.

Although the two countries certainly exhibit faunistic differences, due to biogeographic or climatic factors, it seems clear that the Ethiopian fauna is seriously understudied in many groups. By analysing comprehensive revisions of single genera or families accompanied by major collection campaigns in Ethiopia, we can have an idea of the potential biodiversity the country inhabits.

The geometrid genus Prasinocima Warren, 1897 was subject of an extensive review focused on Ethiopian species, based on an investigation carried out in 100 collection localities in the country for more than 15 years, which included an integrative taxonomic analysis based on morphology and DNA barcodes (Hausmann et al. 2016). As a result of this contribution, the species number was raised from eight previously known Ethiopian species to 40, of which 19 were new to science. After the publication, another seven new species for the Ethiopian fauna were described. Authors of the same article estimated the number of Ethiopian geometrids to exceed 700 species once the unidentified material in their hands is examined, which may suggest a more realistic total species number in excess of 1,000 for the whole country.

Another contribution came from the revision that Hacker carried out on the subfamily Nolinae (Nolidae; Hacker et al. 2012; Hacker 2014), where many of the published data concerned sub-Saharan Africa. For Ethiopia, only three species were previously reported. After Hacker’s monograph, the number was raised to 61 species, with 27 newly described taxa from Ethiopia. For Kenya, he raised the figure from 12 to 73, a number not far from that of Ethiopia.

Although these are two examples of taxonomically particularly difficult groups, we can assume similar multiplicators for the so called ‘Microlepidoptera’ resulting in an estimate for the entire order of Lepidoptera in Ethiopia which may exceed 10,000 species, of which a number of species new for science. This estimate is based on, and in concordance with the usual ratio of geometrid species number versus lepidopteran species number of roughly 1:10, and on the usual ratio of the Rhopalocera (400+ species in Ethiopia) versus lepidopteran species number of roughly 1:20, as it results from large museum material (e.g. ZSM) and from various fauna inventories (e.g. Bavaria: Haslberger and Segerer 2016; Europe: Karsholt and Razowski 1996; North America: Hodges et al. 1983). For the moth fauna of Africa, 38,988 species group names of them are listed by Afromoths (2019), of which 5510 (14%) are geometrids. The total number, however, does not include Rhopalocera names, with 4405 species (Williams, 2018) and Microlepidoptera taxonomy is underrepresented, hence also here the “10%-rule” for the Geometridae ratio seems to apply, at least roughly.

Data from DNA barcoding

In the framework of the international Barcode of Life initiative, DNA barcodes (658bp 5’ COI gene fragment, cf. Hebert et al. 2003) have been assembled for Ethiopian Lepidoptera since 2006 with the aim to establish a national DNA reference library for integrated taxonomic studies. So far, 3160 DNA barcodes have been generated from Ethiopian Lepidoptera (including many Ethiopian type specimens), belonging to 1012 genetic clusters (Barcode Index Numbers, ‘BINs’) which are a good proxy for real species numbers (Ratnasingham and Hebert 2013; Hausmann et al. 2013). Most DNA barcodes could be assembled in the Geometridae (2290 barcodes, 571 BINs), Noctuidae (314 barcodes, 165 BINs) and Erebidae (246 barcodes, 143 BINs). Species coverage is particulary good in the smaller families such as the Saturniidae (121 barcodes, 36 BINs) and Sphingidae (70 barcodes, 24 BINs), while it is still being very poor in the ‘Microlepidoptera’. All images and most metadata and molecular data are accessible in the public database BOLD (Ratnasingham and Hebert 2007).

Actual constraints and future perspectives of research on Lepidoptera Diversity of Ethiopia

Butterflies and moths are a major component of biodiversity playing a crucial role in the ecosystem as primary consumers, essential part of food-chains and pollinators. However, humans are exerting unprecedented pressures on all of the earth’s ecosystems, and such pressures may affect all species (Sanchez-Bayo and Wyckhuyes 2019). Nature conservation strategies have focused most of their attention on the “charismatic megafauna”, i.e., on mammals, birds, and other vertebrates. The vast majority of invertebrate species – although accounting for more than 80% of the animal species - are too poorly known to allow an assessment of how they are affected by human activities, and what might be done to mitigate the damage that humans cause. In most cases, the best way that can be done is to conserve their habitats so that most inhabiting species will continue to thrive.

The greatest threats to butterflies and moths are habitat fragmentation and destruction, intensification of agricultural practice with over-use of pesticides and herbicides; climate change mainly affecting endemic species adapted to mountainous habitats, whereas scientific collecting is absolutely negligible (Hausmann 2001; Sanchez-Bayo and Wyckhuyes 2019). In general, human activity is enormously threatening the global diversity of life on the planet. Rough estimates suggest that we are currently undergoing not only unprecedented, but also accelerating rates of species extinction (UNEP 2006; Sanchez-Bayo and Wyckhuyes 2019).

In the same manner, Ethiopia is experiencing major biodiversity loss, mainly related to extensive destruction of habitats, deforestation, land degradation, intensive agricultural expansion, climate change, excessive pesticide and herbicide use, introduction of exotic plant species, among others (EBI 2015; Tesfu et al. 2018). The loss of primary or native forest areas, due to clearcutting and conversion into agroforests, farmland or settlements, are currently the major threat to the Ethiopian biodiversity in general and Lepidoptera in particular.

Despite Ethiopia being known for its rich heritage of biological diversity and many diverse ecosystems, the conservation of its habitats have received scant attention. The system of protected areas so far established includes 21 national parks, four sanctuaries, eight wildlife reserves, 20 controlled hunting areas, six open hunting areas, six community conservation areas and 58 national forest priority areas (Young 2012), covering 14% of the country (EBI 2015). However, most of its biodiversity, including Lepidoptera, is still unexplored because of significant lack of national research capacity. Hence, in parallel to conservation programs and sustainable utilisation of biological resources, efforts for the preparation of a comprehensive bio-inventory should receive highest priority. Such an instrument must be considered an essential baseline for policy makers, planners, donors and researchers working on biodiversity conservation in Ethiopia.

In order to upsurge biodiversity knowledge, capacity building in the area at various levels is needed. Lack of well organised natural history museums, specialists, and scientific societies providing support and fostering citizen science, international research networks and projects are among the identified gaps. Currently, most of the type specimens and reference collections are deposited outside the country of origin. In this context, the Nagoya Protocol (UNSG 2010), although intending to strengthen nations to conserve their genetic resources, to some extent could lead to the opposite effect by hampering international collaboration. Joint protocols and agreements between national actors (research institutes, governing agencies, universities, NGO’s) and international research bodies should be promoted in a collaborative way, favoring shared, non-commercial biodiversity research. Close collaboration with museums and universities possessing reference collections and skills, designing and organising projects are required to teach and train a generation of highly competent scientists and managers so that collections of Ethiopian insects could be built and properly managed. In absence of these minimum requirements, establishing a national entomological museum/collection could be ineffective in promoting the study and conservation of local biodiversity resources.


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