ZooKeys 39: 225-253, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.39.438
A revision of the genus Hypotrix Guenee in North America with descriptions of four new species and a new genus (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Noctuinae, Eriopygini)
Donald Lafontaine, Clifford Ferris, J. Walsh
Abstract The genus Hypotrix Guenee, 1852 is synonymized with Trichorthosia Grote, 1883, Proteinania Hampson, 1905, Ursogastra Smith, 1906, and Trichagrotis McDunnough, [1929]. Four species are transferred from the genus Hexorthodes McDunnough [Hypotrix trifascia (Smith, 1891), comb. n., H. alamosa (Barnes, 1904), comb. n., T. hueco (Barnes, 1904), comb. n., and T. optima (Dyar, 1920), comb. n.]. Four new species are described (T. basistriga Lafontaine, Ferris & Walsh; T. naglei Lafontaine, Ferris & Walsh; T. ocularis Lafontaine, Ferris & Walsh; and T. rubra Lafontaine, Ferris & Walsh). A new genus, Anhypotrix Lafontaine, Ferris & Walsh, is proposed for Polia tristis Barnes & McDunnough, 1910, currently misplaced in Trichorthosia. A key to species, descriptions, illustrations of adults and genitalia are included.