ZooKeys 39: 161-181, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.39.432
The North American species of Charadra Walker, with a revision of the Charadra pata (Druce) group (Noctuidae, Pantheinae)
Christian Schmidt, Gary Anweiler
Abstract The North American species of the genus Charadra Walker are reviewed, and the species of the yellowhindwing (C. pata) group are revised. Four species of the pata group are described as new: Charadra franclemonti sp. n. (Arizona), C. tapa sp. n. (Arizona), C. cakulha sp. n. (Mexico), and C. coyopa (Mexico) sp. n. A new species related to C. deridens (previously treated as C. ingenua) is described from Arizona / New Mexico / Texas, and Charadra ingenua syn. n. is synonomized with Charadra deridens. The types of Charadra pata, C. oligarchia, C. patafex and C. ingenua are illustrated.