ZooKeys 39: 37-83, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.39.425
Systematics of moths in the genus Catocala (Lepidoptera, Erebidae) IV. Nomenclatorial stabilization of the Nearctic fauna, with a revised synonymic check list
Lawrence Gall, David Hawks
Abstract The taxonomy of the Nearctic species in the genus Catocala is reviewed, and a revised check list presented. A total of 101 species is recognized, with a synonymy comprising 357 names. The status of 61 available names is assessed, with designation and illustration of 41 lectotypes and 5 neotypes. Taxonomic changes include 23 new synonymies, 3 revised synonymies, 8 new statuses and 1 revised status. Two subspecies are elevated to species rank (Catocala carissima Hulst, 1884 and Catocala luctuosa Hulst, 1884), 15 subspecies are synonymized, and another 15 species are either downgraded to subspecies or synonymized.