ZooKeys 37: 69-80, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.37.366
The bee genus Caenaugochlora (Hymenoptera, Apoidea) and its constituent subgenera, with new species of Caenaugochlora s.str. from Ecuador
Rodrigo Gonçalves, Michael Engel
Abstract Two new species of Caenaugochlora Michener are described and figured from Ecuador. Caenaugochlora quichua sp. n. and C. bennetti sp. n. are both remarkable for the presence of carinate preoccipital carinae, setose compound eyes, strongly rimmed metabasitibial plate, normally pectinate inner metatibial spur, metapostnotal striae not reaching the apical margin, and the male fourth metasomal sterna with lateral projections. The combination of these features intermingle attributes of the presently recognized subgenera, while others are unique to the genus as a whole. A revised diagnosis is provided for the genus and its two subgenera, with Caenaugochlora s.str. accommodating C. bennetti and C. quichua, and brief comments made regarding the implications of the characters exhibited by the aforementioned species.