ZooKeys 35: 13-35, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.35.314
Contributions towards an understanding of the Cryptophaginae (Coleoptera, Cryptophagidae) of Atlantic Canada
Christopher Majka, David Langor
Abstract Eighteen species of Cryptophaginae are now known to occur in Atlantic Canada. Eight of these including Cryptophagus difficilis Casey, Cryptophagus jakowlewi Reitter, Cryptophagus laticollis Lucas, Cryptophagus mainensis Casey, Cryptophagus tuberculosus Maklin, Pteryngium crenatum (Gyllenhal), Telmatophilus americanus LeConte and Caenoscelis basalis Casey, are newly recorded in Atlantic Canada; one of which, C. mainensis, is newly recorded in Canada, and another, C. laticollis, is newly recorded in eastern North America. Nineteen new provincial records are reported with the result that five species of Cryptophaginae are now known from New Brunswick, 14 from Nova Scotia, four from Prince Edward Island, 10 from insular Newfoundland, and four from Labrador. A new early date of detection (1986) is reported for the adventive Palaearctic Telmatophilus typhae (Fallen) in North America. Keys to identification are provided for the genera Antherophagus, Cryptophagus, and Telmatophilus and the composition, zoogeography, and bionomics of the group in Atlantic Canada are discussed.