ZooKeys 26: 33-51, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.26.88
An illustrated key to powder post beetles (Coleoptera, Bostrichidae) associated with rubberwood in Thailand, with new records and a checklist of species found in Southern Thailand
Wisut Sittichaya, Roger Beaver, Lan-Yu Liu, Aran Ngampongsai

An illustrated key to seventeen species of Bostrichidae recorded in association with rubberwood in Thailand is provided. A checklist is given of nine species infesting rubberwood sawn timber in sawmills in southern Thailand, with information on distribution, host trees and biology. Three species are recorded for the first time from Thailand: Cephalotoma tonkinea Lesne, Lyctoxylon dentatum (Pascoe), and Minthea reticulata Lesne.