ZooKeys 25: 61-68, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.25.267
A new termite bug in Miocene amber from the Dominican Republic (Hemiptera, Termitaphididae)
Michael Engel
Abstract A new species of the termite bug genus Termitaradus Myers (Aradoidea: Termitaphididae) is described and figured based on a single female preserved in Early Miocene (Burdigalian) amber from the Dominican Republic. Termitaradus mitnicki sp. n. differs from the only other termitaphidid in Dominican amber, T. avitinquilinus Grimaldi and Engel, in the integumental ornamentation, number of laminae and lobules, body proportions, and setation. This is the third species of fossil Termitaphididae discovered. A revised key to living and fossil termitaphidids is provided.