ZooKeys 22: 249-266, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.22.91
The Haliplidae (Coleoptera) of Atlantic Canada: new records, distribution, and faunal composition
Christopher Majka, Bernhard van Vondel, Reginald Webster

The Haliplidae (crawling water beetles) of Atlantic Canada are surveyed. Sixteen species are now known in the region. Four, including Haliplus fasciatus Aubé, Peltodytes duodecimpunctatus (Say), Peltodytes lengi Roberts, and Peltodytes litoralis Matheson, are newly recorded in the region, and P. litoralis is newly recorded in Canada. Six species are newly recorded in New Brunswick and four in Nova Scotia for a total of 10 new provincial records. Peltodytes muticus (LeConte) and P. duodecimpunctatus are removed from the faunal list of Nova Scotia. The zoogeography of the Haliplidae in Atlantic Canada is briefly discussed.