ZooKeys 22: 45-79, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.22.153
First record of the genus Schistoglossa Kraatz from Canada with descriptions of seven new species (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae)
Jan Klimaszewski, Reginald Webster, Karine Savard

The following seven new aleocharine species of the genus Schistoglossa Kraatz are described from Canada and the United States (New Hampshire): S. brunswickensis Klimaszewski & Webster, sp. n.; S. charlottae Klimaszewski, sp. n.; S. campbelli Klimaszewski sp. n.; S. carexiana Klimaszewski, sp. n.; S. hampshirensis Klimaszewski, sp. n.; S. pseudocampbelli Klimaszewski & Webster sp. n.; and S. sphagnorum Klimaszewski & Webster, sp. n. All are illustrated by digital images of the entire body and the genital structures and compared with western Palaearctic species. Data on bionomics and distribution are provided. A checklist of Nearctic species and a key to Canadian species of the genus are presented. Boreophilia blatchleyi (Bernhauer & Scheerpeltz, 1926) is transferred to the genus Schistoglossa, and the previously unknown female is illustrated. One new subgenus is erected, Schistoglossa (Boreomorpha), to accommodate some species of the genus.