ZooKeys 22: 19-33, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.22.177
Survey of rove beetles (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) from Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with new records and description of a new species. Part 2
John McLean, Jan Klimaszewski, Donald Chandler, Karine Savard, Agnes Li

The second survey in 2008 of rove beetle species from Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is presented. Fifty-one species were found from the following subfamilies: Aleocharinae (18), Micropeplinae (1), Omaliinae (11), Osoriinae (1), Oxytelinae (2), Paederinae (1), Proteininae (2), Pselaphinae (3), Steninae (1), Staphylininae (8), and Tachyporinae (3). All species are listed in Tables 1 and 2. Thirty-five species were previously recorded from the storm-undamaged sites in 2007, including 16 species that were site-specific. Fifty-one species are reported from the storm-damaged sites, including 31 species that are sitespecific. There are 19 species in common between storm-damaged and undamaged sites. Sixty-seven species of rove beetles are now known from all the sites studied in Stanley Park. One new species, Sonoma squamishorum Chandler & Klimaszewski, sp. n., is described and illustrated. Proteinus collaris Hatch is recorded from Canada and British Columbia for the first time. Four adventive aleocharine species are recorded.