ZooKeys 22: 5-17, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.22.86
Survey of rove beetles (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) from Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with new records and description of a new species. Part 1
John McLean, Jan Klimaszewski, Agnes Li, Karine Savard

The first survey of rove beetle species from Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is presented. Thirty-five species are reported from the following subfamilies: Aleocharinae (14), Micropeplinae (1), Omaliinae (7), Oxytelinae (2), Paederinae (1), Proteininae (2), Pselaphinae (1), Staphylininae (3), and Tachyporinae (4). All species are listed in Table 1. One new species, Oxypoda stanleyi Klimaszewski & McLean, sp. n., is described and illustrated and three new adventive aleocharine species are recorded for the first time from British Columbia. They are: Dalotia coriaria (Kraatz), Mocyta fungi (Gravenhorst), and Oxypoda opaca (Gravenhorst). These exotic species were previously known from the Palaearctic region, eastern Canada, and the United States.