ZooKeys 20: 245-274, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.20.124
A revision of Anacharoides Cameron, 1904 (Hymenoptera, Figitidae) with a description of a new species
Matthew Buffington, Simon van Noort

Anacharoides Cameron is revised and six species are recognized: A. nicknacki Buffington & van Noort, sp. n., A. pallida Quinlan, A. paragi Benoit, A. quadrus Quinlan, A. striaticeps Cameron and A. stygius Benoit. A key to species is provided. Anacharoides striaticeps was determined to be a variable species, and consequently a number of names have been proposed for this species. Here we clarify the identity of A. striaticeps and provide evidence for the following new synonymies of A. striaticeps: Anacharoides elongaticornis Benoit, syn. n., Anacharoides eurytergis Benoit, syn. n., Anacharoides decellius Quinlan, syn. n., Anacharoides sanitas Quinlan, syn. n., Anacharoides nigra Quinlan, syn. n., Anacharoides arcus Quinlan, syn. n., Anacharoides suspensus Quinlan, syn. n.. The holotype of Anacharoides rufa (Kieffer) is lost; examination of a specimen possibly determined by Kieffer from 1913 housed in the Museum is conspecific with A. pallida, but no nomenclature action is pursued at this time. The syn. n. of A. astrida Quinlan with A. quadrus is also hypothesized. Definitive host records for the genus, based on isolated puparia, are reported to be the syrphids Ischiodon Sack and Paragus Latreille. Species of this genus of figitid wasp are endemic to sub-Saharan Africa, Madagascar, the southern Arabian Peninsula and the Canary Islands. Images of all species contained within this paper are available from http://morphbank.net. An online Lucid interactive key to species of Anacharoides and images are available at http://www.waspweb.org/Cynipoidea/Figitidae/ Aspicerinae/Anacharoides/index.htm.