ZooKeys 18: 143-160, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.18.129
Brucerolis gen. n., and Acutiserolis Brandt, 1988, deep-water southern genera of isopods (Crustacea, Isopoda, Serolidae)
Gary Poore, Melissa Storey
Abstract Acutiserolis Brandt is rediagnosed (coxal dorsal plates 2–5 slot into each other with no aperture between; coxal plate 6 has a blunt process on its anterior margin slotting into a groove on coxa 5 and isolating an oval aperture; with prominent middorsal pereonal and pleonal spines; pleotelson with a sharp middorsal keel, upturned posteriorly; and sharply defined longitudinal sublateral keels ending acutely) and confined to the type species, Serolis spinosa Kussakin, 1967, and two species of Cuspidoserolis Brandt, 1988 syn. n. Brucerolis gen. n., (type species Brucerolis nowra sp. n.) is erected for species previously assigned to Acutiserolis but from which it differs inthe coxal dorsal plates 2–6 interacting only by means of key-like lobes, coxal plate 6 exceeding the pleotelson by at least the pleotelson length, middorsal spines being absent or obscure, and the pleotelson lacking ridges and keels. Four other species are included: Brucerolis bromleyana (Willemöes-Suhm, 1876); B. cidaris (Poore & Brandt, 1997); B. macdonnellae (Menzies, 1962); and possibly B. maryannae (Menzies, 1962).