ZooKeys 16: 149-180, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.16.233
A revision of the African wolf spider genus Amblyothele Simon
Tony Russell-Smith, Rudy Jocqué, Mark Alderweireldt
Abstract The African lycosid genus Amblyothele Simon is revised and its sub-family placement clarified. A diagnosis is provided for the genus in relation to other genera in the sub-family Piratinae. The type species, Amblyothele albocincta Simon, 1910, is redescribed as is A. togona Roewer, 1960. Six new species, Amblyothele atlantica sp. n. (♀), A. ecologica sp. n. (♀), A. hamatula sp. n. (♂), A. kivumba sp. n. (♂), A. latedissipata sp. n. (♂♀) and A. longipes sp. n. (♂♀) are described. Amblyothele jaundea Roewer, 1960 is removed from the genus and transferred to Pardosa. An illustrated key to the species is provided.