ZooKeys 12: 47-86, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.12.179
The millipede genus Glomeris Latreille, 1802 (Diplopoda, Glomerida, Glomeridae) in North Africa
Sergei Golovatch, Jean-Paul Mauriès, Nesrine Akkari, Pavel Stoev, Jean-Jacques Geoffroy
Abstract In North Africa, the genus Glomeris is shown to encompass 11 species, all of which are keyed. These include: G. troglokabyliana sp. n. from several caves in Algeria, G. monostriata sp. n. from a cave in Libya, G. colorata sp. n., an epigean species from Tunisia, G. anisosticta Brandt, 1841 (still a nomen inquirendum) from Algeria, G. brolemanni Schubart, 1960 from Morocco, G. carthaginiensis Schubart, 1953 (stat. n., elevated from subspecific rank) from Tunisia, G. flavomaculata Lucas, 1846 from Algeria, G. klugii Brandt, 1833 (with G. marmorata Brandt, 1833, G. fuscomarmorata Lucas, 1846 and G. maculosa Verhoeff, 1921 as new junior subjective synonyms) from Algeria and Tunisia, G. mohamedanica Attems, 1900 from Tunisia, G. punica Attems, 1900 (with G. numidia Verhoeff, 1921 as a new junior subjective synonym) from Tunisia, and G. sublimbata Lucas, 1846 from Algeria and Tunisia.