ZooKeys 11: 1-8, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.11.210
Publication and dissemination of datasets in taxonomy: ZooKeys working example
Lyubomir Penev, Terry Erwin, Jeremy Miller, Vishwas Chavan, Tom Moritz, Charles Griswold
Abstract A concept for data publication and semantic enhancements proposed by ZooKeys and applied in the milestone paper of Miller et al. (2009) is described. For the first time in systematic zoology, an unique combination of data publication and semantic enhancements is applied within the mainstream process of journal publishing, to demonstrate how: (1) All primary biodiversity data underlying a taxonomic monograph are published as a dataset under a separate DOI within the paper; (2) The occurrence dataset is discoverable and accessible through GBIF data portal (data.gbif.org) simultaneously with the publication; (3) Occurrence dataset is published as a KML file under a distinct DOI to provide an interactive experience in Google Earth; (4) All new taxa (42) are registered at ZooBank during the publication process (mandatory for ZooKeys); (5) All new taxa (42) are provided to Encyclopedia of Life through XML mark up on the day of publication (mandatory for ZooKeys). It is proposed to clearly distinguish between static and dynamic datasets in the way they are published, preserved and cited.