ZooKeys 9: 97-134, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.9.157
Revision of the New World Panthea Hübner (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) with descriptions of 5 new species and 2 new subspecies
Gary Anweiler
Abstract The New World species of Panthea Hübner are revised. Five species and two subspecies are described as new: Panthea apanthea sp.n., Panthea reducta sp.n., Panthea greyi grayi sp.n., Panthea judyae sp.n., Panthea guatemala sp.n., Panthea furcilla australis ssp.n., and Panthea acronyctoides nigra ssp.n.. Lectotypes are designated for Panthea leucomelana Morrison and Panthea furcilla (Packard), and a neotype is designated for Platycerura gigantea French. Panthea pallescens McDunnough, syn. n. is synonymized with P. furcilla (Packard), P. acronyctoides albosuffusa McDunnough, syn. n. is synonymized with P. acronyctoides acronyctoides Walker, P. portlandia Grote, syn. n., P. portlandia suffusa McDunnough, syn. n., and P. angelica (Dyar), syn. n. are all synonymized with P. virginarius (Grote). Adults of all New World Panthea are illustrated in color, and black and white illustrations of the genitalia of both sexes are provided where known. A key to adults of both sexes and dot maps showing distribution for all species are provided.