ZooKeys 5: 1-32, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.5.54
Seven species of Pseudopecoeloides Yamaguti, 1940 (Digenea, Opecoelidae) from temperate marine fishes of Australia, including five new species
Thelma Aken’Ova, Thomas Cribb, Rodney Bray

Seven species of Pseudopecoeloides including five new are described from marine fishes in the waters off the coasts of Queensland, and West and South Australia. The new species are Pseudopecoeloides hickmani n. sp. from Pseudocaranx wrighti (Carangidae), P. lesteri n. sp. from Pseudocaranx dentex and Pseudocaranx wrighti, P. arripi n. sp. from Arripis georgianus (Arripidae), P. atherinomori n. sp. from Atherinonmorus ogilbyi (Atherinidae), P, hafeezullahi n. sp. from Trachurus novaezealandiae (Carangidae). Pseudopecoeloides scomberi Hafeezullah, 1971, which was transferred to Opecoeloides (Odhner, 1928) by Madhavi (1975) is reported from Scomberoides lysan (Carangidae) and returned to Pseudopecoeloides. Pseudopecoeloides tenuis Yamaguti, 1940 is reported from a new host species, Priacanthus macracanthus (Priacanthidae).