ZooKeys 4: 65-69, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.4.57
Studies of Tiger Beetles. CLXXVIII. A new Lophyra (Lophyra) from Somaliland (Coleoptera, Cicindelidae)
Fabio Cassola

A new tiger beetle species, Lophyra (Lophyra) praetermissa n. sp. (Coleoptera, Cicindelidae), obviously a close relative of L. (L.) histrio (Tschitschérine, 1903), is described from the environs of Erigavo, Somaliland (northern Somalia). Its discovery thus brings up to 73 the number of the species of this genus presently known worldwide (39 species of which - 29 from Africa - belong to the typonominal subgenus).