ZooKeys 2: 1-10, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.2.22
How far have we come: 170 years of research on Canadian Coleoptera
Christopher Majka, Jan Klimaszewski
Abstract A brief history of the research on Coleoptera in Canada is recounted. The Canadian fauna was first studied by Kirby (1837) from specimens collected during the first two Franklin expeditions to the Canadian Arctic. Over the next 170 years many investigators have turned their attention to Canadian beetles. In 1991, 7,436 species had been documented to occur in the country. Since then there have been many taxonomic, faunistic, ecological, and other studies. Despite this long history of research, it is evident that much still remains to be done. It is important to recognize that taxonomic research is the foundation for understanding the biological diversity of the natural world.