ZooKeys 2: 151-174, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.2.5
Adventive Staphylinidae (Coleoptera) of the Maritime Provinces of Canada: further contributions
Christopher Majka, Jan Klimaszewski

Seven species of adventive Palaearctic staphylinids, Ilyobates bennetti Donisthorpe, Meotica exilis (Knoch), Meotica 'pallens' (Redtenbacher), Anotylus insecatus (Gravenhorst), Anotylus tetracarinatus Block, Oxytelus sculptus Gravenhorst, and Lathrobium fulvipenne (Gravenhorst) are newly recorded in the Maritime Provinces of Canada. One of these, M. exilis, a cosmopolitan species, is newly recorded in Canada and represents the first verifiable report of this species from North America. The history of M. exilis in North America is examined indicating that previous reports were the result of misidentification or of specimens of uncertain identity that can no longer be located. The confused nomenclature of this species is also discussed. The confused taxonomy of Meotica 'pallens' is discussed with regard to the identity of the species reported under this name in North America. Atheta dadopora Thomson is newly recorded in Prince Edward Island. Records are provided that establish the presence of L. fulvipenne in North America in five Canadian provinces. Observations on A. insecatus in the field establish that they are predators of dipteran larvae. New early dates of detection are reported for Quedius curtipennis Bernhauer, Tasgius ater (Gravenhorst), Philonthus cognatus Stephens, and Philonthus rectangulus Sharp. As a consequence, 87 species of adventive Staphylinidae are now known to occur in the Maritime Provinces, 76 of which have been recorded in Nova Scotia, 61 in New Brunswick, and 29 on Prince Edward Island. The staphylinid fauna is briefl y discussed in relation to its zoogeographic components and its regional composition.