ZooKeys 2: 261-290, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.2.30
Review of the Canadian Eustrophinae (Coleoptera, Tetratomidae)
Darren Pollock
Abstract Currently, the Canadian fauna of Eustrophinae consists of 7 species in 5 genera, as follows: Pseudoholostrophus impressicollis (LeConte), P. discolor (Horn); Holostrophus bifasciatus (Say); Eustrophus tomentosus Say; Eustrophopsis bicolor (Fabricius), E. confinis (LeConte); Synstrophus repandus (Horn). None of these 7 species is restricted to Canada; each has a wider distribution in the United States. Each species (adult stage only) is diagnosed and described with selected morphological features illustrated. A key to Nearctic genera, and Canadian species of Eustrophinae is presented, as well as a checklist of all Nearctic species of the subfamily. Lectotypes are designated for Holostrophus discolor Horn and Eustrophus confinis LeConte. Neotypes are designated for Eustrophus bifasciatus Say and Eustrophus tomentosus Say. The Canadian distribution of each species is mapped in detail, with also a general indication of distribution in the United States. Aspects of the natural history of all species, where known, are included.