Corrigenda: Kim J, Lee W, Karanovic I (2017) A new species of Microcharon from marine interstitial waters, Shizuoka, Japan (Isopoda, Lepidocharontidae). ZooKeys 680: 13–31.
expand article infoJeongho Kim, Wonchoel Lee, Ivana Karanovic§
‡ Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea, South
§ University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia
Open Access

After our manuscript has been published, we have noticed in our acknowledgment section that the name and the code of our funding program were incorrect. Here, we provide the first sentence of the modified acknowledgment using the correct name and code.

“This study was supported by the BK21 Plus Program (Eco-Bio Fusion Research Team, 22A20130012352) funded by the Ministry of Education (MOE, Korea)”.

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