Corrigenda: Two new species of Brachytrycherus Arrow, 1920 from China (Coleoptera, Endomychidae). ZooKeys 595: 137–146. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.595.7569
expand article infoChang Ling-Xiao, Wen-Xuan Bi§, Guo-Dong Ren
‡ Hebei University, Baoding, China
§ Unaffiliated, Shanghai, China
† Deceased author
Open Access

When describing the new species Brachytrycherus conaensis sp. n., the information of two female paratypes is incorrect and should be deleted. When describing another the new species, Brachytrycherus curviantennae sp. n., the information of one female paratype is incomplete and should be added “1700 m” altitude; the information of another female paratype should be reduced to “ditto except (CBWX)”, and in all the information of paratype, the word “Medgo” is a spelling error, and the correct spelling is “Medog”.

The correct information Brachytrycherus conaensis sp. n. and in Brachytrycherus curviantennae sp. n. should be as follows:

Paratypes, 1 female, same data as holotype. 3 males, 7 females, Xizang, Cuona, Lexiang, 2500 m, 6.VIII.2010, Wen-Xuan Bi leg. (CBWX); 5 males, 6 females, ditto except 15.VII.2011 (CBWX); 26 males, 11 females, ditto except 29–30.VI.2013 (CBWX); 1 male, 1 female, ditto except (MZPW); 18 males, 1 female, ditto except 2500–2600 m, 20–30.VI.2013 (CBWX); 1 female, ditto except 2700 m, 18.VI.2013 (CBWX).

Paratypes, 1 female, Xizang, Medog, Beibeng, Gelincun, 1700 m, 3.VIII.2014, Wen-Xuan Bi leg. (MHBU); 1 female, ditto except (CBWX).