Maximum likelihood tree from concatenated dataset. Scale bar = 0.2 expected substitutions per position as estimated by RAxML. Stygoporus oregonensis in orange; other stygobitic dytiscids in blue; the epigean genus Sanfilippodytes, hypothesized by Larson and LaBonte (1994) to be the closest relative to S. oregonensis, in green. Bootstrap support given at nodes for Siettitiina and S. oregonensis + Ereboporus naturaconservatus.

  Part of: Kanda K, Gomez AR, Van Driesche R, Miller KB, Maddison DR (2016) Phylogenetic placement of the Pacific Northwest subterranean endemic diving beetle Stygoporus oregonensis Larson & LaBonte (Dytiscidae, Hydroporinae). ZooKeys 632: 75-91.