Ozadelpha conostegiae, life history details, Costa Rica, Estación Biológica Monteverde 1530 m. 88 Leaf mines, 2 cocoons and 3 adults on midrib on upperside host plant leaf, 29 March 2012 89 Close up of one adult male 90 Adult female resting on plastic bag under rearing conditions, ventral view, 1 December 2013 91 Pupa, ventral view, cocoon detached and removed, 7 June 2016 92 Cocoon spun on upperside on secondary vein under captive conditions, 7 June 2016 93 Cocoon-spinning mature larva, outer layer cocoon is removed to show larva, 19 June 2016 94 Ozadelpha specimen EvN4680, female, resting on upper side leaf along one of the primary veins, 3 February 2012.

  Part of: van Nieukerken E, Doorenweerd C, Nishida K, Snyers C (2016) New taxa, including three new genera show uniqueness of Neotropical Nepticulidae (Lepidoptera). ZooKeys 628: 1-63. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.628.9805