Ozadelpha conostegiae, habitat, host plant, Conostegia oerstediana and leafmines at Costa Rica, Estación Biológica Monteverde 1530 m. 80 Habitat, a cloud forest (lower mountain wet forest), 8 June 2016 81 Treelets, infested with some leaf-mining larvae 82 Old leaf mines on host leaf, 24 March 2016 83 Old leaf and young mines, 25 April 2016 84, 85 Late instar larva in situ, upper epidermis removed to show larva, calcium oxalate crystals (druses) are not eaten and left behind, 18 May 2016 86 Close-up of leaf mine, upper mine is of late instar larva, note the zigzag frass line, lower mine is of early instar, 7 June 2016 87 Egg scale, dorsal view, attached to upperside of host leaf, 7 June 2016.

  Part of: van Nieukerken E, Doorenweerd C, Nishida K, Snyers C (2016) New taxa, including three new genera show uniqueness of Neotropical Nepticulidae (Lepidoptera). ZooKeys 628: 1-63. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.628.9805