Shell and clausilial apparatus of A–C Oospira philippiana A possible syntype SMF 62294/1 from Burma B clausilial apparatus, specimen CUMZ 13040 from Pha Boang Cave, Mon State C shell, specimen CUMZ 13037 from Saddan Cave, Mon State and D–F Oospira bulbus, specimen CUMZ 13042 from Sanbel Cave, Mon State D clausilial apparatus E, F shells. White arrow indicates principalis.

  Part of: Man NS, Lwin N, Sutcharit C, Panha S (2023) Further notes on the taxonomy of the land snail family Clausiliidae Gray, 1855 (Stylommatophora, Helicina) from Myanmar with description of two new species. ZooKeys 1160: 1-59.