Living snails A Phaedusa shanica from Pyinyaung Village, Mandalay Region (SH ~ 14 mm) B Oospira philippiana from Kayon Cave, Mon State (SH ~ 22 mm) C Oospira bulbus from Sanbel Cave, Mon State (SH ~ 19 mm) D Oospira ovata from Pathein Mountain, Mon State (SH ~ 16 mm) E Oospira gouldiana from Kaw Ka Thuang Cave, Kayin State (SH ~ 26 mm) F Oospira shanensis from Nanthe Cave, Shan State (SH ~ 25 mm).

  Part of: Man NS, Lwin N, Sutcharit C, Panha S (2023) ´╗┐Further notes on the taxonomy of the land snail family Clausiliidae Gray, 1855 (Stylommatophora, Helicina) from Myanmar with description of two new species. ZooKeys 1160: 1-59.