Synoptic view of the clausiliid species recorded from Myanmar A Phaedusa lypra, syntype MNHN-IM-2000-2502-7 B Oospira magna, lectotype NHMUK 1901.3.17.156 C Oospira malaisei, holotype SMNH 3014 D Indonenia masoni, lectotype NHMUK 1888.12.4.1034 E Phaedusa bocki menglunanensis, specimen NHMUK 1903.7.1.3652 F Oospira mongmitensis, holotype UF 117571 (after Szekeres et al. 2021b: fig. 1d) G Oospira ovata, lectotype NHMUK 1906.2.2.378 H Oospira philippiana, possible syntype SMF 62294/1 I Oospira sardicola, holotype UF 117570 (after Szekeres et al. 2021b: fig. 2c) J Oospira shanensis, holotype NHMUK 1903.7.1.3544 K Phaedusa shanica, lectotype SMF 62260 L Oospira stoliczkana, holotype NHMUK 1888.12.4.1031 M Phaedusa theobaldi, lectotype NHMUK 1888.12.4.1056 N Phaedusa bocki thompsoni, specimen NHMUK 1903.7.1.1163 O Indonenia tuba, lectotype NHMUK 1907.12.30.241 P Oospira vespa, paralectotype MCZ 169456 and Q Oospira zediopsis sp. nov., holotype CUMZ 13064. Photo: P. Maestrati, MNHN (A), A Persson, SMNH (C).

  Part of: Man NS, Lwin N, Sutcharit C, Panha S (2023) ´╗┐Further notes on the taxonomy of the land snail family Clausiliidae Gray, 1855 (Stylommatophora, Helicina) from Myanmar with description of two new species. ZooKeys 1160: 1-59.