Synoptic view of the clausiliid species recorded from Myanmar A Indonenia admirabilis, holotype NHMUK 20200185 B Oospira andersoniana, specimen CUMZ 13054 C Oospira arakana, lectotype NHMUK 1888.12.4.1037 D Cylindrophaedusa bacillum, specimen NHMUK 1906.2.2.345 E Oospira bulbus, possible syntype NHMUK 1903.7.1.1278 F Phaedusa burmanica, holotype NHMUK 1888.12.4.1058 G Oospira decollata, paratype ZISP H Indonenia excellens, specimen NHMUK 20200189 I Oospira fusiformis, holotype NHMUK 1906.2.2.380 J Oospira gouldiana, lectotype NHMUK 196548 K Oospira gracilior, lectotype NHMUK 1907.12.30.243 L Oospira insignis, lectotype USNM 117120 M Phaedusa kazueae, holotype NHMUK 20200187 N Phaedusa lemani (after Gude, 1914: fig. 107) O Oospira limborgi, holotype NHMUK 1903.7.1.1266, and P Oospira luneainopsis sp. nov., holotype CUMZ 13062.

  Part of: Man NS, Lwin N, Sutcharit C, Panha S (2023) ´╗┐Further notes on the taxonomy of the land snail family Clausiliidae Gray, 1855 (Stylommatophora, Helicina) from Myanmar with description of two new species. ZooKeys 1160: 1-59.