Tipula (Vestiplex) leigongshanensis, sp. n. 14 thorax, lateral view 15 thorax, dorsal view 16 head, dorsal view 17 wing 18 abdomen and hypopygium, lateral view 19 hypopygium, lateral view 20 hypopygium, lateral view 21 hypopygium, ventral view 22 tergite nine, dorsal view 23 inner gonostylus and outer gonostylus 24 sperm pump, lateral view 25 sperm pump, dorsal view. Abbreviation: AIA, anterior immovable apodeme; CA, compressor apodeme; goncx, gonocoxite; i gonst, inner gonostylus; o gonst, outer gonostylus; PIA, posterior immovable apodeme.

  Part of: Men Q-L, Young CW, Starkevich P, Yu Y-F, Lei X-P (2017) Two new species of Tipula (Vestiplex) from Southern China based on morphological and molecular data, with redescription of Tipula (Vestiplex) bicalcarata (Diptera, Tipulidae, Tipulinae). ZooKeys 658: 63-80. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.658.9738