Tipula (Vestiplex) bicalcarata1 thorax, lateral view 2 thorax, dorsal view 3 head, dorsal view 4 wing 5 abdomen and hypopygium, lateral view 6 hypopygium, lateral view 7 hypopygium, lateral view 8 hypopygium, dorsal view 9 hypopygium, ventral view 10 tergite nine, ventral view 11 inner gonostylus and outer gonostylus 12 sperm pump, lateral view 13 sperm pump, dorsal view. Abbreviation: AIA, anterior immovable apodeme; CA, compressor apodeme; goncx, gonocoxite; i gonst, inner gonostylus; o gonst, outer gonostylus; PIA, posterior immovable apodeme.

  Part of: Men Q-L, Young CW, Starkevich P, Yu Y-F, Lei X-P (2017) Two new species of Tipula (Vestiplex) from Southern China based on morphological and molecular data, with redescription of Tipula (Vestiplex) bicalcarata (Diptera, Tipulidae, Tipulinae). ZooKeys 658: 63-80. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.658.9738