Illacme tobini sp. n.: A anterior view of head with gnathochilarium open showing flabellate mandibles (scale bar 30 µm) B anterolateral (right) view of head with gnathochilarium open showing mandibles and pectinate lamella with numerous rows of jagged ventrally projecting serrulae (scale bar 20 µm) C dorsal view of V-shaped endochilarial frontal body with fringed lobes (spatulae) protruding through gnathochilarial stipes (scale bar 20 µm) D anterolateral (right) view of open mouth and keel-shaped pectinate lamella of the mandible nested in V-shaped groove of the endochilarium (scale bar 30 µm) E dorsal view of labrum with deep medial incision (scale bar 10 µm) F anterior view of labrum with heavily porous surface (scale bar 10 µm). (Catalog #: I. tobini sp. n. MPE00735.)

  Part of: Marek PE, Krejca JK, Shear WA (2016) A new species of Illacme Cook & Loomis, 1928 from Sequoia National Park, California, with a world catalog of the Siphonorhinidae (Diplopoda, Siphonophorida). ZooKeys 626: 1-43.