Illacme tobini sp. n.: A anteroventral view of left gonopod in situ (scale bar 30 µm) B ventrolateral (right) view of gonopods in situ (leg pairs 7, 8, 11 broken off at prefemur-femur joint) (scale bar 100 µm) C Medial view of right anterior gonopod of I. tobini sp. n. (scale bar 50 µm) D the same of I. plenipes (scale bar 50 µm). Illacme tobini sp. n.: E anterodorsal view of head with mouth open showing dorsal surface of left gnathochilarial stipe with unidentified brush-like structure (scale bar 5 µm) F ventral view of posterior rings (scale bar 500 µm). (Catalog #s: I. tobini sp. n. MPE00735, I. plenipes SPC000932.)

  Part of: Marek PE, Krejca JK, Shear WA (2016) A new species of Illacme Cook & Loomis, 1928 from Sequoia National Park, California, with a world catalog of the Siphonorhinidae (Diplopoda, Siphonophorida). ZooKeys 626: 1-43.