L. paulistana sp. nov.: A habitus B head in dorsal view C head in lateral view D petiole in lateral view E forewing F hindwing G external genitalia in lateral view H abdominal sternite IX I tergite IX+proctiger J valviceps lamina. Abbreviations: A: anal vein; atIX: abdominal tergite IX; asIX: abdominal sternite IX; BA: basal cell; CS: costal cell; Cu: cubital vein; cu-a: cubito-anal crossvein; DSC: discoidal cell; MA: marginal cell; M+Cu: medio-cubital vein; plc: petiole ventral postero-lateral carina; pg: pygostyle; pr: proctiger; Rs1: radial sector 1 vein; Rs2: radial sector 2 vein; rs-m+M1: radial sector-media crossvein; rs-m: radial sector-media cross-vein; 2r-rs: 2 radius-radial sector crossvein; R1: Radius 1; Rs1: Radial sector 1; Rs2: Radial sector 2; SBA: subbasal cell; SM1: submarginal 1 cell; SM2: submarginal cell 2; te: telomere; vc: valviceps; vo: volsella; vt: volsellar tooth.

  Part of: Cantone S, Di Giulio A (2023) A new Neotropical ant species of genus Linepithema Mayr (Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Dolichoderinae) with partial revision of the L. fuscum group based on males. ZooKeys 1160: 125-144. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.1160.95694