Variation in lizard ventral colouration. Among-species, among-sexes, and among-individuals variation in ventral colouration of three lizard species in the genus Pholidobolus. Pictures were taken immediately after euthanisation to reflect colour in life. To depict eventual covariation with body size, individuals are sorted from the smallest (extremes) to the largest (middle) one.

  Part of: Amézquita A, Mazariegos-H LA, Cañaveral S, Orejuela C, Barragán-Contreras LA, Daza JM (2023) Species richness under a vertebral stripe: integrative taxonomy uncovers three additional species of Pholidobolus lizards (Sauria, Squamata, Gymnophthalmidae) from the north-western Colombian Andes. ZooKeys 1141: 119-148.