Molecular phylogenetic hypothesis. Recovered relationship between species of the leaf-litter lizards in the genus Pholidobolus, including P. vertebralis near its type locality in Ecuador. The three recovered clades from the Colombian Western Andes are outlined in blue (clade A), orange (clade B) and yellow (clade D). A fourth clade of the Colombian Central Andes is outlined in green (clade C). Green dots indicate nodal support of at least 95%. See Methods for further details on the phylogenetic analysis and Suppl. material 2 for the detailed tree with individuals as terminal nodes.

  Part of: Amézquita A, Mazariegos-H LA, Cañaveral S, Orejuela C, Barragán-Contreras LA, Daza JM (2023) Species richness under a vertebral stripe: integrative taxonomy uncovers three additional species of Pholidobolus lizards (Sauria, Squamata, Gymnophthalmidae) from the north-western Colombian Andes. ZooKeys 1141: 119-148.