Protaphorura abscondita: 1 habitus and dorsal chaetotaxy 2 dorsal side of Ant. IV 3 ventral side of Ant. IV 4 right part of head ventrally 5AIIIO6 tibiotarsal chaetotaxy and claw of leg III 7PAO and anterior cephalic pseudocelli 8 chaetotaxy of Abd. sternum IV 9 chaetotaxy of Abd. terga IVVI.

  Part of: Kaprus' I, Weiner W, Pasnik G (2016) Collembola of the genus Protaphorura Absolon, 1901 (Onychiuridae) in the Eastern Palearctic: morphology, distribution, identification key. ZooKeys 620: 119-150.