Phylogenetic relationships within Dipsadini inferred using a Bayesian inference and derived from analysis of DNA gene fragments 12S, 16S, COI, CYTB, ND4, DNAH3, and NT3. Support values on intra-specific branches are not shown for clarity. Voucher numbers for sequences are indicated for each terminal. Black dots indicate clades with posterior probability values from 95–100%. Grey dots indicate values from 70–94%. White dots indicate values from 50–69% (values < 50% not shown). Colored clades correspond to the species’ distribution presented in the maps. New or redefined species are indicated in bold type.

  Part of: Arteaga A, Batista A (2023) A consolidated phylogeny of snail-eating snakes (Serpentes, Dipsadini), with the description of five new species from Colombia, Ecuador, and Panama. ZooKeys 1143: 1-49.