Phylogenetic tree based on mitochondrial Cyt b + ND4 genes. In this phylogenetic tree, ultrafast bootstrap supports (UBP) from ML analyses/Bayesian posterior probabilities (BPP) from BI analyses were noted beside nodes. The scale bar represents 0.07 nucleotide substitutions per site. The numbers at the tip of branches corresponds to the ID numbers in Table 2. Different colored rectangular and triangular boxes in addition to the nodes denote the different states of the presence of horn-like structures of species within the genus Sinocyclocheilus.

  Part of: Xu C, Luo T, Zhou J-J, Wu L, Zhao X-R, Yang H-F, Xiao N, Zhou J (2023) ´╗┐Sinocyclocheilus longicornus (Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae), a new species of microphthalmic hypogean fish from Guizhou, Southwest China. ZooKeys 1141: 1-28.